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Nikons DP-3/12 ring resistor and

Sovers super DP-3/12 ring resistor

The Nikons DP-3/12 ring resistor is very delicate. The metal contact fingers are only 5 microns thick, and they wear out (cut through) by the wiper brushes after 250,000 rotations. This sounds like a lot, but under professional use (100 rotations per day, 200 days per year) the life of the Nikon ring resistor is only 13 years. Hence many DP-3s and DP-12s have bad ring resistors inside, and their meter LEDs are very unstable as a result. Since there are no more Nikon ring resistors available, these bad DP-3s and DP-12s were often trashed.

However, I now have replacement DP-3/12 ring resistors available. My custom made ring resistor has a super hard carbon ring with a life greater than 1 million cycles. (Please do not confuse it with the dreaded Nikon soft carbon ring resistor inside DP-1s & DP-2s.) So its life is greater than 50 years under professional use. I can therefore give a life time warranty on my super ring resistors. That is, the DP-3 and DP-12 meter LEDs will never become unstable.

Nikons DP-3/12 ring resistor

Rig used to test the ring resistors.

The carrier spun at 2 rotations per second

for several days.

Sovers super carbon ring resistor

Nikons ring resistor contact fingers were cut through

after 250,000 cycles

Sovers super carbon ring resistor had only

very minor wear after 1 million cycles.

The ring resistor with the test carrier was then tested inside a DP-12, and there was no meter LED jumpiness. Even I was amazed.