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Repairers from hell

There are some really bad 'repairers' out there, and sometimes I have to restore the mess they made. These cowboys don't have enough knowledge about the F2, and often they don't have the correct tools. It really hurts me to see nice F2's damaged by them.

This 'repairer' just placed two stings over the old back channel foam, as the new seals.

This 'repairer' damaged the leatherette, and he did not glue it back properly.

Normally the shutter curtains are glued to the drum indefinitely by Nikon. However, this 'repairer' changed the damaged shutter curtain, but he did not glue the new one on properly. The shutter worked for a few years and then suddenly failed as the shutter curtain came off the drum.

This 'repairer' did not have the replacement part for the winder end stop, so he welded the broken one together. It didn't last very long. (The lower one is the proper Nikon replacement part I have in stock.)

This 'repairer' severely scratched the hot shoe cover plate when he removed it. Also, he did not glue the plate back when he returned it to the customer.

This 'repairer' didn't know how to adjust the fast shutter speeds, so he flooded the base mechanisms with oil. And still, the fast shutter speeds were too slow when the camera came to me for service.

This 'repairer' completely messed up the battery chamber. Power was not getting through shortly after the 'repair'.

This 'repairer' soldered a wire to the battery contact, and it was not possible to close the battery cap with the batteries inside.