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Repairers from hell

There are some really bad 'repairers' out there, and sometimes I have to restore the mess they made. These cowboys don't have enough knowledge about the F2, and often they don't have the correct tools. It really hurts me to see nice F2's damaged by them.

These 'repairers' don't have the knowhow to unscrew the winder lever cover, so they drilled holes on the covers to lever them out.

This 'repairer' damaged the screw head because he did not have the proper F2 tool, or he was just careless. 

This 'repairer' damaged the screw heads, so he drilled them off. The drill badly damaged the mirror housing and body chassis. Both are now junk.

These 'repairers' damaged the hot shoe cover plates because they didn't have the correct tools or used the wrong techniques.

This 'repairer' drilled a hole on the MD-2 motor to inject oil inside, presumably trying to make it run quieter. The MD-2 was flooded with oil, and had to be stripped cleaned.

This 'repairer' badly damaged the self timer lever screw because he didn't have the proper tool or knowhow.

This 'repairer' did not have the correct foam for the mirror bumper, so he stuck two thin ones together. It works, but it's not a proper job.

This 'repairer' used very narrow foam on the back channels. He might as well not to have bothered.