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Repairers from hell

There are some really bad 'repairers' out there, and sometimes I have to restore the mess they made. These cowboys don't have enough knowledge about the F2, and often they don't have the correct tools. It really hurts me to see nice F2's damaged by them.

This 'repairer' did not have the OEM part (bottom), so he made a 'replacement' (top).

This 'repairer' over tightened the two front assembly screws and damaged the chassis. Instead of replacing the screws, he injected rubber glue inside the cavity so that the screws won't fall out.

This 'repairer' could not repair this MD-2, so he put everything back together WITHOUT the motor mounting screws.

This 'repairer' poured oil inside this F2 body because it was jammed. The oil leaked everywhere - shutter curtains, focus screen, etc etc. It took me a long time to clean everything up.

This 'repairer' in Australia took the camera apart and he forgot to put back one of the mirror housing screws. Pictures taken with the camera had a strange camera shake like effect.

This 'repairer' did not have a replacement on/off switch, so he sandpapered the corroded one to bare copper as a fix. It was a 'cure', but the exposed copper exidised and the switch would not make contact again.

The eye piece ring came off the frame because a right angle finder was attacted to it. This 'repairer' applied epoxy resin to glue the ring back, but he did not remove the excess resin. The mess was only discovered years later when I removed the eye piece.

This 'repairer' put the bracket inside the screen pit back-to-front, and damaged the surface of the mirror.