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UK F2 workshop May 2019

The second UK F2 workshop was held on Friday and Saturday 17-18 May 2019, again at my local church. It was a two days course instead of an one day course that was not a success in 2018. Six people attended - from the UK (2), US, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, and Cyprus.

Day 1 was shutter and meter testing, body disassembly, old foams removal, and lubrication. Everyone had a booklet describing the tools, and showing all the lubrication points.

Day 2 was battery chamber repair, shutter calibration, assembly and refoam.

I was very pleased the two days course was a success, because there was enough time for five out of six participants to completely service their F2s, and calibrate all shutter speeds to within 1/4rd stop accuracy. The sixth participant wasn’t able to complete his F2 because it had major faults that needed replacement parts, and he had limited skills. However, he paid me to complete his camera after the workshop.

Feedbacks from participants were also positive. The workshop met their expectations and they said it was very good value for money. However, a follow up course was suggested to expand on some topics and finder repairs.

I noticed one professional shutter tester shared between six participants was not enough, as some participants had to wait until someone else had finished using it. I have therefore purchased a second professional shutter tester for all future workshops. The time saved would allow me to expand on some topics.

Feedback from the participants :

‘The workshop has been fantastic. I thought the amount of people was perfect. All in all it has been fantastic couple of days and real honour to learn from the best in the game.’

‘With the two-day workshop, most students will finish with a) an F2 body cleaned, serviced and adjusted to your standards and b) the knowledge about how to do that they take with them.‘

‘Thank you very much once again about this great workshop . The time was proportionally shared to the different sections during the workshop and we had plenty of time to talk any specific cases subjects. I learned a lot from you through your guidance.’

‘The class was great, thanks for putting it on!’ 

The workshop

The participants

Their tools

A before and after service shutter speeds record