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Repairers from hell 4

I have dedicated an entire page on one repairer, because he turned a simple repair into a nightmare.

This is a beautiful Exc+++ black F2AS, and when it developed a power problem, it was sent to a professional camera repair clinic for service. All seemed well when it returned, but the finder could not be detached from the body no matter how far the F2 release button was pressed.

I initially thought the internal lever was bent, so I removed the hot shoe and drilled a small hole on mounting plate to manually move the internal lever.

The internal lever could not be moved very much, so I enlarged the hole to have better access to the lever, but still the lever could not be moved very much.

I suspected the last repairer did not couple the mirror housing release clamps handle to the F2 body release lever fork, and sure enough they were not coupled together

How they should be when separated

How they should be when coupled together

I had to break chunks off the mounting plate, remove the coupling fork, to access the handle and release the clamps.

The damaged parts were then replaced, and all done without making any damage to the rewind side top plate or the F2 body. It took a lot of my time, and cost my customer more money, because the last repairer was not familiar with the F2.

Beware of cowboy repairers !!!!!