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UK F2 workshop September 2019

The third UK F2 workshop was held on Friday and Saturday 13-14 September 2019. There was a late cancellation, but a participant from the May 2019 F2 workshop joined us on the second day. The six participants came from the UK, US, Austria, Sweden and Argentina.

A participant’s F2 body was too badly water damaged, so I quickly returned home and selected a replacement F2 for him. To my surprise, everybody was able to unscrew the advance lever cover screw using my tool without additional help. It was a first, in the short F2 workshop history.

The participants had mixed abilities, and some worked faster than others. It was actually an advantage, as they staggered their times on the two professional shutter testers, and I was able to use my time individually with them more efficiently. Since there was less waiting time with two testers, the participants had sufficient time to do everything and to repeat things they didn’t do perfectly, eg apply new self adhesive foams the back channels.

By 5.30pm on the second day, all participants successfully serviced their F2s to my standard level, so I used the remaining time to show them how to remove the finder’s eye piece frame, clean the lens and prism. As a treat, I allowed them to handle my F2N with DP-2AN, and see my work-in-progress bare titanium F2. After the workshop, we went to an 'all you can eat' Chinese restaurant.

I realised the small rechargeable desk lamps were not bright enough, and they didn’t hold charge for long. Hence I have purchased brighter mains powered desk lamps for future workshops. Also, I will enhance the booklet to include service steps.

Feedback from the participants :

‘Lighting for refoaming was too weak. Aside from that, everything was just fine!’

‘It was a pleasure. I had a blast getting to know everyone and learned a great deal about why the F2 is such an amazing camera. Thank you for your time and all your efforts to make us feel welcome.’

‘It was an honor to take part at your workshop. Please put me on the list for the workshop in September 2020.’

‘Thank you again for the refresher course. I thought the pace was better this time and I learned a few new things.’

The workshop

The participants

The shutter testers

A participant doing shutter testing