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Repairers from hell 

There are some really bad 'repairers' out there, and sometimes I have to restore the mess they made. These cowboys don't have enough knowledge about the F2, and often they don't have the correct tools. It really hurts me to see nice F2's damaged by them.

This 'repairer' removed the front assembly of this DP-1 but he didn’t put back the securing screws.

This 'repairer' glued the 2-10s dial of a DP-12. I had to replace it.

This 'repairer' applied a lot of oil on the slow shutter speeds mechanism. The oil turned thick over time, jamming the mechanism.

This 'repairer' also applied a lot of oil on the slow shutter speeds mechanism.

This 'repairer' didn’t repair the broken battery chamber. He just applied glue to hold the broken pieces together, which didn’t last very long.

This 'repairer' applied a of oil inside the DP-1 finder, and it ran everwhere.

This ‘repairer’ took the DP-12 apart, broken several wires and then he glued (not soldered) them to wrong places.

I don’t know why this ‘repairer’ added two screws to secure the DP-12 finder to the body, damaging the eye piece frame and the top plates.