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F2 Recorder 1600

If I am not a Nikon F2 fan, then I would be a Robot camera fan. Robot cameras have some very innovative features, like clockwork winder and interchangeable compact bulk backs.

Here's an F2 I made with a modified Robot 60m film back. It can be operated manually, ie manual wind, or with a motor drive for continuous shooting. The bulk back is compatible with all F2s, including the F2H. It can shoot 1600 frames non stop, and that's more than twice the Nikon MF-2 750 back. It shoots for 160s non stop when an F2H is attached. It can shoot single shots, or in bursts of shots. I've nick named the F2 Recorder the 'Machine Gun' because it sounds like one.

There are four Robot bulk backs, from 10m to 150m

Here's a Robot Recorder with a 60m bulk back

The lenses came from a Nimslo camera, and mounted back to front. The focal point is fixed at about 120mm in front of the lens. Incidentally, my Nimslo is now a stereo camera, without the middle two lenses

The base of the Recorder is reinforced

by a 10mm thick aluminium plate

The Recorder 1600 is very well balanced with a medium range zoom lens

The Recorder base also provides vertical trigger,

and a power connector to the MB-100.

The F2 Recorder can be used manually (no motor drive), with an MD-1/2/3 powered by MB-1/2, or MA-2/4. It can also be used with a MD-100, remotely powered by a MB-100 using a special cord connected to the base.