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The Draft Lockheed HR F2 camera user manual

I wasn’t aware of the HR Nikon F and F2 systems until 2007, when I found a 31 page draft Lockheed HR Nikon F2 system user manual describing them. The cover page initially called it the LMSC (Lockheed Missiles and Space Company) mini-camera system, but later hand changed it to SCD-3 mini-camera system. There’s no reference what SCD meant, but it could be Lockheed Martin’s Supplier Collaboration and Development program or Sandia Corporation Development which is a subsidiary of Lockheed. A code of the system MC-4 was also hand written on the cover page.

The draft user manual stated only two lenses were made for the Lockheed HR F2 system, a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor and an 180mm f2.8 Nikkor. Both lenses were housed in custom made accurized lens barrels.

The draft user manual was written based on an earlier Lockheed HR F system. The photocopied image of the HR F system was not updated, and a number of F camera specific features were not corrected

The draft user manual also stated that the systems should be returned to EPOI (Ehrenreich Photo-Optical Industries = Nikon US distributor) for service. Therefore EPOI and Nikon US were aware of them, and may have played a part in their development. It’s likely that Nikon and other collaborators were under the official secrets act and could not disclose any information about these HR systems.

Although the draft user manual revealed a lot of details about the Lockheed HR F and F2 systems, there was no information what their targets were. I am keen to find some actual photos taken (by the Navy) with these very special cameras.

Cover page of the draft user manual

Cover photo of the HR F2 system