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Vertical trigger for

MD-1, MD-2, MD-3, MD-100 and MB-1

I have always found it uncomfortable to trigger the F2 motor drive in the vertical position. I can now offer more modification services for the MD-1/2/3 and MB-1 to improve vertical handling.

I can add a MR socket to the MB-1 so that you can add a MR-1/2/3 release button yourself. The MR release button can be removed when it is not needed to prevent false triggers.

Also, I can add a MD-3 button to the MB-1 for those wanting an integrated switch with a large button. Photo to be provided soon.

Modification price for the above is $150

MB-1 with MR socket added. You need to have a second look to realise it was not Nikon made

Close-up of the MR socket on the MB-1

The vertical MB-1 can be used as a remote power supply by adding a standard MC-2 cable

My F2AS with vertical MB-1 and MR-3