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UK F2 workshop September 2018

The first UK F2 workshop was held on Saturday 29 September 2018 at my local church. I limited it to 6 people because I found 12 people were too many in Hong Kong 2017. Initially I thought only people from the UK would attend, but I had two oversea participants from France and Cyprus. Also, there was one lady from the UK.

The morning session went well. Everybody was able to use my professional shutter tester to test and record shutter speeds of their F2s, and check the accuracy of their light meters. Also participants learned how to remove rotten foams and cleaned metal surfaces ready for refoam.

However, the afternoon session was much slower than planned, because people had different abilities and some of their F2s had issues (broken battery chambers, corrosion and fungus) which needed extra attention from me. Although we started at 9.30am, we were not even half way at 5.30pm. I extended the workshop to 7pm, but not everybody had reassembled their cameras for shutter speeds calibration. Three participants had to leave by then, so I offered to finish their F2s after the workshop.

The three remaining participants and I skipped dinner, and we worked until 9.30pm. They were able to use the professional shutter tester to calibrate all shutter speeds on their F2s and fully reassembled them. However, only one person had time to refoam his F2. It was a long day for all of us, especially me as I did not leave the venue until 11pm, because I had to pack up my things and put away all the folding tables.

After the workshop, I completed all three F2 bodies that were unfinished. I charged an extra GBP 80 each, for lubrication check/top-up, shutter speeds calibration and complete refoam. As a bonus, I gave these cameras my 1 year warranty. I also serviced their finders at additional cost. I was pleased that these three F2s I finished had no missing parts, or damaged screw heads. The latter proved that with the right tools, even beginners cannot damage screw heads.

In summary, the UK 2018 workshop was not a complete success, because no one was able to completely finish, even after 12 hours. However, participants enjoyed the workshop and my tuition. Four participants from the UK later suggested that they would like a follow-up workshop, which I will try to organise next year.

A problem highlighted to me after the workshop was that participants were unable to see clearly what I was doing, and remember everything I did. Therefore I will produce a booklet showing lubrication points where oil and grease should be applied for the UK F2 workshop in 2019, which will be 2 days instead of 1 day. The 2 days workshop will ensure everybody would have enough time to fully service their F2s. I have thought of limiting the 2019 workshop for just 4 people, but rejected it because I still could not guarantee everybody would finish by 5.30pm, which is not very good for oversea participants.

However, I will consider an 1 day half workshop in 2019, if enough people ask for it. Since it’s unlikely that participants would be able to finish their F2s by the end of the day, they can optionally leave them behind for me to finish after the workshop at additional cost.

Please contact me if you are interested in the 1 or 2 days UK F2 workshops in 2019, which most likely to be in May and/or September.

UK F2 workshop 2018 arrangement

Individual work areas

Tool set for each participant

A participant working on his F2

The six participants