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Vertical trigger for

MD-1, MD-2, MD-3, MD-100 and MB-1

I have always found it uncomfortable to trigger the F2 motor drive in the vertical position. I can now offer modification services for the MD-1/2/3 and MB-1 to improve vertical handling.

The MD-1/2/3 modification service is straight forward, and inexpensive at $90 or $60 with the regearing service.

The modified MB-1 can be used with any unmodified MD-1, MD-2 and MD-3. Of course, it can be used with modified MD-1/2/3s as well. Currently, the MB-1 modification service is limited to the LED version, at $100. However, I would not be able to make many modified MB-1s, because I have very limited parts (power connector inserts).

The above vertical trigger modifications retain both Single and Continouus MD modes. However, the MD is triggered by the vertical switches, even when the selector knob is in the Locked position (same as when a MR-1/2/3 is attached to the MD). To minimise accidental triggers, I have selected a switch button that only protrude 1mm and it's very inconspicuous.

Also, for $40 extra I can add a guard surround which can accept a screw cap for extra protection.

An unobstructive trigger button is added to the MB-1

An unobstructive trigger button is added to a MD-1/2, for use when the MB-1 is attached via a MC-2 or MC-7 cord.

Deluxe trigger with a guard surround

A standard cap can be added for extra protection

The vertical MB-1 can work with any unmodified MD-1/2/3

Vertical MD-2 and vertical MB-1.

Either button can trigger the MD

Special remote cable, similar to the Nikon MC-7 but better. The veriical MB-1 now provides power AND remote trigger to the MD. I can only make this cable on special request only, as I am very short on parts.

When not connected to the MB-1, the special remote cable can be used as a remote trigger for the MD. The trigger button is automatically disabled when the unit is inserted into the vertical MB-1.