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Customer references Customer references

I have an exceptional customer satisfaction record. The following people are some of my customers from all over the world.

Tony Triolo, Athens, United States : "Everything looks great and works well. Thanks so much for the quick service. 7 June 2022”

Cory Miller, Westerville, United States : "It feels wonderfully smooth and precise. Thanks so much for your excellent work. 31 May 2022”

William Pavli, London, United Kingdom : "It feels amazing. Such a nice feeling to have a clean non-rotten camera that is smooth to operate.Thank you very much! 30 May 2022”

Firzul Zia Ul Haq, Ontario, Canada : "Thank you so much for servicing my F2. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. The camera looks and feels like new and I can rest assured that all aspects of its function are in excellent working order. You are a true master at your craft!! Looking forward to sending in some more bodies for repair. Thanks for all you do for the F2 community. 27 May 2022”

Chris Bellamy, Bristol, United Kingdom : "Thank you again for the great service. 24 May 2022”

Ewan Stewart, Ardrishaig, United Kingdom : "I am so delighted with it. Thank you so much for everything. It has been a very pleasant transaction and your communication and service are exemplary. 19 May 2022”

David R. Williams,Calgary, Canada : "It is like a new body. Thank you very much!! 8 May 2022”

Manendra Pedris, Culleoka, United States : "Everything is in order and looking good. Thanks again for the services. 8 May 2022”

Dr David Craig MBE, Staplecross, United Kingdom : "Wow - I am lost for words - it’s like a new camera! I know you have very high standards but this is truly exceptional. Thank you so much for putting up with my ‘pickiness’. I really appreciate the prompt and sympathetic way you respond to enquiries. It’s always such a pleasure doing business with you. 6 May 2022 (repeat customer. Third mint- camera purchased)”

Hubregt Visser, Veldhoven, The Netherlands : "Thanks for the service! So clean and smooth. 21 April 2022 (repeat customer)”

Prof. Stan Strembicki, Missouri, United States : "It worked great, thanks again! 9 March 2022 (repeat customer)”

Frank Wolff, Chicago, United States : "The spot meter and LEDs really make it into a new camera. I’m looking forward to shooting with it. Thanks very much. 9 March 2022”

Marty, Seattle, United States : "I use my cameras professionally in very tough environments, and a pair of recently acquired F2s and several finders were sent for overhaul and modifications. They are now my top cameras for field work and expect them to last a lifetime. Sover’s work and professionalism are simply without compare. When these units inevitably get dirty and need another round of cleaning and adjustments, there is only one place I will consider sending them and that’s directly back to Sover. 8 March 2022”

Jeremy Amar, Asnieres-sur-Seine, France : "My F2AS has returned in a perfect condition, like new. It was already in good condition before but I can see all the difference. Now it’s completely refoamed, smells pleasant new glue + oil and it’s so clean !! The advance lever is soft, shutter speeds are accurate. The mirror is fast. The DP-12 has been serviced with semi-spot meter + super carbon ring resistor. I see all the difference. The photodiode is now accurate and its reactivity to any light change is almost instantaneous. It's like a new camera (perhaps even better). Thank you Sover Wong. Now I can trust my piece of gear to catch precious memories for another half century. 17 February 2022”

Paramaswaran Suppiah, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia : "All very good.I am super happy. Thank you very much. 14 February 2022”

Simon Difazio, Didcot, United Kingdom : "Thanks so much for looking at the two F2’s for me! Both feel great and I’m looking forward to using them soon. We F2 shooters are so lucky to have you and your skills in keeping these wonderful cameras working and accurate in todays times. 11 February 2022 (repeat customer)”

Fernando Yepez, Crystal Lake, United States : "I could not be any happier. I am in awe of your craftmanship and attention to detail. You did an extraordinary job, and I am very happy! Yesterday was like Christmas here in my house. Thank you so much for taking me on as your customer. I enjoyed every step in the collaboration process. 30 January 2022 (seven F2 bodies and finders)”

Frank Petronio, Spencerport, United States : "Camera looks/feels great. 26 January 2022” Web site

Jeffrey Sass, Saint Louis, United States : "Everything looks great! Thanks for all of your hard work and expertise! 16 January 2022”

Brian Price, Auburn, United States : "It was a pleasure working with you. 5 January 2022”

Michael Wellman, Austin, United States : "Arrived yesterday in great condition. Thank you for you fine workmanship. 30 December 2021”

Tony O'Brien, Rainham, United Kingdom : "My camera sounds brand new now…. what a difference! Thanks very much. 7 December 2021 (repeat customer)”

Harry van Looij, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands : "I am so happy and satisfied with the result. Everything looks so clean and feels new. Thank you keeping the F2 alive. 3 December 2021”

Lyndon Thomas, Ceredigion, United Kingdom : "Looks marvelous. 3 December 2021”

Ingo Hoehfeld, Schoenwalde-Glien, Germany : "It feels like a new camera. I’m very pleased with you and your work. 19 November 2021”

Peter Frey, Neuhausen, Germany : "Thank you so much for the service and the way you communicate to your customers! 9 November 2021”

Tom Mills, Wirral, United Kingdom : "What a lovely job you have done thank you so much for your hard work. 2 November 2021”

Tony Turner, Baldock, United Kingdom : "It looks (and sounds) superb. Thank you for all your good works. 21 October 2021”

Art Westphal, Ballwin, United States : "The visual inspection meets or exceeds your description. 13 October 2021”

Louis Frederic Muskens, Lausanne, Switzerland : "I can already feel the difference just by advancing the film mechanism and firing the shutter. I am very happy. Many thanks again for your great work. 23 September 2021”

Garry Silk, Westerly, United States : "Works great. Very happy. Thanks again. 23 September 2021 (repeat customer)”

Eric Baker, Greenwood Village, United States : "The individual finder works fine, and the newly rebuilt camera and its finder also seem to work perfectly, as I would expect — I can't wait to use them again. Thanks again for keeping the F2 alive, and allowing me to continue living in the past! 21 September 2021”

Ben Fey, Charlottesville, United States : "The camera looks, feels, and sounds great. I look forward to many, many more years of usage. Thank you for your work and for answering all my questions throughout the process. 21 September 2021”

Nick Danis, St. Louis, United States : "Everything looks good, and I can finally read the aperture and shutter speed readouts. Thanks again! 16 September 2021”

Fredrik Berefelt, Taby, Sweden : "I'm very impressed by your work! The cameras feel so nice to operate. I'm really glad I had them serviced by you, and thank you for the fantastic documentation. 14 September 2021”

Andrew Marshall, Preston, United Kingdom : "I'm very pleased with my camera! Thank you once again for your fine work! 13 September 2021”

Matthew Begbie, Sherbrooke, Canada : "I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this camera. It is good to know that there are people such as yourself keeping these remarkable devices in excellent working order. 31 August 2021”

Bill Patterson, Dandridge, United States : "The F2 service provided by Sover is thorough and meticulous. The F2 is perhaps the greatest example of manual non-electronic 35mm cameras ever produced and to be able to have it serviced and repaired to such a high level is indeed exceptional. No other camera will function as well for future generations of photographers. 30 August 2021”

Stanislav Nepochatov, Kiev, Ukraine: "Very happy about it. Thank you very much for excellent work and care. 18 August 2021”

Hans Berkhout, Calgary, Canada : "I very much appreciate the necessary adjustments and repairs you performed following detailed assessment of my F2. It’s such a pleasure to shoot wit this camera without having to worry about light leaks, faulty shutter speeds, dust specks on the film etc etc. Your correspondence regarding the work, illustrated with pictures, gave me insight into what you were dealing with. 18 August 2021”

Geoff Bell, Gateshead, United Kingdom : "I would just like to say a big thank you for an incredible job on both the camera and the finder. Looks and operates brilliantly, surely fit for another 45 years. 13 August 2021”

David Hartanto Tjhin, Oakleigh, Australia : "I found the camera is in superb condition, the shutter sound is really nice to hear, metering looking good. 4 August 2021”

Dan Kayser, Fort Mitchell, United States : "I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on them. They look great, sound great,and a lot cleaner now then when I sent them to you. 26 July 2021”

Dr David Craig MBE, Staplecross, United Kingdom : "I am absolutely delighted with the F2AS! 3 July 2021 (repeat customer)”

Chris Stevens, Owings Mills, United States : "The repairs look absolutely amazing and thank you for sharing the before and after photos!! 20 July 2021”

Mark Aldridge, Stamford, United Kingdom : "It looks very nice. I was very impressed with the speed of the service. Thank you for your work. 11 July 2021”

Rich Evans, Hackettstown, United States : "Looks and feels excellent! Thank you sooooo much! 8 July 2021”

Jalen Gornek, New Albany, United States : "It is amazing. Thank you very much!! 4 July 2021”

Dr David Craig MBE, Staplecross, United Kingdom : "Wow! What a great job - thank you so much for all your work. My F2AS is absolutely stunning! It's like a new camera (perhaps even better). Thank you so much. I now see why so many people rave about you and the service you offer. 3 July 2021”

Johannes Puschnig, Bonn, Germany : "I am really happy with the results! I can actually not only see but also "hear" the difference. 29 June 2021”

Ward Sanderson, Calgary, Canada : "Thank you so much for breathing new life into it. 19 June 2021”

Tobias Six, Hückeswagen, Germany : "Thank you for everything. 12 June 2021”

Bill Livingston, Cambridge, United Kingdom : "Everything is perfect. Thank you!. 12 June 2021 (repeat customer)”

Ralph Cammisa, Southwick, United States : "Looks and works great! 27 May 2021”

Andrew Davids, Edinburgh, United Kingdom : "The camera looks very nice. 8 June 2021”

Sam Webster, Footscray, Australia : "If feels great. 3 June 2021”

Nick Parker, Idaho, United States : "Looks exquisite! Can’t wait to use it. Thank you so much for doing what you do. 27 May 2021”

Paul Snell, Totnes, United Kingdom : "Excellent workmanship. 26 May 2021”

Michael Wong, Victoria, Australia : "I purchased a refurbished camera from Sover, and he assisted in sourcing an example that was in good condition. After his work in cleaning and maintaining the camera, I am extremely pleased with the final outcome. I would like to thank Sover for his great service and extremely prompt replies to all my queries. 25 May 2021”

Robert Makar, Milton, United States : "The camera and finder heads are spectacular!! Thank you soooo much!! 8 May 2021”

Renz Alfonso, Troon, United Kingdom : "What an amazing job you have done! The camera feels and functions great! Its clean! Advance lever resistance feels really good! Meter is working great! The ringing noise after the mirror slap is now gone. Aside from the actual camera service, the detailed info Sover provided and the quick response, amazing customer service are worth every penny! 8 May 2021”

Stephen Black, Coulsdon, United Kingdom : "Feels like new. Thank you so much, Sover: I really appreciate being able to access your expertise. 7 May 2021”

Stephen Bowers, Springfield, United States : "Its awesome. Thank you. 4 May 2021”

Aramais Bagmanian, Newhall, United States : "Thank you for helping me with it! 30 April 2021”

Rodney Martinez, Houston, United States : "Wow! Awesome looking camera. You do great work. 29 April 2021”

Peter McGowan, Winchester, United Kingdom : "Looks beautiful! Many thanks. 27 April 2021”

Dr Dean Waters, Selby, United Kingdom : "I don’t know how you do it but it looks like it came out of the factory yesterday. Awesome! 22 April 2021”

Charles Schmidt, Belvedere, United Kingdom : "Looks great. Many thanks. 22 April 2021”

Greg Chappell, Dallas, United States : "Very nice camera! 19 April 2021”

Ray Reich, Los Angeles, United States : "It looks absolutely beautiful. Even better than what I was expecting! 19 April 2021”

Adam Singer, St Albans, United Kingdom : "Its lovely. All good thank you. 17 April 2021”

Roger Wortley, Bedford, United Kingdom : "Great job really very pleased with it. 10 April 2021 (repeat cuistomer)”

Terance Smith, Cowdenbeath, United Kingdom : "I’m very pleased thank you. 5 April 2021”

William Burkholder, Humble, United States : "Everything looks great. 9 March 2021”

Riccardo De Rosa, Viterbo, Italy : "First impression was awesome!! I love to see the camera perfectly cleaned, feel and listen the smooth shutter. I'm really impressed. 4 March 2021”

Shawn Rahman, Whitestone, United States : "You worked miracles on the camera - thank you! Amazing how smooth the finder's response is right now. 22 February 2021”

Richard Vidutis, Alexandria, United States : "Thanks for your work on my ancient machine that feels brand new now. 12 February 2021”

Matthias Berg, Muehlheim, Germany : "I am very happy. Thanks again for the outstanding experience. 11 February 2021”

Charles Anderson, Bristol, United States : "It looks great. 9 February 2021”

Adam Jacobs, Encinitas, United States : "Sover’s work and expertise is unparalleled and his communication, documentation and integrity is to be commended. Thanks very very much. 5 February 2021”

Dylan Seegar, New York, United States : "It’s wonderful — thanks again for all your hard work. 2 February 2021”

John B Crane, Fort Collins, United States : "He's perfect. Thanks again so much. 22 January 2021 (repeat customer)” Web site

Thomas Barker, Ruislip, United Kingdom : "I was highly delighted to see what a fantastic job you have done. It looks and feels fantastic. I greatly admire skilled craftsmanship and you are definitely a skilled craftsman. 19 January 2021”

David Williams, Calgary, Canada : "Your work is superb and they look, feel and operate like a new camera from the 1970’s, but with the benefit that I know how well it’s been serviced and adjusted. 19 January 2021”

Ron Hipwell, Placentia, United States : "Looks great! 17 January 2021”

P. Palmer, NSW, Australia : "Thank you again for the last F2 service, all good. 3 January 2021 (repeat customer)”

Brian Wicklund, Kansas City, United States : "Works perfectly and should be good for many years to come of photography. Thank you very much for a wonderful rejuvenation of my Nikon! 29 December 2020”

Jan Noordermeer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands : "It looks and feels top notch! Thank you very much for servicing the camera. I am very happy with it!! 25 December 2020”

Marcos Ferro García, Ourense, Spain : "It looks better than ever and sounds really well now :) Thanks again for your dedication in keeping these cameras rolling. It's reassuring for every F2 owner to know we can count on somebody as skilled and passionate as you. 23 December 2020”

Will Garrison, Birmingham, United States : "Wow, I am extremely impressed by your attention to detail. Thank you so much. 23 December 2020”

Graham Faulkner, Leeds, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the repair of which is a fantastic job. 1 December 2020”

Will Keating, Walnut Creek, United States : "The camera feels amazing! 13 November 2020”

Luigi Cassinelli, Naples, United States : "Thank you for all your work. 9 November 2020”    Web site   

Bruce Kimelblatt, Belle Mead, United States : "It was worth the wait. 9 November 2020”

Ignacio Atutxa Sainz, Pais Vasco, Spain : "As always, a great job and thank you very much. 1 November 2020 (repeat customer)”

Peter Lodestijn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands : "A perfect job. I must say, you’ve made me very happy. Thank you very much. 31 October 2020”

Basel Frens, West Chester, United States : "All looks and works great. I really appreciate your professionalism, expertise, communication and the quality of your work. 24 October 2020”

Jason Hughes, Hayling Island, United Kingdom : "The meter seems accurate and is no longer jumping all over the place! 20 October 2020”

Aviv Delgadillo, Sandy Springs, United States : "The camera literally looks like it is new! I am stunned. 20 October 2020”

Nikolai Korobkin, Long Beach, United States : "Thank you for the quality work you have done. 16 October 2020”

Steve Brousseau, Leominster, United States : "The camera looks and operates like a new F2 out of the box. 13 October 2020”

Jim Grey, Zionsville, United States : "It looks great! Thank you for your excellent and speedy service! 3 October 2020”

Serguei Son, Wayne, United States : "The shutter now sounds delightfully dry and precise. Thank you for the great job!! 1 October 2020”

Reuben Williams, Wyong, Australia : "I'm very satisfied with the F2 & the work you've done for me. 25 September 2020”

Rich Evans, Hackettstown, United States : "Thank you very much! It’s in fantastic condition. Another satisfied customer! 21 September 2020”

Gary Maunder, Haselbech, United Kingdom : "Everything looks great thank you. 8 September 2020”

Doug Lysinger, Kansas, United States : "So professionally serviced. 29 August 2020”

Daniel Dallendörfer, Stolberg, Germany : "Thank you very much for putting the camera in a new condition. 22 August 2020”

Richard Wong, Auckland 2022, New Zealand : "Thank you so much for servicing my f2 Titan. It feels like a brand new one after your service. And I am really impressed by all your detailed service reports and updates you sent me during each step. 21 August 2020”    Youtube   

Thierry Ravassod, Meyzieu, France : "Thanks SO MUCH again... 21 August 2020 (repeat customer)”

Hwa Goh, Victoria, Australia : "It looks really good. 20 August 2020”

Bjorn Jarhult, Jonkoping, Sweden : "For a long time I have been thinking about getting a Nikon F2 made the same year I was born (1979). Mr Wong sold me a '79 camera body in very good condition and I managed to get a DP-12 with matching serial number as well as a black DE-1. The whole kit looks and and feel amazing and should probably last another 40 year. I'm very pleased with the high level of service Mr Wong offers." 18 August 2020”

Krishna Kodukula, Princeton, United States : "It looks and sounds beautiful. 18 August 2020”

Aaron Levy, Boiling Springs, United States : "It looks and sounds great. The shutter timing is much better than the copy I have. 7 August 2020”

Alessandro Decarlis, Prato Sesia, Italy : "Fully satisfied. Thank you very much. 2 August 2020”

Ng Kim Cheang, Singapore : "Very pleased. Thank you. 28 July 2020”

Thomas Smith, Dripping Springs, United States : "In perfect condition, I am well pleased with your service. 19 July 2020”

Prof. Stan Strembicki, Missouri, United States : "All in good condition and everything renewed by your efforts, thanks again! 13 July 2020”

John DeBoever, Pleasant Lake, United States : "Looks great. Works great. Thanks. 1 July 2020 (repeat customer)”

Simon Rounding, London, United Kingdom : "Looks great more importantly feels great in the hand. I am very satisfied and happy I came to you as I have what I always wanted and piece of mind something that is hard to put a price on. 1 July 2020”

Bill Livingston, Cambridge, United Kingdom : "It feels fabulous. Absolutely brilliant, it works perfectly. My camera now feels exactly like the one I used to have 40 years or so ago. 23 June 2020”

Neal Angrisano, Kansas City, United States : "Looks and works great. Thank you. 12 June 2020 (repeat customer)”

Norman Tiffany, Leeds, United Kingdom : "It’s like new, brilliant great job. Perfect. 11 June 2020”

Eben Massari, Ramona, United States : "It looks and works great! It's now attached to my MD-2 that you re-geared for me many years ago. The lens focus is nice and smooth now too. Thanks again! 11 June 2020 (repeat customer)”

Gary Clark, Alabama, United States : "Thank you for the wonderful service on the F2’s, finders and motor drive. 9 June 2020”

Mark Wood, Exeter, United Kingdom : "Great to have it working properly at last. Many thanks for sorting it out so quickly and for keeping me updated on progress with it, all very much appreciated. 6 June 2020”

Michael Wellman, Austin, United States : "Arrived today in great condition. I imagine it hasn’t looked this good in 40 years. Thank you for your excellent work. 4 June 2020”

Kyle Anders, Henderson, United States : "Thank you for the services you provide. 31 May 2020”

Paul Cotnoir, Putnam, United States : "Thank you very much for the wonderful work - they look and seem to perform like new. You are most certainly an F2 expert. Your superb repair skill and attention to detail is matched only by the high caliber of your customer service and communication. It was a pleasure doing business with you. 30 May 2020”

Chris Chinnock, Huddersfield, United Kingdom : "I can highly recommend Sover his work is of the highest quality and his attention to detail is second to none, he kept me informed on progress with work on my F2 and gave me an honest appraisal of the work required. The result is a silky smooth F2 which looks and feels as good as new! He even reduced a dent in the top plate and did such a great job it’s barely visible! :) 21 May 2020”    Web site   

John Pang, Dunn Loring, United States : "It looks beautiful. Ran some comparison with my DSLR, and the meter readings all seem to match! I am SOOOO happy! 19 May 2020”

Krzysztof Sobczynski, Gdansk, Poland : "You did awesome job, it looks great and like new! 18 May 2020”

Graham Evans, Reading, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the service, the film advance seems to be smoother than I remember and that annoying ping has disappeared. Well worth the wait to get the old girl properly sorted. 15 May 2020”    Web site   

Tim Kelly, Knoxville, United States : "It functions beautifully. Many thanks for all of your expertise in refurbishing it. I doubt there are many people in the world that can do what you do. 7 May 2020”

Philip Tutton, Preston, United Kingdom : "I’m absolutely delighted with what you’ve done. They are faultless! 6 May 2020”

Roland Miller, Munich, Germany : "Everything so clean, the film transport suddenly went so silky smooth. You have made me a very happy photographer! I'm just overflowing with joy. 5 May 2020”

Pieter Ouddeken, Vaals, The Netherlands : "I was really glad with the spot metering and the CLA. Thanks for your work, thanks for your detailled information. 4 May 2020 (repeat customer)”

Horace Trovato, Crownsville, United States : "The camera looks great, thank you. 22 April 2020”

Wolfgang Gressmann, Celle, Germany : "Many thanks again – I could not be happier! 16 April 2020 (repeat customer)”

Simon Burgess, Nether Wallop, United Kingdom : "Thank you so much for such an amazingly thorough service. I know you have the best reputation but wow. 15 April 2020 (repeat customer)”

Jeff Kim, Port Orange, United States : "It looks and feels like brand new. Thanks so much for the awesome job. 14 April 2020”

Kees Zwaans, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands : "Many thanks for your care and service. 4 April 2020”

Andy Bowman, Hampshire, United Kingdom : "It looks stunning, feels like new and the focus on the lens feels like new. 25 March 2020”

Garrett Mestemacher, Tokyo, Japan : "Everything looks and feels great, you'd never be able to tell the whole camera and finder were stripped down for service. And it's nice to know I have an F2P I'll be able to rely on for years to come. Thanks! 22 March 2020”

Amylea Tan, Brunei Darussalam, Brunei : "It is perfect. Many thanks again for your efforts! 10 March 2020”

Prof. Roberto Pizzala, Pavia, Italy : "Everything works perfectly and unexpectedly in a much more quiet manner than before. Thank you very much! 5 March 2020”

Hasan, Surrey, United Kingdom : "My camera is in pristine condition thanks to your expertise and general professionalism and integrity. Thanks also for the Japanese coin and soft cloth and the packaging. Great touches. 5 March 2020”

H.F., Kaiserslautern, Germany: "Works perfectly, I am very happy! 20 February 2020”

Jeff Kim, Port Orange, United States : "It looks and feels like brand new. Thanks so much for the awesome job. 19 February 2020”

P. Palmer, NSW, Australia : "Many thanks for your help, all looks good. 17 February 2020 (repeat customer)”

Alan Stewardson, Matlock, United Kingdom : "Very nice camera, very clean and everything is functioning ok. I would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to buy an F2. 13 February 2020”

Matt Adam, Walnut Creek, United States : "It looks/functions beautifully. I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for you excellent service. 11 February 2020”

Johnny Brown, Venice, United States : "Thank you very much for your help. She looks beautiful. 6 February 2020”

Yuji Takashima, Oklahoma City, United States : "The equipment arrived in excellent condition. Thanks. 31 January 2020”

Leo Papandreou, Laval, Canada : "Everything seems great, thanks. 30 January 2020”

I. W., Stuttgart, Germany: "The Camera looks, feels and sounds good. Thank you for the fast and friendly service! 28 January 2020”

Mike Lockley, Wirral, United Kingdom : "I am very pleased with it. The brighter leds are a big improvement. 18 January 2020 (repeat customer)”

Andrew Perks, Dumbarton, United Kingdom : "I must say how very pleased I have been with all the services you have carried out for me. I just wish other service folks were a little more like you. 15 January 2020 (repeat customer)”

Michael Koumas, Sunbury, United States : "Everything looks great. 14 January 2020”

Ken Schwarz, Lexington, United States : "It looks beautiful and works very smoothly. You certainly live up to your reputation and have been worth the wait! 13 January 2020”

Theo Melchers, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands : "Thanks again for your expertise and workmanship.13 January 2020”

Michael Teresko, Emeryville, United States : "Looks great. Thanks! 10 January 2020”

Erasmus Dong, Vancouver, Canada : "So clean now. Thanks again! (repeat customer) 3 January 2020”

Michael Hohan, Louisiana, United States : "The camera looks and functions beautifully! 21 December 2019”

Michael Hohan, Louisiana, United States : "The camera looks and functions beautifully! 21 December 2019”

Stefan Schmitz, Estrun, France : "I am really happy to see what you did to my old, trusty pal. ;o) 24 December 2019”    Web site   

Thomas Bruckne, Mombris, Germany : "Everything is fine, I am happy to hold a well-maintained F2 in my hands. 18 December 2019”    Web site   

Johan Quaghebeur, Wevelgem, Belgium : "Thanks for the good work and communication. I'm very happy. 7 December 2019”

Millard M Thomas, Whitefish Bay, United States : "It's so beautiful -- how do I dare use it? 23 November 2019 (repeat customer)”

Andrew Gonzales, Huntsville, United States : "Once again, thank you for your expertise and smooth workflow. 9 September 2019”

Dylan Kim, Matraville, Australia : "Thank you for your meticulous work. I will be forwarding on the good work you've done to other F2 users. 9 November 2019”

Thomas Armstrong, Hamburg, Germany : "It looks beautiful, shiny and new. I'm a totally satisfied customer. 23 October 2019”

Wolfgang Buchner, Woerthsee, Germany : "It looks and sounds perfect! Thank you very much for this great service. 18 October 2019”

Norbert Langeder, Riedmark, Austria : "Thank you very much again for you great work. 17 October 2019 (repeat customer)”

Stéphane Mertens, Brussels, Belgium : "Absolutely first rate work you did on my old beastie, sir. It feels as if it came out of the factory just yesterday. If I ever run into a nice F2 again I sure know to whom I'll send it. It was a real pleasure dealing with you. 17 October 2019”

Lloyd Ramos, London, United Kingdom : "You did a great job on it and I look forward to shooting many rolls of film through it. 15 October 2019”

Frederic Bonhomme, Pibrac, France : "It is perfect ! Thanks again for your great job. 8 October 2019”

Charles Schmidt, Belvedere, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for your work. The blue light is truly gorgeous! 3 October 2019”

Ignacio Atutxa Sainz, Pais Vasco, Spain : "Everything perfect as always. Very good work and the DP-12 viewfinder is excellent. 30 September 2019 (repeat customer)”

Tsoumanis Athanasios, Athens, Greece : "Like new. Thank you for the excellent service. 30 September 2019”

Justin Smith, Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom : "I’m really happy with the service, it was great to have the pictures of the work you carried out showing the comprehensive and detailed work carried out on my F2. It looks and feels fantastic after the service and I’m confident that it will remain that way for years to come now. 20 September 2019”

Charles Koh, Spring Grove, Singapore : "Very happy. I know they are new inside and mint outside as assesses by you !! 15 September 2019”

Richard Dorsey, Las Vegas, United States : "It looks great. 15 September 2019”

Tim Gander, Frome, United Kingdom : "My experience with Sover has been an absolute pleasure. He kept me informed of what was required to get my F2 back to full working order, gave me options on how I wanted to proceed, and once he had my instructions he did the work exactly when he said he would. My camera is back now and looking amazing. Everything works more smoothly than before and I have the confidence that it will continue to give me many years of faithful service. Sover may not be the cheapest option for getting a Nikon F2 serviced or repaired, but not only is his work of the highest standard, he is the absolute expert in F2s and he really is beyond the service and skill level of any repair agent I have ever used. 13 September 2019”    Web site 1       Web site 2

Dimka Linux, Ukraine: "It looks great!!! 100% 10 September 2019”

Max Mueller, Aachen, Germany : "Thank you for the outstanding service. Feels like new! 13 August 2019”

Graham Daye, Kilgetty, United Kingdom : "It looks fantastic and works beautifully. Thank you for the excellent and impressive that you offer, I can see why you have such a good reputation! 25 July 2019”

Steve Pashia, Missouri, United States : "Thank you for your services. 17 July 2019”

Bernard Bradshaw, Essex, United Kingdom : "I really appreciate the work you have done with these units and will no doubt have some great photo-shooting. I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone for F2 services. Many thanks and your service and communication is excellent. 2 July 2019”

Liam Burke, Co. Tipperary, Ireland : "Thanks again for all your work, very much appreciated. 25 June 2019”

John DeBoever, Pleasant Lake, United States : "Thank you, looks good. Thanks. 23 June 2019”

Christian Groessler, Seefeld, Germany : "Very nice, thanks! 14 June 2019 (repeat customer)”

Alan Reid, Newtownards, United Kingdom : "The camera sounds very quiet and precise. The rewind is now super smooth and light to use again, it feels like new. It was worth waiting for a slot to send it for a service. 6 June 2019”

Kees Zwaans, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands : "Thank you for the effort to make it serviceable. 6 June 2019”

Tim Kelly, Knoxville, United States : "It is great, looks beautiful also. Thanks for the opportunity to have it serviced. 3 June 2019”

Loren Sattler, Toledo, United States : "Thanks for everything. 3 May 2019”

Yota Yoshimitsu, Geelong, Australia : "I am absolutely delighted with the work that you have performed on the cameras. You have lived up to your much-deserved reputation for being a superb master of Nikon F2s and for your kind and detailed service! 2 May 2019”

Joel Persinger, El Cajon, United States : "You did an incredible job on this camera. It is in magnificent shape. Thank you very much! 19 April 2019”

John Head, Kalamazoo, United States : "I couldn't be more pleased. Sounds great, looks great. Impeccable workmanship. 17 April 2019”

Stephen Sinksen, Davenport, United States : "It looks wonderful. Thanks for all your efforts overhauling my favorite camera! 12 April 2019”

Zeb Bartett, Henderson, United States : "Everything feels very crisp so far. I am excited to put a fresh roll through it! 5 April 2019”

P. Palmer, NSW, Australia : "Brilliant service on all three F2's sent to Sover. Silky smooth mechanical operation and superb metering with the overhauled Photomic heads. 4 April 2019”

Rocco roccos-art, Winnenden, Germany : "Very very good job! I am so happy :). 2 April 2019”

Mike Lockley, Wirral, United Kingdom : "I am very pleased with it. 30 March 2019 (repeat customer)”

Norbert Langeder, Riedmark, Austria : "Everything is fine – just as expected. Thank you very much for your work. 27 March 2019 (repeat customer)”

John Dutton, Cranbrook, Canada : "Thank you for your professional service. I would give you my highest recommendation. 14 March 2019”

Alexander Holley, Vancouver, Canada : "It's incredible! Thank you so much, it sounds and feels like new. 11 March 2019”

Harry Tresoor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands : "All in good order and perfectly working again. Very many thanks for the repair. 2 March 2019”

Skye Chalmers, New Deer, United Kingdom : "Thank you again for the work you did on it. 2 March 2019”

Fabrice Voisin, Limelette, Belgium : "Many thanks again for the repair, this is state of the art! 22 February 2019”

Jesse Kwon, New York, United States : "It is awesome. Feels so much smoother than my Titan. Thank you for the great work, it is very appreciated. 20 February 2019”

Andrew Perks, Dumbarton, United Kingdom : "Camera arrived safely with no ringing after each shot :) Many thanks for your excellent work. 5 February 2019 (repeat customer)”

Brad Armstrong, Del Rio, United States : "The winder works great! 4 February 2019”

Dan Kayser, Fort Mitchell, United States : "It looks beautiful. No one would realize it's a 42 year old camera. You did a magnificent job. Again thanks for the superlative repair work on my two prized F2A's. 3 February 2019”

Matthew Sandiford, Prague, Czech Republic : "It is great, I can see why your reputation is so high. Thank you. 31 January 2019”

Geoffrey Schild, Liebefeld, Switzerland : "It's brilliant. Thank you so much, the documentation and everything, I couldn't be happier! 29 January 2019”

Uwe Paulsen, Neumuenster, Germany : "Thank you for your good and fast service and communication. 23 January 2019”

Martin Futoma, Newington, United States : "Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again for the great service and extras. 12 January 2019”

Wayne Pinney, Guilford, United States : "Thank you much for quick, excellent service. Your reputation for great customer service is well deserved. 4 January 2019”

Uwe Klasen, Saarwellingen, Germany : "Thank You again for excellent service! 28 December 2018 (repeat customer)”

Kevin Porter, Melksham, United Kingdom : "I am very pleased, another first class job thank you. 15 December 2018 (repeat customer)”

Jason Brown, Kent, United Kingdom : "Running like a dream after a full CLA. Thank you Sover! 30 November 2018 (repeat customer)”

Jason Brown, Kent, United Kingdom : "Looking mighty pretty. Thank you, Sover, you’re the best! 17 October 2018”

Michael Silber, Raleigh, United States : "It looks great! I really do appreciate the caliber of your work and your excellent communications. 13 October 2018”

Dave Shipman, London, United Kingdom : "It feels like new!! It feels like new!! 10 October 2018”

Richard Powell, Swindon, United Kingdom : "Superb job all round! 6 October 2018 (repeat customer)”

Derek Gibb, York, United Kingdom : "It’s like new. 15 September 2018”

Jon Campo, Stafford Springs, United States : "It looks much better, thanks again. 13 September 2018”

Tim Robinson, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom : "It has been an absolute pleasure to use the F2AS you serviced and supplied. I think of the F2 as the leading mechanical SLR and the quality of the service you provide seems to me to be unmatched. 3 September 2018”

Rob Heaney, La Center, United States : "Thank you very much. Everything looks great. 31 August 2018”

Robert Taylor, Macquarie, Australia : "Many thanks again for your work. 27 August 2018”

Blayne Puklich, Minnetrista, United States : "It looks great! Can’t wait to use it. 11 August 2018”

Ignacio Atutxa Sainz, Pais Vasco, Spain : "A great job. As usual. It works better than new. 3 August 2017 (repeat customer)”

Roel Kamps, Eksharad, Sweden : "Thank you very much for the service! 25 July 2018”

Rhys Thomas, Denbigh, United Kingdom : "Thank you for this rapid and comprehensive service. Is there anyone else, anywhere, who gives such attention to the F2 ? 19 July 2018”

Phil Welch, Bristol, United Kingdom : "It's very smooth, very clean and finder is great. Thank you. I'm really pleased. 10 July 2018”

Arno Stoll, Stuttgart, Germany : "Two were serviced by you to my complete satisfaction. Thanks for your excellent work. 3 July 2018 (repeat customer)”

Lewis Gudgeon, London, United Kingdom : "I am delighted. It is in immaculately restored condition, and beyond this seems very well calibrated. 3 July 2018”

Tristan Parker, Victoria, Australia : "Everything beautiful as expected. Thanks again! 27 June 2018”

Christopher Matthew Spencer, Burbank, United States : "Sover is a unique and priceless treasure within the service industry. He is preserving history by reawakening iconic cameras. Sover's restorations are flawless and thorough. His communication includes photographic explanations of the service, charts, and a clear diary of the work completed. I am so stunned and delighted by Sover's work. 26 June 2018”

Peter Gregor, Newport-on-Tay, Scotland : "Working flawlessly. Thank you! 26 June 2018 (repeat customer)”

Christoph Ploenes, Kaarst, Germany : "Thank you many times for the meticulous excellent service and repair of my F2AS and also for your kind help beforehand! It can literally be felt that you love your skilled work. 25 June 2018”

Michael Burbelko, Berlin, Germany : "It looks great! 19 June 2018”

Jan Seifert, Sankt Augustin, Germany : "Once more, I'm very pleasured with your excellent work! 14 June 2018 (repeat customer)”

Mike Lockley, Wirral, United Kingdom : "Im very pleased. 25 May 2018”

Erasmus Dong, Vancouver, Canada : "Thanks again for your great work. 17 May 2018 (repeat customer)”

Dr.Walter Schoettle, Neu-Ulm, Germany : "Thank you for your great service which I appreciate so much! 15 May 2018 (repeat customer)”

Stuart Kendal, Northampton, United Kingdom : "Thank you for your very professional servicing of my three F2A’s. 14 May 2018”

Victor Fernandez, Vacaville, United States : "The camera looks great. I am glad to have someone who values his work and professionalism as high as you do. Thank you for everything. 12 May 2018 ”

Nikolay Petrov, Sofia, Bulgaria : "It looks perfect! 10 May 2018”

Steve Bickerstaffe, Kirkham, United Kingdom : "Thank you for your expertise in restoring some of my F2 items to a better than new working condition. 9 May 2018 (repeat customer)”

Kurt King, Austin, United States : "It looks brand new and I sure know it operates like new. Thanks very much! 7 May 2018 (repeat customer)”

Tom Nutter, Newark, United States : "Wonderful job as always! 30 April 2018 (repeat customer)”

Wesley Bevans, Missouri, United States : "From the time I contacted Sover about my F2 until the time I got my camera back from repair and modification, Sover was very helpful in making sure I got the service I needed and the modifications I wanted. His work is fast and amazingly good. There is a good reason there is a long line of people wanting to send their cameras to Sover. My camera works like new even though its from the 70s. 25 April 2018”

Silvano Amato, Rome, Italy : "It's gorgeous. Thank you for you great work. 21 April 2018”

David Bugler, Torquay, United Kingdom : "The cameras look really great. Brilliant work, many thanks! 13 April 2018”

Uwe Klasen, Saarwellingen, Germany : "Everything is perfect! Thank You for servicing so fast :) 11 April 2018 (repeat customer)”

Joe Weil, Seattle, United States : "I appreciate all the photos and communication, you are incredibly professional. Thank you for the excellent work that you did on the camera. It looks great. 6 April 2018”

Erasmus Dong, Vancouver, Canada : "Thank you. Body's in such good shape I'm almost scared to use it now lol. 4 April 2018 (repeat customer)”

Neil Matthews, Nottingham, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the prompt service. This camera is my pride and joy and it was good to know that it was in safe hands. 31 March 2018”

Jim Freundschuh, St. Paul, United States : "The camera and the motor drive arrived in great shape, and appear to work perfectly. The meter agrees well with the readings I get from my D3. I did notice the motor drive seemed a bit quieter. I thought it would be louder with the brass gear. Thanks for your work. 29 March 2018”

Nick Rowland, Eastbourne, United Kingdom : "Everything sparkling clean and working better than before. Thanks for doing such an excellent job. 22 March 2018”

Richard Frances, Muzillac, France : " Everything is perfect. Thank you. 20 March 2018”

Uwe Klasen, Saarwellingen, Germany : "Everything is fine. Thank you again for service. 15 March 2018”

Nelson Perez-Cid, Allariz, Spain : "Thank you very much for your excellent work! 15 March 2018”

Mike Fagan, Spruce Pine, United States : "They look terrific. Thank you. 14 March 2018”

Kevin Porter, Melksham, United Kingdom : "You have done a tip top job and I am over the moon, thank you very much. 12 March 2018”

Andrea Pelizzari, Genova, Italy: " You made a really great work and now the camera feels like new ! Today isn’t easy to find technicians with your skill and your fair attitude towards customers. 2 March 2018”

Lee Tobin, Fife, United Kingdom : "Looks and feels like a different camera. Clean! 16 February 2018”

Dr John Perivolaris, West Kilbride, United Kingdom : "A beautiful job. 15 February 2018”

John B Crane, Fort Collins, United States : "I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to persevere with such an odd fault. Both F2’s you’ve serviced for me now operate so smoothly and precisely that using any other camera is a bit of a let down. Looking forward to sending you no.3 when my slot opens up. Sincere thanks for your commitment to excellence. 15 February 2018 (repeat customer)” Web site

Krzysztof Kretowicz, Franklin Park, United States : "As always in a perfect condition, thank you very much. 12 February 2018 (repeat customer)”

Richard Powell, Swindon, United Kingdom : "You are without equal, and I am always ultra-confident sending my equipment to you for servicing. I highly recommend that anyone who has a Nikon F2 camera should send it to you. They will come back ‘Better than New’. 30 January 2018 (repeat customer)”

Christian Garbayo, Fort Lauerdale, United States : "Thank you so much for your time and attention, I will certainly recommend your services to my friends. It was well worth the wait!. 29 January 2018”

Robin Lendrum, Yakima, United States :
"Everything looks great. Thank you so much, 18 January 2018”

Andrew Richman, Hatch End, United Kingdom : "Everything looks great. 14 January 2018”

Erik van Kerkhoven, Heiloo, Netherlands : "Camera and lenses are very nice indeed. 5 January 2018”

Scott Micciche, Sacramento, United States : "It feels and looks incredible. I also notice the meter seems much more stable, before if I was on say "+ 0", it would move back and forth even if the camera was on a tripod, now it just seems to lock nicely. 17 December 2017”

Graeme Tregay, Truro, United Kingdom : "It works beautifully. Thank you. 16 December 2017”

Krzysztof Kretowicz, Franklin Park, United States : "You are a master! I know because I have a fresh comparison with a local workshop with 35 years of experience, I have to admit that I wasted my time and money on their services. I got what I paid for. When the camera comes back from you, it's a baby, full of life, ready to serve as a dedicated friend, confident and precise. Thank you for your passions, patience and accuracy. 7 November 2017”

Anders Nygren, Stockholm, Sweden : "Many thanks for excellent service ! 23 October 2017”

Frank B Sprow, Dallas, United States : "Works perfectly as expected. Thanks for the prompt and excellent work. 17 October 2017”

Peter Ransome, Doncaster, United Kingdom : "Thanks for all your help. 6 October 2017”

Ian Sheridan, Burntwood, United Kingdom : "Thank you for a splendid service. 1 October 2017 (repeat customer)”

Sidney Kincaid Jr, Illinois, United States : "My camera is looking fantastically! Works like it's brand new, smooth and slick! And the new brighter top LED light is excellent! I can see the shutter speed no matter what how bright the light is around me! 30 September 2017”

Christopher Wohlers, Los Angeles, United States : "Thanks so much for everything! 20 September 2017”

Sid Dongre, Glasgow, United Kingdom : "It is looking and sounding good - I had a run through the shutter etc...Thank you very much for your helpful, swift and thorough service. 20 September 2017”

Jyrki Vuorinen, Tampere, Finland : "It feels great and seem to work like new. I’m really happy and can highly recommend your service! 20 September 2017”

Allan Teramura, Ottawa, Canada : "Looks great! I appreciate all the documentation as well. 6 September 2017”

Ignacio Atutxa Sainz, Pais Vasco, Spain : "Perfect. A great job. Thank you very much. 1 September 2017”

Brian Breakstone, Hawaii, United States : "Everything seems too be working. Thanks for the CD's and the other goodies you included. 31 August 2017”

Jeffrey Suen, Lower Hutt, New Zealand : "In perfect order. Thank you. 30 August 2017”

Steve Gloag, London, United Kingdom : "Serviced to the highest level possible. Well Happy. 26 August 2017”

Andy Thurgood, Eastbourne, United Kingdom : "Thank you very much for excellent service. The camera feels great. You have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and communication during the service, with service photos and reports providing me with an unsurpassed level of detail. 24 August 2017”

Jumar Balacy, Redwood City, United States : "Amazing work! Now that youve serviced it, it's better than new. Thanks so much. 22 August 2017”

Ian Sheridan, Burntwood, United Kingdom : "Thank you for a tremendous job. 10 August 2017”

David Zietz, Baton Rouge, United States : "I bet that Nikon knows just how lucky they are to have you around- every one of the cameras that you have refurbished makes the Nikon name look that much better, and I don't think there are too many cameras made today (If any) that will outlast a "Soverized" F2. 3 August 2017 (repeat customer)”

Neal Angrisano, Kansas City, United States : "It is beautiful! Thank you so much. 30 July 2017”

Richard Powell, Swindon, United Kingdom : "Thank you so very much for such a professional and beautiful job of work. I know that I now have a camera that is now 100% reliable, accurate and like new. The manner in which you photograph and document everything about each camera stage-by-stage is little short of amazing. The methodology and work ethic you adhere to is extremely commendable and something of a rarity in today’s hectic world. 29 July 2017”

Phil Hietanen, Surrey, Canada : "Thank you for doing a wonderful job, sorting out my camera and all the extras. 21 July 2017”

David Kuhn, Bedford, United Kingdom : "As an ex-mechanical engineer by profession I can really appreciate the care, skill, dedication and utter professionalism which you have put into getting my camera both looking, and working, the way it does. I can say wholeheartedly that you deserve every accolade there is going. Your first class world wide reputation as THE person to fix these wonderful cameras is spot on. 20 July 2017”

Anthony Marshall, London, United Kingdom : "Can’t thank you enough…..18 July 2017”

Peter Arbib, Camby, United States : "What a difference a service can make. Shutter is much quieter, Advance lever is smooth, black-out is almost nonexistent. Mirror bounce is really quiet. It just reminds me of a new Nikon F2 as far as the operation the feel and the sound and quickness of things. Thank you Sover for the great service that you offer us Nikon F2 users. 13 July 2017”

"Trond Bashus, Harestua, Norway : "It looks and feels very nice. 12 July 2017 (repeat customer)”

Marco Iaconelli, Stromstad, Sweden : "A pleasure doing business with you. Thanks! 8 June 2017”

Thor Amdahl, Stockholm, Sweden : "All buttons and levers now, of course, working very well. The shutter sound is very comforting. I am one more of your very satisfied customers. 1 June 2017”

Dan Kalbach, Iowa, United States : "Thank you very much for bringing it back to "life" after almost 40 years of "neglect". 18 May 2017”

Don Griffith, Denham Springs, United States : "It looks great and sounds great. 26 May 2017”

Ivo Boehme, Zurich, Switzerland : "Thanks for your great work. Clearly a lot has been done. Impressive documentation. 17 May 2017”

G. White, Orinda, United States : "The camera arrived in excellent condition. Thank you again for your concierge service. 1 May 2017”

Andrew Perks, Dumbarton, United Kingdom : "I am beyond please with the look of the camera. I must say how I much a pleasure it is to have you service the two Nikon F2S you have done for me. The fact that you send pictures of the camera with the problems you have found and report on the condition of the shutter speeds and the accuracy of the metering head actually makes me feel involved with the whole process. 30 April 2017 (repeat customer)”

Dirk Schrodter, Immenhausen, Germany : "I definitely think you did a good job for the second time. There were no problems with the handling time and the packaging and of course with the service of the camera. 29 April 2017 (repeat customer)”

Tom Nutter, Newark, United States : "It is wonderful! Thank you! 26 April 2017”

Javier Cristiani, San Salvador, El Salvador : "Everything looks great! Thank you so much for everything. I have been using the camera a lot and must say that it has never, as far as I can remember, worked this nicely! 10 April 2017”

Norbert Langeder, Riedmark, Austria : "Everything is fine. Thank you very much for your work! 25 March 2017”

Oliver Resag, Clermont, France : "It's in great shape, thanks for all the work on it. 20 March 2017”

John B Crane, Fort Collins, United States : "When I initially purchased my F2S from a third party with an inoperable meter, the rest of the camera was in good enough condition to warrant keeping it - primarily because I knew you could restore everything to full working order. From the photos provided during your repair process, working on these old instruments looks a little like brain surgery. Thank goodness you have the experience, tools, knowledge and attention to detail to do such finely detailed work. Experiencing these wonderful precision instruments in better-than-new condition 40+ years after their manufacture is a treat beyond compare. You’re a gift to the world wide F2 community and are highly valued. Many thanks from a future repeat customer. 17 March 2017” Web site

Roger Wortley, Bedford, United Kingdom : "Your work is just superb. I like your work ethics of tying to help out with small problems rather than just getting everything send in for service. You totally deserve the reputation you have earned around the world. 7 March 2017”

Kenneth Hu, Lexington, United States : "I noticed the mechanical differences after the service. Thanks. 17 February 2017”

Dimitrios Assikos, Schwechat, Austria : "Now it looks like new. Everything works as it schould be. Great work. You are not just a gifted repairer, you are a real artist! 9 February 2017”

Arno Stoll, Stuttgart, Germany : "It looks and feels very fine. 26 January 2017”

Brett Little, Sheffield, United Kingdom : "The camera, the photomic finder and everything works great. Thanks! Great job! 26 January 2017”

David Zietz, Baton Rouge, United States : "I highly recommend getting a Nikon F2 overhauled by Sover. Sover is the only F2 repair person that has new parts that he can install to actually extend the life of the camera finder. This means that if you take good care of the camera, it should last easily another 40 years which makes it one of the biggest bargains in a camera that you can find anywhere! 24 January 2017”

Sandy MacKay, Petaluma, United States : "I sincerely wanted to thank you for a truly FANTASTIC job on my “NEW” F2! It’s exactly what I had hoped for! I just can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with it! 24 January 2017”

Andrew Perks, Dumbarton, United Kingdom : "It looks fantastic and it feels fantastic. I thank you for such good service, to say I am absolutely delighted with your work is a great understatement. 20 January 2017”

Scott Mann, Campbell, United States: "Sover completely rebuilt the camera with lots of pictures of the process as well as detailed descriptions of what he did and which parts he had to replace (all of the inside!) - I was thrilled with this information and his obvious extraordinary attention to detail. Once I received the camera and held it in my hands, it was incredible - the camera is better than new! Everything works crisply and exactly the way it should. The meter is dead on and the LEDs are very bright. Sover is a true craftsman and I recommend him to anyone with an F2! Thank you, Sover! 12 January 2017”

Paul Thornton, Kingston, Canada : "Everything is tip top and working great. Thanks so much! 11 January 2017”

Markus Pohjola, Helsinki, Finland : "I ran a roll of Tri-X through it just to test the metering button you added and what can I say: its simply amazing, with or without a motordrive. Almost like the switch on a Spotmatic but better. The camera seems to tick like a swiss watch as usual, though I expected nothing but the best, from the best. 28 December 2016 (repeat customer)”

John Smith, Bodega Bay, United States : "Thank you! I’m a many times repeat customer because you do fine work, communicate so well during the process and send back a Nikon F2 that works as good as new. I am so very pleased with the refurb you just did on my black body F2A. 21 December 2016 (repeat customer)”

David Zietz, Baton Rouge, United States : "I can easily see why everyone I have asked says you are without question the very best! 15 December 2016”

Jorge Carrera, Washington, United States : "It looks very good. Great job! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. 14 December 2016”

Shaun Hodgson, York, United Kingdom : "I am delighted with the work you have done for me and absolutely nothing has been too much trouble. 12 December 2016”

Geoffrey Putnam, Melbourne, Australia : "From my recent experience Sover Wong is the only service technician to trust with your Nikon F2. Turnaround time for a complete service to my F2 photomic finder was around 3 weeks including postage Australia-UK-Australia. Excellent workmanship and terrific communication from Sover during the entire service process. 9 December 2016”

Jack Chik, Hong Kong, China : "Well done! Everything is fine as expected. 1 December 2016”

Lawrence Marmion, New York, United States : "Along with everything else, you’ve even renewed it’s external appearance. Many, many thanks for everything!!! 5 October 2016”

Tyler Steimle, Grand Rapids, United States : "Arrived in fantastic condition. Thank you for a great service. 30 September 2016” Web site

David Lowell, Clearwater, United States : "It is AWESOME!!! I am so very happy I sent it to you! 29 September 2016”

Paul Greeves, Cromer, United Kingdom : "You have done a remarkable job of servicing the finder. 24 September 2016”

Malcolm Edmonds, Twickenham, United Kingdom : "The camera feels like a new camera especially the DP-12 it's so much easier to read the metering now so many thanks. 23 September 2016”

Robert H. Ruskin, Tucson, United States : "WOW!!! It looks better than when I first bought it and I think that's saying something. Now I *know* without a doubt that it is indeed *better* than when I first sent it in. Your service was GREAT.... and FAST!!! You truly live up to your reputation of being a magician with the F2. 15 September 2016”

Brian Yoo, Los Angeles, United States : "Thank you so much for taking care of it. It looks and feels like a new camera now. 15 September 2016”

Christian Cegarra, Dronfield, United Kingdom : "Everything is fine!!! Thank you very much for all that you have done! 14 September 2016”

Karolos Karnikis, Seattle, United States : "It looks great. Thanks, Sover. BTW, love the bright LED! 13 September 2016”

Colin Eastland, Watford, United Kingdom : "The meter works fine thanks. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter. 10 September 2016”

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : " It looks good, sounds good and I'm sure, it will work perfectly. Let me say that it's been a pleasure to make business with you. You're a professional in the best sense of the word and I can honestly recommend you to every F2 user with a camera in trouble. 5 September 2016 (repeat customer)”

Patrick Spears, South Woodford, United Kingdom : "It feels like a brand new camera. Thanks for all the work you have done in restoring it. It's very much appreciated! 26 August 2016”

Rainer Hofmann, Gerlingen, Germany : "I'm really impressed of Your work on my F2 and the DP-1! Thank You for Your great work on my F2! 16 August 2016”

Klaas Matroos, Culemborg, Netherlands : "Thank you for the servicing and the very quick turnaround. A very satisfied customer! 13 August 2016”

Ingo Pucks, Mannheim, Germany : "Stellar service by Sover. Many companies around the world could learn from - just awesome! Everything looks and sounds and feels very good! You really did an awesome job! Many thanks for everything! 12 August 2016”

Klaus Schantz, Ulm, Germany : "Everything works fine and feels very good. 11 August 2016 (repeat customer)”

Rolf Schmolling, Hamburg, Germany : "Again: thank you for a stellar service! 4 August 201 (repeat customer)”

Pierre Oliviere, Harpenden, United Kingdom : "I cannot thank you enough for your impeccable service of my F2 and prism - you are a marvel - thank you. 28 July 2016”

Ivor Bolton, Walsall, United Kingdom : "Sincere thanks for your excellent work on servicing and repairing the camera. It looks and feels like new! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you for any future work, and of course to recommending and praising your work in conversations with friends and colleagues! 28 July 2016”

Paul Atterby, Mansfield, United Kingdom : "I am very pleased with it. Works very smoothly, everything looks to be as expected. You have a well deserved reputation. 20 July 2016”

Eric Breckpot, Aalst, Belgium : "The camera looks basically like new. The sound of the mirror and shutter is different. The viewfinder is more clearer than before. I have the clear impression the camera has been properly serviced. Looking at the negatives showed they were exposed properly. Photographs are sharp. Thank you for the great job. I will certainly recommend you if someone is interested in CLA of Nikon F2 bodies. 20 July 2016”

Carl Ellis, Connecticut, United States : "Thank you very much for your attention to detail and restoring my camera to "like-new" condition. 13 July 2016”

John Smith, Bodega Bay, United States : "Fine, fine work! Each time, I am so pleased when I open the box and see the results of your work! I love the green LED modification too! Thank you for taking such good care of my beloved Nikons. 12 July 2016 (repeat customer)”

Joseph Aulph, Havana, United States : "The F2 looks and works great, it looks and feels better than ever. 4 July 2016”

Michiel Faro, Amsterdam, The Netherlands : "Camera and finder both looking in great shape. Many thanks again for the great service! 4 July 2016”

Klaus Schantz, Ulm, Germany : "The F2SB looks great with the red power button and I am very happy with it. 24 June 2016”

Jon Caples, Seattle, United States : "I'm in awe over the detail and the work you put into this project!! I'm very happy with the results of your talent and extensive effort. I wish you all the best and please know that I feel very happy to have had this camera serviced by you! 17 June 2016”

David Lowell, Clearwater, United States : "Thank you very much for working on my Nikon F. 16 June 2016”

Marc Verriere, Arnage, France : "It's as good as new. 3 June 2016”

Colin Wilson, Fife, United Kingdom : "It looks and feels great. Many thanks. 3 June 2016”

Cesar Martin, Madrid, Spain : "I've been shooting it for the weekend and so far it is going flawlessly. Again, it is an amazing experience shooting a Nikon F2 repaired by you, it feels like new!! !! 1 June 2016 (repeat customer)”

Giorgio Trevisanm, Monfalcone, Italy : "Smooth working and precise light meter, I'm very happy. 16 May 2016”

Tony O'Brien, Rainham, United Kingdom : "Great work as always. 13 May 2016 (repeat customer)”

Regis Bodel , Maubeuce, France : "The F2 is beautiful. Many thanks 10 May 2016”

Steven Mendelsohn, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates : "It is absolutely stunning. Thank you for a perfect job. The quality of your work is outstanding. 29 April 2016”

Steve Bradley, United Arab Emirates : "All is OK. Thanks for your sterling efforts! 24 April 2016”

Rex Horton, Gwent, United Kingdom : "It feels beautifully smooth and precise. Thank you for your expertise in sorting out my F2 and getting it working as it should. 21 April 2016 (repeat customer)”

Bill Sell, Burry Port, United Kingdom : "Its looking very healthy. Frightened to touch it as may get finger prints on it. 5 April 2016”

Alexandre Herail, Nancy, France : "Many thanks for all your work, the body's are very smooth, and the 2 finders works perfectly. 8 February 2016 (repeat customer)”

Derrick Watterson, Durham, United States : "Thank you so much for the brilliant service and for the repair work! I will recommend you to anyone who asks about the camera. 1 February 2016” Web site

Alex Rothamel, Berkeley, United States : "Let me just commend you for such an extraordinary job. Your plea for no marks was absolutely fulfilled, and the fact that the camera was in near mint condition (and the fact that I had the original box!) just took me back 40 years. The cocking of the shutter is smooth--almost silky--; the meter is sharply responsive; everything is great! 28 January 2016”

Robert Jagitsch, Driftwood, United States : "Thanks for everything, Sover, looks great. 26 January 2016”

Dr J Kornberg, Hong Kong, China : "I'm delighted with it. Comparing the winding to my F2AS confirms my feeling that the F2AS could do with a service. 22 January 2016”

Adam Rendon, Elk Grove, United States : "It looks and performs even better than when I sent it out. A very big THANK YOU to you! 20 January 2016”

Grzegorz Stachyra, Lublin, Poland : " I am delighted with your work! Many thanks for restoring my F2. 18 January 2016”

"Steve B", Milton Keynes, United Kingdom : "Sover has just completed a full service on my second F2A body and DP-11 metering head to an exceptional standard once again. The camera operates and feels like brand new and its a real pleasure to use. Sover is the ONLY camera engineer that I would personally trust to complete any service or repairs to my three Nikon F2 cameras and motor drives. Sover has the highest craftsmanship, professionalism, honesty, and integrity, combined with excellent communication skills, and I would thoroughly recommend his services to any Nikon F2 user. 13 January 2016 (repeat customer)”

Kurt King, Austin, United States : "It looks fantastic. Thanks so much. 12 January 2016”

Jimi Axelsson, Linkoping, Sweden : "You're a most excellent repair man. 9 January 2016 (repeat customer)”

"Robert Lai, Valparaiso, United states : "Thanks for your efforts and hard work. I doubt that I will ever use anyone else to repair my Nikons again! 31 December 2015”

"Omar Mashedy, Karachi, Pakistan : "I thank Mr Wong for providing a complete TLC for my newly acquired Nikon F2AS, MD-2 and MB-1. I was well informed about every aspect of its CLA process and Mr Wong was prompt in replying to any of my email queries regarding my gear and on the topic Nikon F2 in general. I received my gear well packed and well serviced to last me good few years if not decades. Thank you for offering your services and keeping the flame burning for Nikon F2. I am new to film photography and must say that your services are a big motivation in pursing this form of art as a passion. 30 December 2015”

"Nigel Cumberpatch, Mears Ashby, United Kingdom : "Thank you for a great job of servicing my F2AS. It feels and looks like a new camera. 28 December 2015”

"Trond Bashus, Harestua, Norway : "I'm very happy! The camera looks very nice, and works very smoothly. 17 December 2015”

"Peter Wright, Milton, Canada : "It sounds much better now with no ringing as the shutter trips. The film advance also feels smoother. Should be good now for another 36 years! 15 December 2015”

"Steve B", Milton Keynes, United Kingdom : "Sover Wong has just recently serviced both my Nikon F2 body and the DP-11 metering prism to an exceptional standard, it now feels and sounds like a new camera, the quality of his communication, knowledge, and craftsmanship is absolutely first rate and I would highly recommended his services to anyone. Sover will also be servicing my second Nikon F2a, and modifying the gear on my MD-3 motor drive shortly. 12 December 2015”

Daniel de la Fuente, Frankfurt, Germany : "Besides a top Customer communication, Sover deliveries a high professional work and you can feel all the love he dedicates on it. I can highly recommend his Services and hope that he will enjoy a long life and never retires. ;) a Happy customer. 3 December 2015”

Raymond Wong, Edmonton, Canada : "It is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen such high calibre repair service in cameras, or anything. 3 December 2015”

Dmitry Yaitskov, Ontario, Canada : "It is excellent, feels and looks great - thank you very much for the excellent work! Much appreciated. 2 December 2015”

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : "The mirror up modification is ... nice, nice, nice. It will serve me well and I'm happy with camera and finder as they are now - thank you. 1 December 2015 (repeat customer)”

Steve Gloag, Willesden, United kingdom : "WELL HAPPY!!! 18 November 2015 (repeat customer)”

John Makuch, Palmyra, United States : "Operates beautifully. 13 November 2015”

Chris Senior, Barnsley, United Kingdom: "All looks good. Thanks for all your work, patience and advice. 11 November 2015” Web site

Rinaldo Alvisi, Trani, Italy : "Everything perfect. 11 November 2015 (repeat customer)”

Ekkehard Strauss, Berlin, Germany : "THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH - Motor and Finder are amazing!!!!! 4 November 2015”

Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah, Mauritius : "I am impressed... Feels fresh, clean and smooth and dead on accurate. Thank you so much for your professionalism! I am delighted !! 2 November 2015”

Warren Burke, Cleveland, United States : "Everything looks good. Thank you for getting it into shape! 31 October 2015”

Paul Hannawi, Bristol, United Kingdom : "It's fantastic again. 31 October 2015”

Stephen Conroy, Gamleby, Sweden : " Looks and feels great! Exellent service from start to finish. Uppdates during the work in progress. I felt in good hands all the way. Thanks again for your fine work. 27 October 2015”

Steve Gloag, Willesden, United kingdom : "The minute I got it back, It felt, sounded and smelt RIGHT!! 16 October 2015 ”

David Reid, East Grinstead, United Kingdom : "I am extremely impressed, I could not wish for better. I am more than pleased with the camera, thank you very much. 15 October 2015”

Martin Paterson, Ardrossan, United Kingdom : "It sounds and looks perfect. 6 October 2015”

Andreas Tiemann, Muenster, Germany : "Thank you for the superb job. I'm most pleased. Thanks again for the restoration, for the wealth of information and your advice. 5 October 2015 (repeat customer)”

David Fincher, Knoxville, United States : "So much appreciate your efforts in getting it back to near new condition and especially the shutter. You did a superb job and I can't thank you enough for your knowledge and expertise with this camera. 1 October 2015”

Robert Lai, Valparaiso, United States : "Your work is immaculate! I can scarcely believe that this is the same camera that I mailed to you. The winding is very smooth, as is the shutter release. The mechanical perfection has won me over. Thank you for your meticulous work. 27 September 2015”

Jeremy Allen, Edwardsville, United States : "Thank you for the time, effort, and parts. 27 September 2015”

Andreas Tiemann, Muenster, Germany : "Thanks a lot for your great work. It's all fine! 15 September 2015”

Pete Riley, Cheltenham, United Kingdom : "Impeccable work as always. 15 September (repeat customer)”

Rinaldo Alvisi, Trani, Italy : "Really perfect job (as always), thank you so much. 14 September 2015 (repeat customer)”

Kevin Evans, Birmingham, United Kingdom : "The 3 LED conversion is great - well done! 11 September 2015 (repeat customer)”

Douglas McCormack, Selsdon, United Kingdom : "Great job : feels great, precise, tight and quiet, with lovely smooth action - well worth the expense. Very pleased. 20 July 2015”

Hans Gier, Muenchen, Germany : "Suuuuupppppeeeeerrr real great.Thanks a lot. This F2 feels like new and operates like new. Great job. 17 July 2015”

Colin Surman, Birmingham, United Kingdom : "Thank you for transforming the Nikon F2AS which I bought on ebay. It now looks and feels like a brand new camera and that is NOT an exaggeration. The latching night light circuitry you have fitted to the DP12 finder is amazing - to echo your own words, "why did Nikon not think of this?" I can't wait to run some film through it. You have done an amazing job- MANY, MANY thanks! 16 July 2015”

Steve Bickerstaffe, Kirkham, United Kingdom : "Thank you for delivering a prompt & efficient service.15 July 2015”

Sebastian Egli, Zuerich, Switzerland : "Mr. Sover Wong serviced my NIKON F FTN and NIKON F2AS. In the forefront of the service he answered all my questions patiently and always replied immediately. So I was well informed about everything. During the service he always let me know what he was doing and exposed all the possible options. After the service he shipped very fast and the cameras were packed very well. After his service my cameras are working absolutely perfect. I am really glad there is somebody who cares for these old film cameras and makes shooting film possible today. 15 July 2015” Web site

Richard Beardsley, St Martins, United Kingdom : "I'm very pleased with the work that you've carried out. I will definitely use you again in the future and I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone that is looking at having their Nikon F or F2 serviced or repaired. 10 July 2015”

Robert Roff, Westfield, United States: "Camera arrived safe and sound. Looks great! 9 July 2015”

Mike Hahn, Bastrop, United States : "Beautiful job. Once again many thanks from a satisfied customer. As we say in Texas, Vaya con Dios. 8 July 2015”

Wayne Fenior, Lake Mary, United States : "Everything in perfect condition. Thanks for the great work! 3 July 2015” Web site

Des Kennedy, Hove, United Kingdom : "It looks and feels beautiful. 2 July 2015”

Mike Kontzle, Crewe, United Kingdom : "Fabulous!! Thank you so much for all the work you've done. 26 June 2015”

Rajeev Daniel, Bolton, United Kingdom : "Thank you for an excellent workmanship. 22 June 2015”

Rob Straube, Nieuwegein, Netherlands : "Its nice and very good. 11 June 2015 (repeat customer)”

Michael Foo, Edmonton, Canada : "Thank you so much for the professional service. Will have you service my other F2. Thank you again. 10 June 2015”

Tom Dahmen, Aachen, Germany : "Thank you very much! The exposure meter works perfect, and everything is much smoother now. I found it very nice having photos about works progress and communication with you. 3 June 2015”

Warwick Chapman, Doncaster, United Kingdom : "Lovely job thank you very much. 23 May 2015”

Michael Steiler, Mechernich-Kommern, Germany : "Thanks for the great service! 22 May 2015”

Rob Straube, Nieuwegein, Netherlands : "I am very happy with mine serviced and Modified DP-12. 19 May 2015 (repeat customer)”

Gotz Kaster, Erkrath, Germany : "Everything was fine, thanks for the work. 17 May 2015”

Rob Straube, Nieuwegein, Netherlands : "Many thanks for the very fine good job on my F2. 9 May 2015”

Gary Lord, Stockport, United Kingdom : "Very pleased with it. 8 May 2015”

Dave Anderson, Buda, United States : "Thanks again for all your work to bring the F2 and finder back to life. 7 May 2015”

Damien Kunik, Lausanne, Switzerland : "Several months ago, you CLA'ed two Nikon F2 that I sent you. I am thrilled to use the two bodies daily and they work perfectly. I can't stress enough how much I am pleased with your work. 2 May 2015”

Brane Cop, Ljubljana, Slovenia: "I am blown away with the fabulous job you did. You have done everything you promised and more. Thank You so much. 17 April 2015”

Tony O'Brien, Rainham, United Kingdom : "Top service again. 14 April 2015 (repeat customer)”

Frank Lamb, Tarrytown, United States : "Thank you once again for the great work. 6 April 2015 (repeat customer)” Web site

Dan Hoffman, Palmyra, United States : "Everything works very smoothly. Also the inside of this camera is immaculately clean. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for a quality job. 1 April 2015”

Markus Pohjola, Helsinki, Finland : "Thank you for both the excellent service and communication, the level of service you provide truly is the highest I have ever come across in this industry. I'll be sure to contact you again whenever my F2's need servicing and I'll be sure to point anyone asking your way. 1 April 2015”

Jose Hernandez, Miami, United States : "I am very happy with the resulting camera and with the excellent documentation. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. 29 March 2015”

Simon Difazio, Frome, United Kingdom : " Thanks so much for the work you did to my old F2. It feels great now! 23 March 2015 (repeat customer)”

Markus Schulte, Neufahrn, Germany: "Everything looks really fine. Thank you for your really skilled work. 17 March 2015”

Stephan Brather, Blankenfelde, Germany : "Thank you very much for your wonderful job! 10 March 2015”

Tanaka Daimi, Suehiro, Japan : "Thank you Sover, I researched you for long time. Quick response and deep advise for my order was very helpful. I will order overhaul my bodies for next time. And, I introduce your name to my F2 friends. 5 March 2015”

Andrew Peverini, Tennessee, United States : "Everything looks and feels great! Thanks so much for fixing it! 27 February 2015”

Bradley Berman, New Jersey, United States : "Looks and feels great, thanks! 11 February 2015”

Erwin Kindangen, Jakarta, Indonesia : "I've got the camera back in excellent condition. Thank you so much for fixing it up. 4 February 2015”

William Kuimelis, San Anselmo, United States : "Thanks for your careful attention to them. It was a pleasure doing business with you. 31 January 2015”

Andrew Bearman, Berkeley, United States : "The camera looks good. Thanks again for your work! 20 January 2015”

Randall Hagadorn, Titusville, United States : "They look great! Such a relief to have these done, especially the DP-3. 27 December 2014”

Tony O'Brien, Rainham, United Kingdom : " I want to say how pleased I am and what an improvement you have made to the camera. It even sounds like new now. I also am amazed that there is no sign of it even being opened up and that is incredible for such an in depth service. 19 December 2014”

   Web site 2

Dean Vuksanovic, Tweed Heads West, Australia : " It looks fantastic mate. I have another F2AS given to me by the same person and the difference in the winding mechanism and clarity of finder between the two is so noticeable even my wife could tell. Thank you. 9 December 2014”

Ed Young, Omagh, United Kingdom : "Serviced F2 is fantastic. Camera 'action' now feels and sounds silky smooth, as good as, if not better than when it was new. A pleasure doing business with you. The courteous and thorough manner in which you conduct your business is very much appreciated. 9 December 2014”

Frank Lamb, Tarrytown, United States : "This is my second time using Sover and my comments can’t do justice to the high quality of his work and level of attention to detail you get. I highly recommend him to anyone needing work on their camera equipment. 8 December 2014 (repeat customer)” Web site

Mike Howson, Upper Caldecote, United Kingdom : "I am very pleased with it. An excellent job resulting in a camera that now feels the way it should. 4 December 2014”

Quentin Cope, Buckingham, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for taking my very tired and neglected ebay find and turning it into a fine camera. 26 November 2014”

Kevin Yates, Ashtead, United Kingdom : "Once again, many thanks for your expert service. 24 November 2014 (repeat customer)”

Rory Gibbons, Modesto, United States : "I am immensely pleased with the work you accomplished on my F2 and respect "craftsmanship." 16 November 2014”

Rinaldo Alvisi, Trani, Italy : "Wonderful job, always wonderful job. 7 November 2014 (repeat customer)”

Arthur Norris, Bristol, United Kingdom : "Fantastic service from initial contact, your reputation is richly deserved and I can only say that anyone who hasn’t experienced your service and workmanship has missed THE benchmark. 24 October 2014”

Lars Norgaards, Odder, Denmark : "Thank You for an outstanding job. 23 October 2014 (repeat customer)”

Lars Norgaards, Odder, Denmark : "Thank You for an outstanding job. 22 October 2014”

Neil Jeffries, Solihull, United Kingdom : "I am very pleased with your work. 22 October 2014”

Rinaldo Alvisi, Trani, Italy : "Wonderful job! After you have put your hands on, it looks like new. It's practically new. 22 October 2014”

Dr Peter Dear, Harrogate, United Kingdom : "I am extremely pleased with the way in which you have serviced my 2 F2s. They feel new. 16 October 2014”

Ivan Gunawan, Jakarta, Indonesia : "Thank you for doing a fine work on it. 15 October 2014”

Alexandre Herail, Nancy, France : "Wow, very beautiful job ! Many thanks for the "resurrection" of my F2 ! I'm very very happy! 13 October 2014”

Bosko Radulovic, Belgrade, Serbia : "It's very accurate and everything looks great. 1 October 2014”

Arthur McCulloch, Wingham, Australia : "Absolutely sweet. 23 September 2014”

Christopher Neely, Galgorm, United Kingdom : "Thank for your work. The F2A certainly looks a lot better than it did, and the earlier one looks very good indeed. 17 September 2014”

Ernst-Jan Frolich, Lelystad, Netherlands : "I am so pleased with the work You did. Everything is working smooth now. The viewfinder, I can see through, no dust. The diagram is showing crystal clear. I heard about your work. I had cameras repaired before, but never they came back like my F2A now. Thanks for taking care of it and bringing it all back to good life again. 13 September 2014”

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : "Well done Sover, it's so nice, I like it a lot, a real beauty. 8 September 2014 (repeat customer)”

Stefan Wesemann, Dresden, Germany : "It looks great, feels awesome, and is now my steady companion. Thank you very much. For nikorians, you're a living legend. 6 September 2014”

Justin Warsh, New York, United States : "Camera feels great! Thanks so much for everything! 3 September 2014”

Joseph Walker, Biddenham, United Kingdom : "It looks beautiful and I will now appreciate it equally as much as what I considered to be the better F2. 2 September 2014 (repeat customer)”

Pieter Ouddeken, Vaals, The Netherlands : "Thanks for your care and detailed information, to own a Nikon F2 camera 40 years of age in this condition is really something special. 1 September 2014”

Serge Barvaux, Liege, Belgium : "Congratulation for your excellent job and expertise. Many thanks again for your work and nice cooperation. 31 August 2014”

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : "The camera is a beauty! It just made me smile, perfect job Sover, thank you, I'm very happy. 21 August 2014 (repeat customer)”

Michael Schafer, Bingen am Rhein, Germany : "Thanks a lot again for your superb work. From previous experience I knew I what could expect, but this time you impressed me even more. I cannot appreciate enough the unique services you offer at a more than reasonable price. 19 August 2014 (repeat customer)”

Joseph Walker, Biddenham, United Kingdom : "Your a total legend mate! 15 August 2014”

Wesley Carroll, Denham Springs, United States : "You really did a great job with it! 5 August 2014”

Colin Turner, Sheerness, United Kingdom : "Your attention to detail is great which is why people like me can send a camera to you with complete confidence. I am most grateful for the work you have carried out I shall use your service again when the need arises. 5 August 2014 (repeat customer)”

Lars Norgaards, Odder, Denmark : "I am very satisfied with Your service. 26 July 2014”

Stacey Sawa, Mililani, United States : "It really looks terrific--thanks again for all your hard work! 22 July 2014”

Thomas Riederer, Greven, Germany : "Inside I found a beautiful F2A - thank you! 14 July 2014”

Helmut Fabry, Icking-Irschenhausen, Germany : "Thank you for the great work you did on my beloved F2, it feels like new. 14 July 2014”

Andrew Barker, Haslemere, United Kingdom : "It looks great, can't wait to give it a try. Many thanks, excellent service. 8 July 2014”

Stephan Brather, Blankenfelde, Germany : "The camera looks and feels really good! Thank you very much again! 28 June 2014”

Rex Horton, Gwent, United Kingdom : "The veiwfinder works beautifully, very smooth and steady, and everything seems very precise and spot on, some-how you have also cleaned up the outside casing to give it an almost new appearance. 30 May 2014”

Chris Livsey, Preston, United Kingdom : "Delighted with the result, I didn't know you could see through the viewfinder :-) Your work is appreciated. 30 May 2014”

Rami Barakat, London, United Kingdom : "It feels and handles a lot better than before. Thank you for your excellent service. 28 May 2014”

Robert Holloway, Essex, United Kingdom : "Thanks for rescuing my F Photomic t, now I know it's minty on the inside as well as outside, I've put a couple of rolls of film through it and it was impeccable, exposure spot on and not a dust mark anywhere. 27 May 2014 (repeat customer)”

Tim Rogers, Kent, United Kingdom : "I'm delighted, it looks, feels and no doubt performs like new. I'm really looking forward to shooting with it. 22 May 2014” Web site

Huss Hardan, Los Angeles, United States : "It is gorgeous, thank you so much for your work. I cannot recommend your services more highly. Initially I was hesitant to ship my camera overseas, but your turnaround was quicker than my local Los Angeles repair shops, it was cheaper than them and most importantly the quality of work was far superior. 20 May 2014” Web site

Celia Neustadt, Baltimore, United States : "Thank you for fixing my beloved camera! 19 May 2014”

Larry Voight, Rio, United States : "You've worked 2 cameras up for me now and I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks again for the fabulous work. 17 May 2014 (repeat customer)”

Bradley Keith, Burnaby, Canada : "Wow, I had the sensation of having a couple of new F2s in my hands! 7 May 2014”

Jeff Bidwell, Clevedon, United Kingdom : "Thank you for such an excellent repair job. Thanks also for keeping me up-to-date with progress at all stages, for the during-service photographs, and for the amazing turn-around rate and rapid postage. My F2 is now in great condition and functions like new. A million thanks. 2 May 2014 (repeat customer)”

Jeff Bidwell, Clevedon, United Kingdom : "You did a brilliant job on this, very many thanks. 23 April 2014”

Pete Riley, Cheltenham, United Kingdom : "A superb job, many thanks. Excellent service as always. 22 April 2014 (repeat customer)”

Robert Holloway, Essex, United Kingdom : "Thanks for doing a great job. 5 April 2014”

Stephen Tytko, Schenectady, United, States : "Thank you for your expert help and wonderful customer service. I am very happy with your services and would recommend you to anyone else. Your communication was prompt and clear, and your documentation of the camera's condition and work performed was excellent. It was a pleasure doing business with you. 31 March 2014”

William Stewart, Texas, United, States : "It works great, see youtube part I youtube part II 29 March 2014”

“Update : I sent my F2AS to you about 3 years ago. It's still working perfect! I've had 3 other cameras repaired by other shops and I was not happy with the work-meter not accurate, bad job on light seals, camera still had problems. But the F2 I sent to you has been perfect since I got it back from you. Thanks again for the great service. 9 July 2016”

Jonas Wyss, Schenkon, Switzerland : "Thank you very much for your brilliant work!!! 22 March 2014”

Max Lauf, Warren, United States : "Thank you for the excellent work you did on the camera. Not only is the winding completely fixed, but the camera's operation is much smoother than before the problem developed. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know with an F2 in need of service. 16 March 2014”

Ernst-Martin Haupt, Bad Salzuflen, Germany : "It's just like new, really wonderful, excellent work, great communication and I am very, very happy. 12 March 2014”

Colin Turner, Sheerness, United Kingdom : "Thank you so much for excellent service, I shall come to you for all future needs and will of course tell my friends. 11 March 2014”

Gavin Frankel, Dublin, Ireland : "Thanks again for the great work and quick turnaround! 10 March 2014 (repeat customer)" Web site

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : "I'm happy to have all my cameras now repaired/rebuilt/refurbished, it's a very comforting feeling to know that I can look forward now, without having to worry about unreliable equipment. 7 March 2014 (repeat customer)”

Frank M.M. van Hattum, PE Voorthuizen, Netherlands : "Thank you very much for what you did. The F2AS looks marvelous and works like new. 1 March 2014”

John Laughlin, Duvall, United States : "It truly is like Christmas all over again, opening the box and finding a camera that works perfectly inside. 25 February 2014”

Dirk Schrodter, Immenhausen, Germany : "Many thanks to you, you did a perfect Job. 17 February 2014”

Frank M.M. van Hattum, PE Voorthuizen, Netherlands : "It looks and feels like new. Thanks for a job very well done. 8 February 2014”

Robert T. Miles Jr., New York, United States : "Can't thank you enough. The MD sounds like it did years ago, smooth and fast! 4 February 2014”

Steve Johnston, Kansas, United States : "Still looks just as brassed up and worn out as before. Except now it really works well. A real sleeper. Thanks Sover. 1 February 2014”

Michael Oettli, Zürich, Switzerland : "It looks and feels great! Thanks a lot for your extraordinary support. 27 January 2014”

Peter Hjortzberg-Nordlund, Solna, Sweden : "Thank you for a good job as usually. 19 January 2014 (repeat customer)”

Yann Dumont, Leipzig, Germany : "Really happy. Thank you very much for your excellent service. 31 December 2013"

Gavin Frankel, Dublin, Ireland : "Thank you so much, perfect as usual! 24 December 2013 (repeat customer)" Web site

Simon Difazio, Frome, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for a fantastic job on the DP-3! It's a joy to look through and shoot with now. Just wonderful. 24 December 2013 (repeat customer)”

Thierry Ravassod, Meyzieu, France : "Thanks for your (usual…) great job. You are right ... 'serviced' F2 has definitely a different sound. HAPPY CUSTOMER !!! 21 December 2013”

Thomas Cooper, London, United Kingdom : "My Nikon F2AS has arrived back looking and sounding great. Thanks again for your attention to detail and great care. That 'bright led' mod is fantastic. I'd never even bothered to use that function before as it was next to useless except on very dark nights! 18 December 2013”

Borut Kodric, Trieste, Italy : "The camera body and the DP-1 are in great condition - the body back opening an closing is smooth, firing the shutter sounds fine at all times, advance lever movements are smooth too, optical parts bright clean, no external signs of your opening and servicing the body and dismantling and rebuilding the DP-1. I must conclude the camera has been perfectly serviced and you've done an excellent work. 16 December 2013”

Anthony Curd, Penzance, United Kingdom : "I must say it looks like a new camera!!!!!!! To say that I'm thrilled is a under statement. 12 November 2013”

Steven Ager, London, United Kingdom : "Thank you for your excellent service. 24 October 2013”

Gavin Frankel, Dublin, Ireland : "Sounds and looks wonderful. Thank you so much! 21 October 2013" Web site

Paul Hart, Preston, United Kingdom : "It all looks to be in great order, and I'm very grateful to you for all you have done. 4 October 2013”

Gerhard Pfister, Rodgau, Germany : "It is so nice knowing that everything works perfect, the shutter speeds are correct, the meter as well, although the camera is about 40 years old. Before I sent the camera to you for service, it was obvious that lubrication and calibration had gone, through use and years. But now, it works perfectly, it makes great fun to use it. Thank you for the perfect repair and service! 20 September 2013”

Jon Rogers, Romsley, United Kingdom : "I'm more than happy with it. Thank you. 17 September 2013”

Trygve Thorsen, Stjordal, Norway : "Thank you for your services. 13 September 2013 (repeat customer)”

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : "As someone said 'getting a camera back from you, is like unboxing a new camera!' - he's right ! I like the night light already, it will serve me well when I'm photographing churches. 8 September 2013 (repeat customer)”

John Smith, Bodega Bay, United States : "The next best thing to getting into a time machine, traveling back to the 1970s and buying a Nikon F2 new, is getting your serviced F2 back from Sover Wong! Looks like new! Smells like new! Sounds like new! Shoots like new! Thanks for doing such a great job on my F2 with all of the 6s! I am very pleased! 23 August 2013 (repeat customer)”

Dmitry Yaitskov, Ontario, Canada : "It looks and feels almost brand new. Thank you again for your amazing work! 23 August 2013”

Jan Elmenthaler, Itzehoe, Germany : "It is all gorgeous...fantastic... You are The best repairman in the whole World. 8 August 2013 (repeat customer)”

Dzintris Liepa, London, United Kingdom : "It looks better than when I handed it over to you. 6 August 2013”

Andrew Buglass, London, United Kingdom : "You have done a wonderful job - it looks like new! I hadn't realised how much difference your service would make cosmetically as well as to the workings of the camera. It's been a pleasure to deal with you - it is great to find someone who takes such pride in what they do! 29 July 2013”

Phil Leach, Wynnum, Australia : "Thank you for your thorough attention and care. After a service, my F2 looks, sounds and works like a new camera. 22 July 2013”

Jan Seifert, Sankt Augustin, Germany : "Once again, I'm very pleasured with your work; the DE-1 is like new! 17 July 2013 (repeat customer)”

Jeremy Pang, Honolulu, United States : "It looks and feels amazing! Thanks again! 10 July 2013”

Ruben Bensimon, Paris, France : "Camera feels real nice to handle again, and the meter is very good. I want to commend you on your fine work and attention to detail. Even the leatherette doesn't show any marks after being removed and put back. It's always difficult to get a well exposed picture outdoors here because of the powerful daylight, but I find the meter is right on, you did a good job. Thank you for everything. 9 July 2013”

Rolf Schmolling, Hamburg, Germany : "I am quite happy with my investment. Most of what has happened to my F2 in your care is internal, I cherish the most is the addition of night-lights which immediately improves the handling of the camera a lot. 2 July 2013”

Jorg Ehrsam, Eichstetten, Germany : "I can only say "Yes - that's it! All is well now!". The camera gives you the comforting feeling of having a tool you can fully rely on. Thank you Sover for your excellent service, I will contact you for more work soon. 30 June 2013”

Frank Lamb, Tarrytown, United States : "It works great! It is nice to have a fully functional F2SB now. Thank you so much for the prompt and very personalized service. 18 June 2013” Web site

John Smith, Bodega Bay, United States : "I am very pleased. If this is a Sover Wong "almost mint-" body, it is surely a MINT body anywhere else in the F2 universe! Looks flawless and sounds sublime! The lesson I have learned--forget buying the auction F2s. Save yourself time, money and frustration and just buy a serviced F2 from Sover! 18 June 2013 (repeat customer)”

Richard Kirschenbaum, Honolulu, United States : "I am very, very happy with the results! I know 99% of the work isn't visible, but the cameras look new, feel new and sound new. Thanks again for doing such a great job. 18 June 2013”

Jose Lopez Garcia, Quart de Poblet, Spain : "The camera looks fantastic now, you did a really fine work. 11 June 2013”

Larry Wallnau, Pittsford, United States : "You did a fantastic job. 10 June 2013 (repeat customer)”

Marius Ortiz, Barcelona, Spain : "I have no words to express the greatest job you did. My camera is completely restored and it seems to be new one. Thank you so much for your professional job. 10 June 2013”

Jerry Gleason, Dallastown, United States : "I have had two cameras repaired by other people in the past 3 or 4 years, and this one was the easiest to deal with, despite the fact that we are in separate countries. The time between when the camera was shipped and when it was returned was shorter, you kept me well informed on the status of repairs, you documented everything you did with both text and photographs, and you were a pleasure to deal with. I couldn't have been more pleased. 6 June 2013”

Stefan Donescu, Courbevoie, France : "Works and looks great, thank you very much for the service. 5 June 2013”

Jochen Hanne, Sonthofen, Germany : "Oh god - this camera looks and works so nice! And again - thanks a lot for your outstanding work and service! 5 June 2013”

Doug Gessey, Saskatchewan, Canada : "Everything looks great. Motor drive sounds perfect, and battery check works fine. I like the nice bright red L.E.D in the extra clean finder. Fantastic job. 1 June 2013”

Tony Bullock, Nottingham, United Kingdom : "Thanks again for your excellent service. 26 May 2013”

Jon Bond, Sheffield, United Kingdom : "It looks and works great. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you again for your professional attention and expertise. 24 May 2013”

Eric Keto, Austin, United States : "It is in perfect working order. Thanks again for all your work. 22 May 2013”

Nabi Khatibi, Oxford, United Kingdom : "Wow! It's fantastic. So much smoother and a meter that actually works! Following the mess you found inside, I'm really, really impressed with what you've managed to do. 16 May 2013”

David Lamb, New Zealand : "Thank you once again for a job very well done. 10 May 2013 (repeat customer)”

Larry Wallnau, Pittsford, United States : "Thank you for the superb job. I'm most pleased. Thanks again for the restoration, for advice, and for the wealth of information. 9 May 2013”

Andreas Thaler , Vienna, Austria : "Again I am more than happy with your service and work. Purchasing a F2 or a Photomic finder means to let them have serviced by Sover Wong. That's the only way if one is serious about collecting or working with Nikons best. 7 May 2013 (repeat customer)”

Kellee Bolden, Hagerstown, United States : "I want to thank you for your expertise, professionalism, and kindness. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I will be a repeat customer and have recommended your service to other F2 owners in my circle. As far a the F2 is concerned, your workmanship is absolutely world class, second to none! The F2, is now functioning as a new camera and looks great. The 3 integrated RED LEDs, with the push on/release off button modification looks and feels like it came from Nikon. Thank you very much for providing an excellent service! 27 April 2013”

Millard M Thomas, Whitefish Bay, United States : "I continue to marvel at your ability to perform major surgery without leaving even a vestigial scar! 16 April 2013 (repeat customer)”

John Smith, Bodega Bay, United States : "The F2 looked so much better than it did before I sent it to you, crisp, clean, shiny! I have always wanted to see what a professional foam seal installation job looked like--now I know! I love the night light modification! So much easier to use now! And I know you don't do many red LED installs, but I really love the red! It sounds like micro-surgery to do this modification--NICE JOB! Best of all, film advance lever looks great! Hot shoe looks great! And a quick run through of a few shutter speeds was so satisfying--the camera sounds utterly sublime! I know I sent you basically a box of parts. So much work to do. And the photo updates made me feel like I was part of the process. You are a genius! A true craftsman! Dare I say artist! 9 April 2013”

Stefan Kahlert , Taunusstein, Germany : "The work you did to my F2SB more than met my high expectations. After replacing the ring-resistor and your calibration of the DP-3 meter, this camera has the most precise meter of the several Nikons I own and is second only to my Gossen Profisix with its even wider range. I also like the brighter red LED in the finder a lot and think this is how it should have been right from the factory. The camera was in excellent shape when it arrived with all external parts clean and flawless and all details like reglueing the front covering of the prism - which was only slightly warped at the edges - taken care of. The camera was no question cosmetically better than it was when I send it to you. This is one of the rare occasions for me where the result of a repair in my personal view leaves nothing to be desired. I also appreciated your responsiveness to questions and how fast and predictably everything was done. 5 April 2013”

Pete Riley, Cheltenham, United Kingdom : "You've done a fantastic job, very much appreciated. Everything about my F2 now looks, feels and sounds better, it even smells like a new camera! All of that plus the pleasure of dealing with someone with such professionalism and attention to detail. 22 March 2013”

Christopher Yeung, Seattle, United States : "It's excellent! Feels just like new - maybe even better! 8 March 2013”

Kevin Yates, Ashtead, United Kingdom : "It feels amazing, just like the first one you overhauled. You are a wizard and we are the fortunate beneficiaries. 6 March 2013 (repeat customer)”

Winfried Goddecke, Brilon, Germany : "Your serviced F2 is in best performance. 2 March 2013”

Brian Yang, Leysin, Switzerland : "Excellent work. I never thought a camera this age could work so smooth and well. The LED mod is excellent and makes things a lot easier for me in low light situations. 2 March 2013”

Kevin Yates, Ashtead, United Kingdom : "It feels amazing in use, smooth easy wind on, the shutter 'sounds' better (even though it was accurate previously, it sounded laboured). All mechnanical functions are very smooth and the optics spotless and free of blemishes & haze. The DP2 finder now works through the whole range and matches my Sekonic handheld meter at low levels having been woefully inaccurate due to a failed cds cell. Sover has transformed this camera back to 'as-new'. 27 February 2013”

Paulo Botinas, Almancil, Portugal : "It looks and feels pretty much new. Thank you for your great service. 21 February 2013”

Alan Lymbery, Wagga Wagga, Australia : "The F2 has been half way around the world and back after a complete service in 18 days. Your product knowledge and professionalism is first class. I thank you very much for the job you have done. I am quite sure that the quality of your workmanship and the pride with which you carry it out is a bargain at the price. 19 February 2013”

Alvin Lim, Singapore : "Thanks so much for the excellent work. It has far exceeded my expectations. I have always wanted a brand new F2 and what you have done, to bring it up to specifications, is probably the closest I will ever come to owning a brand new F2. Thanks so much again! 17 February 2013”

John Neill, Chandlers Ford, United Kingdom : "It looks great! I cannot believe you turned the camera around in a week! 12 February 2013”

Michael Jensen, Flensburg, Germany : "Everything is working fine again. Thanks for that perfect service! 11 February 2013”

Cesar Martin, Madrid, Spain : "I was shooting with it yesterday and it is a great experience!! I has been a pleasure dealing with you!! Thanks a lot!! 5 February 2013”

Steve Shaw, Ilford, United Kingdom : "It looks and feels great. Thank you for the whole professional service and experience that you have provided. 1 February 2013”

Matthias Wendler, Sussen, Germany : "Thank you, for the work you have done. Everything looks perfect! 10 January 2013 (repeat customer)”

Jacques Brits, South Africa : "It looks better than I send it. Thanks so much! 8 January 2013 (Repeat Customer)”

Kevin Bielinski, New York, United States : "The pictures came out great. You did an excellent job ! 28 December 2012”

Robert Lai, Melrose Park, United States : "The drive looks beautiful! The entire setup works very sweetly! 13 December 2012”

Andreas Becker, Bofferdange, Luxembourg : "You've done good work, it is like new. 4 December 2012”

Jan Elmenthaler, Itzehoe, Germany : "You are not among the best you are the Best! 1 December 2012”

Jan Seifert, Sankt Augustin, Germany : "Once more, I'm very pleased with your work, your perfect service and outstanding communication. 14 November 2012 (repeat customer)”

Wolfgang Dalick, Berlin, Germany : "I am absolutely happy about your work. They looks like new cameras out of a shop. Thank you so much! 13 November 2012 (repeat customer)”

Vijay M. , Homburg, Germany : "Excellent service, documentation on work done and communication even for a layman like me. My F2AS feels and works as if new after being serviced. Good advice on what should be done or not. You get very good value for the money spent. Mr. Wong's dedication and quality are seldom in today's world and as such an absolute recommendation from my side if you need your F2 serviced or repaired. (Exzellenter Service, Dokumentation der durchgeführten Arbeit und zielgerichtete Kommunikation auch für einen Hobbyfotographen wie mich. Meine F2AS fühlt sich an und arbeitet wie neu. Sehr gute Beratung über was notwendig ist oder nicht. Preis-Leistungsverhältnis absolut in Ordnung. Die Hingabe zu seiner Arbeit und die abgelieferte Qualität sind in der heutigen Welt selten anzutreffen und daher meinerseits eine unbedingte Empfehlung wenn Sie an Ihrer F2 Reparatur oder Service benötigen.) 31 October 2012”

Francesco Corsi, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom : "All looks great - many thanks again for your sterling work. 23 October 2012 (repeat customer)”

Francesco Corsi, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom : "Fantastic! Many thanks for restoring my F2 (a better word than servicing, given the exceptional work you have done). 12 October 2012”

David Lamb, New Zealand : "Sover Wong must surely be the king of the classic F2 Nikon, who obviously cares about what he does and it really shows. I have nothing but the highest regard for the standard of his service and unhesitatingly recommend him. If you want the best for your F2 there is only one person to go to - Sover Wong. 6 October 2012”

Wolfgang Dalick, Berlin, Germany : "Your work is fantastic, I'm really happy !!! 19 September 2012”

Matthias Wendler, Sussen, Germany : "I appreciate your work very much! It is absolutely fantastic what you did. You have magic hands and genius knowledge. Thank you so much! 31 August 2012”

Jason Whitehead, Huddersfield, United Kingdom : "Fantastic job, and just as you said, better than when I sent it. Film wind feels a lot better and finder is spotless inside. It's a credit to you stripping it and assembling it without a mark. I couldn't recommend you enough, an absolute pleasure to deal with start to finish, and that is a very rare thing these days. 24 August 2012”

Per-Olof Tejbo, Harnosand, Sweden : "I am very pleased, Thank you. 20 August 2012”

Martin Barfield, Burlington, United States : "Your service is greatly appreciated and worth every penny. 18 August 2012 (repeat customer)”

Michael Dunning, Wirral, United Kingdom : "The camera looks excellent ! All of the operations are smooth and I am very pleased with your work. 17 August 2012”

Ben Porter, Exeter, United Kingdom : "Thanks for all your work, advice & help. The love & respect you have for these cameras really shows through in your work & the camera feels & looks so fresh. The inside of the camera front & back looks brand new & I really appreciate how methodically cleaned everything is & the quality of the foam seals. Thanks also for your advice regarding storage & service intervals & for the beautiful coin & the cd you included with the camera. 11 August 2012”

Patrice Ouellet, Quebec City, Canada : "Very happy!!!!!!!!!!!! My pleasure to add my name as a very satisfied customer. 8 August 2012”

Leslie Murdoch, Biggar, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the best service available at a very reasonable cost. 26 July 2012”

Nathan Richards, Merewether, Australia : "Everything works perfectly and it looks absolutely amazing. Took my first shots last night and everything felt great. Just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on restoring the camera and for all the help along the way! Amazing customer service and an amazing job done. 25 July 2012”

Martin Barfield, Burlington, United States : "Thank you for your excellent service. 19 July 2012”

David Jones, Kent, United Kingdom : "I would just like to take the opportunity to say how pleased I am to have found your website and made your aquaintence. The camera looks and feels great. The service that you provide is second to none, attention to detail (inclusive cd of work flow/repair manuals, etc.), great communication and workmanship, plus a wonderful website for enthusiasts and those who have an interest in vintage cameras is superb. 18 July 2012”

Ed Russell, Acton, Australia : "Looks and sounds great. 17 July 2012”

H.A.A. van Deventer, Khon Kaen, Thailand : "The F2 looks great and functions splendidly. 13 July 2012”

Michael Schafer, Bingen am Rhein, Germany : "Thanks again for your exceptional service and for sharing your knowledge. The cameras work superbly and the DP-12 aperture night light is simply great. 9 July 2012 (repeat customer)”

Dr. Pierre Dethier, Kapellen, Belgium : "The last 3 years I made an appeal to the service from Sover Wong. The first one he serviced my old F2A,"perfect" the second and third time I bought 2 of his second hand F2A bodys " perfect" they are as new, and work as new ones. I can only say that his work on F2's is incredible perfekt !! 6 July 2012”

Dr Stephen Fox, Arncliffe, Australia : "My first impression on using the F2SB that I bought from you is that it looks, feels and works like new. The viewfinder is bright and is unblemished by even the remotest speck of dust! Moreover, when I developed my first set of negatives, they had been perfectly exposed on taking. Many thanks again for your craftsmanship in maintaining the perfection of the Nikon F2. 27 June 2012”

Jos Lek, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands : "I am very pleased with the result, looking excellent !! It operates very smoothly, the shutter curtain is looking spotless. The finder now works great, the needle moving smoothly without interruptions or sudden jumps. 26 June 2012”

David Roach, Springville, United States : "I'm very pleased with the quality of your repair service. The photos highlighting the problems you found and fixed are just one of the hallmarks of your truly professional work. The F2 repair cd and the Yen coin are a nice added bonus. Sover, thanks again for a great job from start to finish. 28 May 2012”

Stephan Peters, Siegen, Germany : "Thank you very much for your superior work you have done on my camera. The communication with you was so well as I have rarely experienced. I wish there would be more people in the world like you...and life would be much easier. Thanks again for your marvelous job. I hope to do business with you again as soon as possible. 22 May 2012”

Jan Seifert, Sankt Augustin, Germany : "As always, I'm highly pleased with the great work you've done. 20 May 2012 (repeat customer)”

Petter Salvesen, Hundvag, Norway : "It looks and feels great! Works like a charm. Thanks for the good work! 12 May 2012”

Bernard Piercy, Liverpool, United Kingdom : "Thanks very much for a great job, the camera looks and feels superb, much smoother and tighter than when it left, also no more jumpy meter. 11 May 2012”

Michael Schafer, Bingen am Rhein, Germany : "Thank you very much for the great job you've done. The cameras and MDs work great, the difference your service makes is astonishing. Also, communicating with you has been a great pleasure. I could not be more content. 2 May 2012”

Scott Bull, Seymour, United States : "I have to say, I AM THRILLED! The "Beast" is back in action and works better than ever. The night light system you put in is great! 1 May 2012”

Robert Hooper, Honolulu, United States : "It looks and sound great. Thank you for your usual terrific service. 28 April 2012 (repeat customer)”

David McGovern Jr., Connecticut, United States : "It tested to work as new, and I'm very pleased with the fact that it doesn't look like it's ever been taken apart & put together again. 27 April 2012”

David Sterry, Brighton, United Kingdom : "Beautifully packed and all in good working order. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I was extremely impressed by your updates and informative emails. 26 April 2012”

Christian Groessler, Seefeld, Germany : "Great work! 18 April 2012 (repeat customer)”

Millard M Thomas, Wisconsin, United States : "It's no wonder you are revered far and wide! 17 April 2012 (repeat customer)”

Jan Seifert, Sankt Augustin, Germany : "Once more, you did a great job. 6 April 2012 (repeat customer)”

Gaetan de Ville, Nova Scotia, Canada : "Looks great and nice to see that meter working again. 27 March 2012”

Leland Mak, Jordan, Hong Kong : "Thanks again for your excellent job. 20 March 2012”

Pelle Bath, Askim, Sweden : "B E A U T I F U L ...! 19 March 2012”

Jan Seifert, Sankt Augustin, Germany : "It's like new; I'm totally happy! Thank you very much for your perfect service. 16 March 2012”

Alan Price, Stockport, United Kingdom : "Absolutely first class job! Camera feels like new. Many thanks. 8 March 2012”

Thomas Rolfs, Milwaukee, United States : "Thank you for the high quality of service. 8 March 2012”

Joakim Tarnell, Huddungeby, Sweden : "Thank you for all your work and very fast turnaround. 29 February 2012”

Frank Dabba Smith, Harrow, United Kingdom : "I am pleased with the F2 and screens that you sent me. The body is nicer in the flesh than in the emailed photos. 23 February 2012 (repeat customer)”

Chris Bowen, Newport, United Kingdom : "Thank you so much for all your efforts and for doing it so quickly 23 February 2012”

Frank Dabba Smith, Harrow, United Kingdom : "Thank you very much for the great service and efficient handling of my F2SB. It looks and feels much better than before. Sover is a highly skilled and genuinely helpful person who consistently responds very quickly and clearly to enquiries. 17 February 2012”

Ed Bertness, San Antonio, United States : "Everything looks and works great! Thanks for the great job! 15 February 2012”

Luke J Slater, Utah, United States : "It feels much smoother in operation, especially the advance lever. Thank you so much for your good work and for answering my questions. 1 February 2012”

Dr.Walter Schoettle, Neu-Ulm, Germany : "Handling, focusing is like new, silky smooth, a real charm. 31 January 2012 (repeat customer)”

Edward Street, Stapleford, United Kingdom : "It's in really great condition, practically as good as new. Thank you for all your work on it. 27 January 2012”

Webster Bailey, Port Huron, United States : "Looks great, and sound clean and crisp. Thanks very much for the prompt service and turn around time. I will highly recommend you for Nikon F2 service. 26 January 2012”

Regis Bodel, Maubeuge, France : "The work is very nice ! 15 January 2012”

Andreas Thaler , Vienna, Austria : "Unbeatable service worldwide for the F2 and Photomic finders. 13 January 2012 (repeat customer)”

Diego Pinetti, Modena, Italy : "Thanks for your kindness and care during all our dealing. 11 January 2012”

Jimi Axelsson, Linkoping, Sweden : "Excellent service and fast turnaround as usual! 5 January 2012 (repeat customer)”

Abhinash Jhalli, Birmingham, United Kingdom : "It (F eye meter) is pretty much bang on, and works brilliantly. Thanks. 10 December 2011”

Mark Hutchens, South Bend, United States : "It looks and feels great. Thank you again for all of your great work. 8 December 2011”

Jonathan Phillips, Quenington, United Kingdom : "It looks and feels great. Thanks very much for doing such a great job on it. 8 December 2011”

Kevin Evans, Birmingham, United Kingdom : "Arrived safely the next day - thanks for your great service! 5 December 2011”

Martin Trent, Stokesley, United Kingdom : "Once again, thanks ever so much for all you've done. I'm delighted to have gone through this process, and it's nice to think that I've got years ahead of trouble-free use with these cameras - thanks to you. It's been a pleasure dealing with you, and visitors to your site ought to know that. 3 December 2011 (repeat customer)”

Martin Trent, Stokesley, United Kingdom : "As usual, you've done a brilliant job. 25 November 2011 (repeat customer)”

Martin Trent, Stokesley, United Kingdom : "The serviced camera looks great - many thanks. 18 November 2011 (repeat customer)”

Klaus Oest, Copenhagen, Denmark : "Everything looks and feels fantastic I must say! Thank you very much for making my f2 as new again. 18 November 2011”

Nick Townell , Angus, United Kingdom : "I am delighted with your work! It certainly has benefited greatly by the service and repair. 15 November 2011”

Roderick Gordon, Fakenham, United Kingdom : "It all looks and feels wonderful. Thanks again great to have everything working so beautifully. 5 November 2011 (repeat customer)”

Alex Hurst , Waterfall, Ireland : "It looks, feels and sounds a different camera thanks to you working your magic. Many thanks. 1 November 2011”

Andreas Thaler , Vienna, Austria : "Perfect service for my F2 complemented with perfect customer care and exemplary communication. A great experience again! 31 October 2011 (repeat customer)”

Steven Barrett , Tulsa, United States : "Looks and feels great. Getting the dents repaired on the body and prism was an unexpected surprise. You did an excellent job 'removing' those!! 30 October 2011 (repeat customer)”

Reinhard Roede, Muenchen, Germany : "Many thanks for selling, servicing & delivering the DP-11 finder so quickly and perfectly. I'm very happy with the camera since and was very happy with your overall service. 27 October 2011”

Andreas Thaler , Vienna, Austria : "The feeling is great! Clean body, clean glass, smooth feeling when operating switches and levers, a healthy sound out of cam and motor drive ... Just like new born! I am absolutely satisfied and happy: THANK YOU! :-)) 13 October 2011”

Werner Bayerlein, Erlangen, Germany : "The nightlights are amazing and exactly what I was looking for. Glad I did not buy a DL-1 before; your nightlight modification is by far the better choice! Every F2 user should know about your excellent service! 11 October 2011”

Achim Vohl, Bochum, Germany : "You did a great job. You are not cheap, but what is even better: efficient. 11 October 2011”

Roderick Gordon, Fakenham, United Kingdom : "Sover serviced my favourite F2 with a DP-2 head, and also an MD-2 which I'd rather given up hope on when it malfunctioned years ago. As he stripped each item down, he sent me detailed forensic reports, including photographs - it's fascinating to peer at the guts inside each piece of kit, and rather like unraveling the history of neglect each of them must have endured. When the camera and motor drive arrived back after only a week, it wasn't only that they'd been given a new lease of life, but they felt and looked as they must have done when they first left the shop - everything operated crisply and cleanly. Sover was even able to polish out on a scratch on the DS coupler of the DP-2 so that the unit appeared brand new again. I really can't recommend Sover enough if you're thinking of having your beloved Nikon F2 or any related equipment overhauled - you'll be in the safest hands possible as his expertise and experience are unrivalled. 11 October 2011”

John Whitfield, Kent, United Kingdom : "Sover serviced my old F in lightning quick time and it now feels super smooth and a joy to use. Once again, simply the best for Nikon F and F2. 18 September 2011 (repeat customer)”

Steven Fischer, Lynnwood, United States : "The MN-1 batteries work great. My MB-1 has the actual battery meter and it checks out showing full charge and after some use reads a litter lower. 9 July 2011”

Christian Groessler, Wessling, Germany : "Very nice, thanks. 8 July 2011”

Fred MacKintosh, Amsterdam, The Netherlands : "Just as I wanted. It seems to be in perfect working condition. 6 July 2011”

Geoff Adolph, Fairfield, Australia : "Everything working fine. Many thanks. 6 June 2011”

James Hollings, Wellington, New Zealand : "I asked advice on problems with my Dp2 Photomic head. Sover was great - instead of trying to sell me a new one, he first got me to check whether it was a simple problem with the F2 body. Only once we had established it wasn't, did he recommend different options. He outlined clearly the advantages of each, without trying to steer me one way. We decided on a Dp3, of 8.5 quality rating, as the best fit. The goods arrived in New Zealand only about 1 week after my payment arrived, beautifully wrapped. It works beautifully, exactly as promised, and I am very pleased with it. I was also really pleased with his quick response to emails with questions about Nikons. 4 June 2011”

Kenneth Waters, Cardiff, United Kingdom : "Imaging the scenario. You have one or perhaps several F2's in your collection. You have one 'special one' that is minty and is your favourite. You have never had it serviced because you don't trust anyone messing around with it; i.e. "If it isn't bust, leave well alone". Then you notice that the foam seals are looking in need of replacement. The simple and cost effective method would be to buy a kit and replace them yourself. However, you decide that perhaps the best option is to send your camera to a professional for a 'CLA'. If this is what you decide, then there is probably only one person who can do this, a person that has the necessary expertise, knowledge and spare parts and this is Sover Wong. Mr Wong recommends a standard service which is far beyond a 'CLA'. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because a F2 is in a mint/excellent cosmetic condition that this will be reflected in the 'hidden' interior. As I have recently found out, external condition is no indicator of problems that may be lurking unknowingly with the internal mechanisms and electronics. I recently sent my minty F2S for a standard service to Mr Wong (my fourth F2 service) and the list of 'horrors' from shutter bounce, failed speeds, inaccurate Photomic Head readings, corroded contacts, etc. was extensive and rather frightening. Fortunately for me (and for the rest of you), Mr Wong can work his magic and return the F2 to you in "rebuilt and as new" condition. You can expect problems with a F2 that has a hard life but as I have found out, age is also an important factor even if has been well looked after. The moral of this story, if you have an F2 and you treasure it as a faithful companion, get Mr Wong to service it as it will repay you over and over again for years into the future, in the knowledge that you have and use a living classic. 4 June 2011 (repeat customer)”

Kurt Greenwood, Saskatoon, Canada : "It works great! Thanks for removing the dents. It looks much better. 20 May 2011 (repeat customer)”

Martin de la Nougerede, Dorking, United Kingdom : "Thank you very, very much, the camera is superb! 13 May 2011”

Kenneth Waters, Cardiff, United Kingdom : "As always, I am delighted with the service. It really feels smooth. 11 May 2011 (repeat customer)”

Brian Chan, Plano, United States : "Excellent shape. Everything looks good and thanks for your help again. 7 May 2011"

George Devins, Kansas, United States : "Excellent shape. It even 'feels' better. 6 May 2011" Web site

Paul Clements, Surrey, United Kingdom : "Thanks so much for looking after and servicing my Nikon' fantastic, thankyou!!!!! 28 April 2011 (repeat customer)”

Larry Voight, Minneapolis, United States : "I must say it looks quite nice and sounds excellent as well. 17 April 2011”

Robert Daniel, London, United Kingdom : "All the work you have done is very impressive. Everything is much more precise and positive. The night light is amazing. 1 April 2011”

Hart Ponder, Palm Desert, United States : "Thank you so much for all you have done. You are a true professional (repeat customer) 11 March 2011" Web site

Andy Bayer, Glyfada, Greece : "Your work is very good. My first F2, the 71 body is really like new and will certainly be my favourite F2 in future. 22 February 2011”

Peter Jann, San Mateo, United States : "They look great. Excellent work. 18 February 2011"

Wolfgang Gressmann, Celle, Germany : "Thank you once again for your excellent service. I am particularly happy with the installation of the new ring resistor. I am now looking forward to many happy years ahead with my F2s. 15 February 2011 (repeat customer)”

Pierre Dethier, Kapellen, Belgium : "I thank you very much for the perfect service !! 10 October 2011 (repeat customer)”

Joe B., London, United Kingdom : "Thanks for the work you did - the F2 / DP11 with nightlight fitted now makes a very good low light camera. It works like a dream. 14 February 2011 (repeat customer)”

Gordon Steele, Market Harborough, United Kingdom : "It certainly is a brilliant job, really looks like new. 8 February 2011"

Danny Biando, Carmichael, United States : "What a difference your attention has made. You are a true craftsman and a tremendous asset for anyone that owns a vintage Nikon. 2 February 2011"

Hart Ponder, Palm Desert, United States : "Mr. Wong's professionalism, working knowledge and service is unsurpassed in the Nikon camera restoration and repair world. Sover's patience in answering my questions and then email as needed for updates while he was working on my beloved F2 and motor really made for a first rate experience. 24 January 2011" Web site

Steven Vreede, Veenendaal, Netherlands : "I'm very impressed by the fast service you give to "my" Nikon F2. Your knowledge and skill confirm me the right decision to buy a Nikon F2 from you!! 14 January 2011”

Robert Willes, Australia : "I'm extremely pleased with the cameras and the quality of work - they look and feel so much better than I thought would be possible. 11 January 2011”

Robert Hooper, Honolulu, United States : "Your work and attention to detail, as usual, is extraordinary. 29 December 2010 (repeat customer)”

Suk-Jung Choo, Seoul, Korea : "Thank you so much for your good work. 22 December 2010 (repeat customer)”

Steven Fischer, Lynnwood, United States : "Thank you for the recent professional overhaul on my Nikon camera. 18 December 2010”

Geoff King, Weobley, United Kingdom : "Thank you again for your very professional help and guidance. 27 November 2010”

Alfred Kittel, Forest Lodge, Australia : "It's looking & feeling great. Your service/work has been outstanding. 23 November 2010”

Kurt Greenwood, Saskatoon, Canada : "It sounds really good. I will send you another camera after Christmas. 19 November 2010”

Stephan Boemer, Eupen, Belgium : "I am really impressed. The camera is as new and works flawlessly. 15 November 2010”

Kees Zwaans, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands : "It looks great. I am 100% satisfied. 22 October 2010”

Kenneth Waters, Cardiff, United Kingdom : "It is incredible how your service transforms the camera. 10 October 2010 (repeat customer)”

Bruno Baron, London, United Kingdom : "It looks great, and seems to work equally great. I am looking forward to take pictures now :) 5 October 2010”

Thomas Volk, Bad Schwalbach, Germany : "What a great feeling of perfect mechanics! MANY, MANY thanks. 23 September 2010”

Wade Spradley, Shlimar, United States : "It works like it was when brand new. Definitely a different camera than when I sent it to you. 29 August 2010”

Jean-Francois Ceas, Briancon, France : "WOW! It feels looks sounds like a perfect out of the box brand new camera! 19 August 2010”

Gerhard Pfister, Rodgau, Germany : "It looks almost like new, everything works very fine and smooth! Almost unbelievable for a nearly 50-year-old camera! 30 July 2010”

Philip Papas, Jackson Heights, United States : "They look great! I appreciate your professionalism in all this. 17 July 2010”

Paul E., Calgary, Canada : "Work of art. Just lovely!" 17 June 2010”

Alex Nemchenko, Birdsboro, United States : "Thanks for a wonderful repair and service experience." 29 May 2010”

Nick Assinder, London, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the excellent service again. 26 May 2010 (repeat customer)”

Brian Donaldson, Oceanside, United States : "Sover Wong is a competent Nikon technician who understands and grasps the knowledge of Nikon F2 series cameras better than anyone I have ever met. He is thorough in his work and his communications about what he is doing along with photos keeps you, the owner, in the loop. Sover will not perform any work that does not need to be done and will contact you before proceeding. 24 May 2010" Web site

Howard Lau, Sydney, Australia : "Efficient and thorough service, and very good communication. Extremely happy with the final result!" 19 May 2010”

Gordon Shieh, Richmond, Canada : "Thank you for the great work you've done Sover! 11 May 2010”

Wolfgang Gressmann, Celle, Germany : "Everything is perfect! Once again I am very satisfied with your services. Thank you for rescuing my DP-12! 10 May 2010 (repeat customer)”

Frank Pleil, Karlsruhe, Germany : "It looks much better than expected and works perfect. You did an excellent job!! 23 April 2010”

Lerwut Wongsarnpigoon, Winnetka, United States : "The camera looks and sounds great, almost like "new" 13 April 2010”

Jorit Aust, Vienna, Austria : "Beautiful !!!!! Thank you very much! 6 April 2010”

Joost Bakker, IJmuiden, The Netherlands : "Thanks for the good job on it. 1 April 2010”

Rob Harbour, London, United Kingdom : "It's fantastic, it feels almost new! Really pleased with it, thank you. 17 March 2010”

Eben Massari, San Diego, United States : "The motor drive fires like a charm. 16 March 2010”

Henry Horton, Hong Kong, China : "Over the years I have owned several F2s. I bought my first F2 Photomic in the early '80s and since then I have always regarded it as the finest camera I ever used. Bar none. And that includes Leica M. Due to personal circumstances I was obliged to sell most of my cameras around ten years ago but managed to hold on to this my last remaining F2. A few years ago I lent the camera to a relative who was taking a photography course. Last year it was returned and it was clearly not right. You have managed to restore it to superb silky smooth working condition. I've been especially impressed with the immediate response to all my Emails and the continuous detailed updates throughout the restoration process. A truly excellent service and one which I wholeheartedly recommend to every F2 user. 13 March 2010”

James Symington, London, United Kingdom : "It is fabulous - what a great job you have done. 5 March 2010”

Ruediger Merz, Densberg, Germany : "It looks and works great. Thank you very much. 27 February 2010”

John Melson, San Marcos, United States : "Thanks very much for a job well done. Camera looks and runs fine. 19 February 2010”

Lars Aamodt, Oslo, Norway: "It is a real beauty. Very satisfied with your service:-) 18 February 2010 (repeat customer)”

Martin Trent, Stokesley, United Kingdom : "Works beautifully, as I knew it would. Many thanks indeed. 28 January 2010 (repeat customer)”

Andrew Hughes, Bath, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for your work once again. 20 January 2010 (repeat customer)”

Francesco Falciani, Birmingham, United Kingdom : "Thanks for your great work. 20 January 2010”

Kevin Saggers, Norfolk, United Kingdom : "Very many thanks - as always - for your greatly appreciated assistance. 7 January 2010 (repeat customer)”

Adam Speck, Glasgow, United Kingdom : "I'm delighted with it. It looks a lot smarter, and the feel of every function is better - the wind on is so smooth and satisfying now! Everything functions perfectly. The level of service you offer is hard to find these days. 1 January 2010”

Robert Selders, Belton, United States : "The camera, meter and motor arrived in better shape than I sent it to you. With your expert servicing, I feel confident that this F2S will serve me well and accurately for many years. 27 December 2009”

John Whitfield, Leiderdorp, Nederlands : "Sover serviced another of my F2's yesterday. Received it today and it's sorted. Working as it should. Like I've said before, look no further if you want the job done properly. Thanks Sover. 24 December 2009 (repeat customer)”

Markus Shaw, Hong Kong, China : "Thank you for giving new life to this camera. 16 December 2009”

Derek Clarkson, Preston, United Kingdom : "Looks and feels great, Thanks. 11 December 2009 (Repeat customer)”

Derek Bray, Bookham, United Kingdom : "Thank you very much for your excellent service. Now I can think back to the time it was grinding and grating in my hands, and smile because I now have a lovely genuine camera! 9 December 2009”

John Whitfield, Leiderdorp, Nederlands : "Having bought 2 Nikon's previously serviced by Sover I decided to have my F2 done by him. A great service and a nice DP11 to go with it. Very patient with all my questions, kept up to date throughout the process. If your F2 needs a service look no further. Many thanks. 1 December 2009”

Wolfgang Gressmann, Celle, Germany : "Many thanks, I am very happy with it. 26 November 2009”

Martin Trent, Stokesley, United Kingdom : "Thanks so much for giving my old friend a new lease of life. 13 November 2009”

Lucio Garofalo, Persiceto, Italy : "It feels and looks new. 6 November 2008 (repeat customer)”

Millard M Thomas, Wisconsin, United States : "I can't thank you enough. 24 September 2009”

Helmut Zuerner, Dortmund, Germany : "Looks great. Many thanks once again. 3 September 2009”

Walter Grohe, Vienna, Austria : "I will recommend your service to other F2 owners, you were doing a great job. 1 September 2009”

James Baglien, Corvallis, United States : "As expected, the camera looks very good indeed. 27 August 2009”

Andrew Hughes, Bath, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for your work again. 12 August 2009 (repeat customer)”

David Lockwood, Oman : "THANK YOU for the work you did on my F2 - very please with the results. 3 August 2009”

Stanislav Kiet, Moscow, Russia : "Perfect work!!! Thank you very very very much!!! I am very happy!!! 1 August 2009”

Pier Paolo Squillante, Roeser, Luxembourg : "Everything works perfect now, many thanks. 26 June 2009”

Feliciano di Giorgio, London, United Kingdom : "Everything looks and feels great. Thank you very much for your meticulous work. 24 June 2009”

"FOLLOW-UP : I've put about 60 rolls through the F2 since I bought it from you and I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the camera. Nikon created a masterpiece with the F2 and your overhaul of the camera and my lenses has produced one of the best photographic tools I've ever had the pleasure of using. Thanks again, 25 August 2009”

Prachi Gauriar, Raleigh, United States : "It looks much better, and a cursory look suggests that the meter works fine. Thanks for your service. This whole process has been great! 11 June 2009”

Kevin Walker, Texas, United States : "It really feels good, very smooth. Again, Thank You for the service you provide to those of us that cannot let go of the past and continue to get enjoyment out of vintage equipment. Because of your efforts, many of these classic F2 cameras will continue to give great service for many years to come. 11 June 2009”

Michael Watkins, Upper Heyford, United Kingdom : "It's great thanks! 22 May 2009”

David Lingham, Cardiff, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for your recent service, my F2 is immaculate. 11 May 2009”

John Caradimas, Voula, Greece : "I am a very happy man, many thanks buddy, everything seems like you described it, the F2A works like I remember it should and the lenses are spotless. 4 May 2009" Web site

Jon Feltham, Whiteparish, United Kingdom : "What a fantastic job you have done. I defy anyone to find a better service than yours. 2 May 2009”

Henry Rancourt, Newington, United States : "Great job. The camera works like new and it looks exactly like I sent it plus a bit cleaner. The turnaround time was fast as was the delivery. 24 April 2009”

David Reid, Ohio, United States : "Look as good as new. 21 April 2009”

Tu Youjia, Shanghai, China : "Everything is ok. My camera really takes on a new look. Thank you again for your wonderful craftsmanship. 8 April 2009”

Joby Drummond, Alabama, United States : "In perfect condition. Good job and great service. 6 April 2009”

Jonathan Takeuchi, Tokyo, Japan : " I work for a large multi-national consulting corporation and my particular company is not cheap to hire but we Martin de la Nougerede, Dorking, United Kingdom : pride ourselves on our high levels of communication and willingness to go the extra mile. It's a tough sell to customers since they could easily hire one of our rivals at a much lower cost, but I personally think our expertise in our field makes us worth it. I think Sover's service is not unsimilar to the one that my company provides. I must admit, I was not enthaustic about paying so much to get my F2T serviced, but I'm glad I did and I'm glad I sent it to Sover. Here's why: his communication is outstandin/bg - no question is too stupid, no request is outrageous and relpies come very quickly. I wish I could write more about how good his repair job was, but honestly I'm not sure how my camera functioned before (I bought it off ebay and shipped it right off), but Sover's communication and expertise gives me the confidence that everything in the camera is working okay and now my F2T the camera that I pick up when I want to go shoot film. 6 April 2009”

Chris Li, Hong Kong, China : "Wow! The camera and the finder work like a charm and I must say that I am very impressed by your skills and professionalism. 3 April 2009 (Repeat Customer)”

Paul Clements, Surrey, United Kingdom : "It's just great! Thanks for all of your help on my F and F2. it's been an absolute pleasure! 25 March 2009 (repeat customer)”

Gabriel Gribbin, Stanmore, United Kingdom : "It's great to have it back in working order again, thank you. 19 March 2009”

Paul Clements, Surrey, United Kingdom : "I just want to say that you have done a grand job and that I am so impressed with your skill and workmanship! 18 March 2009”

Andreas Rau, Neustadt, Germany : "The camera seems to work like a charm. 18 March 2009”

Jan Eckstein, Titisee-Neustadt, Germany : "I am pleased about the condition the camera is in. 14 March 2009”

Woodge Hui, Suzhou, People's Republic of China : "Thank you for the service. It's really good. 27 February 2009”

Paul Kaszubski, Glasgow, United Kingdom : "Everything looks great. Thanks for a fine job. 1 8 February 2009”

Dibyendu Majumdar, Edgware, United Kingdom : "The F2A arrived safe and sound. I am loving it - thank you! 18 February 2009”

Joe B., London, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the work you did. Just as with the previous F2, everything works perfectly now and it feels, looks, sounds and smells great. Someohow you managed to make it look 15 years younger too! Cameras are just inanimate machines as we know, and do not have thoughts and feelings. But I could swear that it sending me a message, bleeping into my consciousness, saying "Thank you! Thank you!" 8 February 2009 (repeat customer)”

Eugene Gilson, Colorado Springs, United States : "It works beautifully and looks good, too. 3 February 2009”

Christoffer Odensten, Gammelstad, Sweden : "The camera works, looks and feels fantastic. 27 January 2009”

Robert Seiders, Fairbanks, United States : "All is well and the camera is performing as it should. I am pleased with your ability and service. 25 January 2009”

Kenneth Waters, Cardiff, United Kingdom : "It's 'silky' smooth in operation. Many thanks once again. 17 January 2009 (repeat customer)”

Suk-Jung Choo, Seoul, Korea : "It's working great, I am very happy with your work. 13 January 2009”

Andrew Hughes, Bath, United Kingdom : "It looks and sounds a lot better! Many thanks for doing another excellent job. 4 January 2009 (repeat customer)”

Werner Bayerlein, Erlangen, Germany : "I'm very glad that you provide excellent service for these superb cameras! 28 December 2008”

Paul Devereux, Manchester, United Kingdom : "The motordrive came this morning----fantastic -!, -thank you. I will certainly pass your name on to other F2 users. 9 December 2008”

Bob Smith, Toronto, Canada : "The camera is WONDERFUL! It feels like a new camera! 18 November 2008”

Nick Assinder, London, United Kingdom : "A fantastic job again, I'm delighted. 9 November 2008 (repeat customer)”

Dr.Walter Schoettle, Neu-Ulm, Germany : "Everything in perfect order. The whole transaction as smooth and reliable as last time. The finder looks great and the meter is working like it would be new. Thank you very much for your great service! 5 November 2008 (repeat customer)”

David Chong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : "I'm very happy with the F2. 29 October 2008”

Pierre Dethier, Kapellen, Belgium : "Everything seems o.k. Thanks. 10 October 2008”

Carmelo Corsaro, Grosseto, Italy : "A very good job !! I will talk very well about your work on every photography forum. 2 October 2008”

Andrew Hughes, Bath, United Kingdom : "They look fantastic. 21 September 2008”

Dr.Walter Schoettle, Neu-Ulm, Germany : "The body looks almost new and the handling is like new. A wonderful camera, the best service I’ve ever experienced , thank you very much! 9 September 2008 (repeat customer)”

Patrick Coenye, Koksijde, Belgium : "I'm very pleased with the work that you have done. It's a nice thing to see and hear the motor of my DS-12 running again. Also it's a relief to see the pointers of the light meters in the FTn finders move. The MD-3 is fully operational again. I'm happy with the results. 23 August 2008”

Pedro Silva, Surfside , United States : "I've been lusting for a F2 for quite some time, my teenager's dream, and in the research process, I found Sover's Website and spent a lot of time here. Hence my decision to have my camera serviced by Sover Wong precedes the camera itself. After finally acquiring my first F2, actually a F2A manufactured in 1977, I sent to Sover without shooting a single roll of film. What a pleasure! Sover kept me informed every step of the way through e-mail and I was amazed by the cameras history he was able to dig from its guts. When I got it back, very fast turn around by the way, I fed it with a roll of Ilford B&W film and the first click of the shutter almost made me cry. That beautifully engineered machine was back to its glory. These babies are pretty addictive and it's great to know there's a guy in this planet enthusiastically devoted to keep them shooting. Thanks Sover. 22 August 2008”

Ezio Bonsignore, Asbach, Germany : "Well received and everything is OK. Thanks again. 15 August 2008”

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "Your usual first class attention to every detail. 9 August 2008 (repeat customer)”

Trygve Thorsen, Stjordal, Norway : "Excellent work, good feedbacks on camera condition, faults and options, recommended for everyone using a F2. 8 August 2008”

Gilles Tocanne, Bordeaux, France : "You have saved my DP-12 damaged by French repairers because replacement parts were not available. The finder is now clear, a pleasure. 24 July 2008”

Christopher Tidy, Newport, United Kingdom : "The DP-2 viewfinder arrived safely today. I have fitted it to the camera and it's working perfectly. It matches the camera well and I'm very pleased with it. 23 July 2008 (repeat customer)”

Eduardo Pire, Terrassa, Spain : "Thanks a lot for your great work. Your service has no competition worldwide!! 17 July 2008 (repeat customer)”

Bryan Cholfin, Somerville, United States : "It looks good, can't wait to try it out. Thanks for all the work. 15 July 2008”

Dr.Walter Schoettle, Neu-Ulm, Germany : "I am extremely happy that you succeeded in restoring the body and DP-1 finder so well! 3 July 2008”

Piers Metcalfe, London, United Kingdom : "It feels so good, the wind on is completely different feeling. 26 June 2008”

Dr Jonathan Woolrych, Dunedin Otago, New Zealand : "Thank you again for excellent service. 26 June 2008 (repeat customer)”

Eduardo Pire, Terrassa, Spain : "This F2 is now new, the controls are smooth like butter, and everything works absolutely perfect. Thanks a lot for your first class service. Gracias amigo. 6 June 2008”

Jason Hughes, Hayling Island, United Kingdom : "Everything appears to be smooth and working well. Many thanks once again for such superb service. 28 May 2008 (repeat customer)”

Lucio Garofalo, Persiceto, Italy : "Feels like new. 27 May 2008 (repeat customer)”

Stefano Barbagelata, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy : "Thank you for the careful repairation. 19 May 2008”

Martin Putman, Bruges, Belgium : "Now he not only looks as new, he also works as new. Thank You for all your work and expertise. 19 May 2008”

Bill Davis, Georgia, United States : "It looks, sounds and feels great. 19 May 2008”

Joe B., London, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for my serviced and customised F2 and customised finder. This is like having a new F2. 7 May 2008 (repeat customer)”

Ian Watson, Whitby, Canada : "Christmas came early. I can't wait to take the camera out and about! 7 May 2008”

Joe Nicholas, Fredericksburg, United States : "Thank you for taking such good care of it. 10 April 2008”

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "You are the most thorough person I know in regard to servicing. 1 April 2008 (repeat customer)”

Fred Lusen, Coppell, United States : "It looks and feels great. 28 March 2008”

Ed Capizzi, Longmont, United States : "Thank you so much for the great experience. Your technical service of the camera was brilliant, and so was your customer service to me! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions during the repair process, the pictures you sent of the my camera during repair were a great help. The camera and meter work like a dream! Education, great service and a wonderfully working F2, what a deal! 22 March 2008”

Kenneth Murrell, Panama City, United States : "Simply outstanding!!!!! Thank you very much for putting the time and effort into this finder. 22 March 2008”

Lawrence Wacek, Washington, United States : "I'm very pleased with the results of your standard service. This is the second F2 that you've serviced for me, as well as repair of a DP-12, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to other F2 enthusiasts. Thanks for your conscientious and timely service. 21 March 2008 (repeat customer)”

Jiri Brezina, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic : "Thank you very much for very impressive work. 11 March 2008”

Andy Bayer, Glyfada, Greece : "You did a great job at my DP-1, working perfectly again. Thank you for everything. 4 March 2008”

John H Gibson, Alma, United States : "I like everything I see about my camera: I like its cleanliness; I like the way it handles and operates; I like your mirror and viewfinder modifications; and I especially like that you have given my old and faithful friend a new lease on life. Thank you for all of your fine professional work on my behalf. 27 February 2008”

Jim Gardner, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for the camera and the very efficient service. 23 February 2008 (repeat customer)”

Chad Boland, Gaithersburg, United States : "You did a fantastic job. 9 February 2008”

Jim Gardner, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom : "The work carried out, the service and the speed the work was done in are exactly what I was looking for. 30 January 2008”

Wolfgang Poepken, Oldenburg, Germany : "The film transport feels much better and the motordrive works good now. Thanks a lot!!!! 24 January 2008 (Repeat customer)”

Lucio Garofalo, Persiceto, Italy : "The work you provide goes well beyond the highest level of competence and technical perfection. In a world the calls for rushed jobs, approximation and superficiality, your craftsmanship and kindness shows that passion, still counts. Thank you again. 16 January 2008”

David White, Yellowknife, Canada : "Great work!!. Very pleased. 2 January 2008”

Alfonso Gorostiza, Vizcaya, Spain : "I'm not able to express what I feel. I can only say thank you, thank you and thank you for the wonderful work you have done on my camera and for being there. 26 December 2007”

Vern Hoffert, Pilot Butte, Canada : "You are awesome in your service. 17 November 2007”

Tim Campbell, Seattle, United States : "It's beautiful! You did an outstanding job! It definitely 'feels' much more responsive. I am very pleased. 15 November 2007”

Franklin Mead, Rio Linda, United States : "I sincerely thank you for the truly first rate service. 6 November 2007”

Richard Collar-Brock, London, United Kingdom : "Brilliant well done, you are the king of F2's. 2 November 2007”

Scott Paris, Michigan, United States : "It looks and sounds beautiful. Thanks you so much for your work. 31 October 2007”

Chris Burgess, Michigan, United States : "I wouldn't let anyone else touch my F2, unless I had no alternative 28 October 2007”

Wolfgang Poepken, Oldenburg, Germany : "Have a big "Dankescheon" for your job! I will tell everybody from you who's got a F2-problem. 26 October 2007”

Chris de Nieuwe, Naarden, Holland : "I am indeed extremely satisfied!! The two F2 cameras have been made like new and the F equipment was fixed. Thanks again for the good service. 25 October 2007”

David Oliver, Regina, Canada : "Thank you for the care and professionalism shown when you serviced my camera. Your prompt updates during the repair process were appreciated and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Bravo! 13 October 2007”

Jason Hughes, Hayling Island, United Kingdom : "Thanks once again for such superb all-round service. 12 October 2007”

Peter Dean, Northolt, United Kingdom : "The F2AS is just like new, and the latched nightlight is just what I wanted. I only wish that I had had it from when I first bought the F2AS. Thank you for your support of F2 owners everywhere. 11 October 2007”

Robert Segal, New York, United States : "The camera looks wonderful. I am pleased by and grateful for your work on the camera. 10 October 2007”

Bill Smith, Kyunggi-do, Korea : "I'm a very satisfied customer. 4 October 2007”

Derek Clarkson, Preston, United Kingdom : "Looks and feels fantastic! 27 September 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Derek Clarkson, Preston, United Kingdom : "Looking and working fine. Thanks for the excellent service. 21 September 2007”

Jeffrey Gilbert, Foothill Ranch, United States : "Everything is very smooth. Mirror up mod is great. Thanks for the great work. 19 September 2007”

Michel Cekleov, Mountain View, United States : "Thank you so much for taking care of it. I will recommend your services to all my photographer friends. 10 September 2007”

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "Terrific work as always. 5 September 2007 (repeat customer)”

Simon Difazio, Frome, United Kingdom : "Thanks for a great job! The DP12 is working fantastically! 4 September 2007”

Terrence Murphy, West Topsham , United States : "I am impressed with your ability and the professionalism with which you approach your work. My hat is off to you and I greatly appreciate what you have done for my camera. 27 August 2007”

Kin Nam Leung, Hong Kong, China : "The modified MD-2 set definitely looks great, mighty and handsome! 25 August 2007”

Chris Williams, Denver, United States : "Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with your work. Thanks again for the spectacular work! 17 August 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Hermann Steiner, Kuenzelsau-Ohrenback, Germany : "Thank you so much for your help. A really happy Hermann wishes all the best to you!! 11 August 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Dennis Benekos, Huntley, United States: "Really nice job. The fstop light is really nice. I just can't say enough SUPERB job. 7 August 2007”

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "Your usual brilliant work! I love your attention to detail! 6 August 2007 (repeat customer)”

Joe B., London, United Kingdom : "It's very nice! It looks beautiful and works perfectly (of course). 29 July 2007”

Christopher Tidy, Newport, United Kingdom : "I'm thrilled with it. It's a lovely camera to use and it's in great condition. When I looked at your breakdown of the bill, I paid the same for the actual camera as I did for the one I bought from XXXXXX, and it's in better condition so I'm very pleased. 25 July 2007”

Peter Hardman, Kings Somborne, United Kingdom : "The body is much better now. 10 July 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Nick Assinder, London, United Kingdom : "I am delighted. They work, feel and look as close to new as is possible. The older one in particular looks and works virtually like new. The later F2A which was quite knocked about and had been repaired badly before now looks and works great and the meter is working properly at last. You offer a fabulous service which I would recommend to anyone with F2s. Great communication, lightning fast (all done in five days) and lots of useful information about the cameras, prisms etc. 7 July 2007 “

Clyde Smith, Duarte, United States : "They both look great. Thanks for the timely service. 3 July 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Patrick Raddatz, Frankfurt, Germany : "I've been using my F2 every day now, being happy it works as advertised. Runs like a clockwork, never a glitch. I would like to thank you for doing what only rarely happens today: good value for money. Thanks so much you care, it really shows you take the F2 and their owners serious! 14 June 2007”

Clyde Smith, Duarte, United States : "I can't put to words, or we would be here all night, what an incredible job you did to make them better then new. 31 May 2007”

John Middlebrook, Missoula, United States : "You are a craftsman in the truest sense and your great communications give one confidence in your work. 21 May 2007”

Peter Hardman, Kings Somborne, United Kingdom : "I can't believe how much smoother it is! 19 May 2007”

Des Hill, London, United Kingdom : "A note to say how very enjoyable it is to use (even better than before). The cd that you provide gives me great confidence in knowing the extent of your excellent service, and that the work has been done I have been sceptical of other camera repairers, in the past. 15 May 2007”

Valerian Freyberg, London, United Kingdom : "It looks excellent ... a very satisfied customer. 21 April 2007”

Fan Xiao, Okemos, United States : "The camera is received in great condition. The film advance lever is so smooth. I'll recommend you to everyone who wants to have F2 CLA'd. 17 April 2007”

Johannes Bonse, Brussels, Belgium : "I really like the modifications! It is as Nikon should have made the DP-12. 2 April 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Arthur Burns, Livingston, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for a truly professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to F2 owners. 30 March 2007”

John Burgess, Saunderstown, United States : "It looks and works great. 23 March 2007”

Chris Li, Hong Kong, China : "Thanks for the great modification service. Your craftsmanship is really top notch. 23 March 2007 (Repeat Customer)”

Richard Wright, New York, United States : "Looks great, seems to work fine, thank you. 22 March 2007”

Julian Mingus, Kennebunk, United States : "The camera looks and sounds good. I'm pleased to have found you on the net. Thanks for excellent service. 21 March 2007”

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "Your usual first class job. Thank you for the detailed report. 20 March 2007 (repeat customer)”

Peter Alberici, Turnersville, United States : "I would unconditionally recommend you for Nikon F2 service. You seem to have a thorough knowledge of what you do and display a great pride in performance. 17 March 2007”

Menno Graaf, Eerbeek, The Netherlands : "It feels very good and your service has very much improved the handling of the camera. Thanks for the very fast service and turn around. It was a pleasure doing business with you. 5 March 2007”

Hermann Steiner, Kuenzelsau-Ohrenback, Germany : "It was excellent! The sound of the mirror, the different times really noticeable and the exact following of the exposure-meter needle at every changing light. You are a great magician. All what you told to me happened. I'm so glad to find one of the rarest idealists. Please understand my enthusiasm but during the last 20 years it seemed that these category died out. Once more my best thanks to you and may you keep your enthusiasm to the F2 cameras. 1 March 2007”

Moshe Pulik, Wahroonga, Australia : "Thank you for your prompt, professional service. 23 February 2007”

Kin Nam Leung, Hong Kong, China : "I love the perfect feeling of the shutter-mirror operations - smooth and snap! Thank you very much for your excellent service! 23 February 2007”

Dr Jonathan Woolrych, Dunedin Otago, New Zealand : "Camera sounds perfect. I am impressed by smooth feel it has now. I would highly recommend your skills to anyone in need of getting an F2 repaired. 22 February 2007”

Damian Smith, Cheltenham, United Kingdom : "Many thanks for doing the work. 14 February 2007”

Jeffrey Steinberg, New York, United States : "The F2s feel really nice and the night-light modification is great. 12 February 2007”

Bertil Brandin, Trelleborg, Sweden : "it looks and feels very good. Thank you Sover for a beatiful pro-job. 12 February 2007”

Larry Maxwell, Red Wing, United States : "Camera arrived today in great shape. 8 February 2007 (Repeat customer)”

Jim Susans, Oxford, United Kingdom : "You took an old F2, Motor Drive and DP-1 and made them like new, I was going to go digital until I found your site, But thanks to you I can keep going for many more years. A true craftsman I can't thank you enough. 3 February 2007”

Bob Fowler, Middletown, United States : "The DP-11 nightlight and MB-1 front release are FANTASTIC! Your careful attention to detail and superb craftsmanship is evident every time I press the shutter release. It's been said that the manual film wind of the F3 is the smoothest of any camera Nikon ever made, but I think those who state that never had the pleasure of using a camera to which you've applied your magic touch. 24 January 2007”

David Van Cleef, Tokyo, Japan : "The camera really looks gorgeous. 17 January 2007”

Jaume Cabot, Tarragona, Spain : "It is quite perfect. You are a real genius. The best mechanic of cameras that I know. 16 January 2007”

Glenn Rountree (, Covington, United States : "Wow! It feels so tight and new... it's hard to believe! Can't thank you enough for your care and expertise. What you do, and how you do it, is a rare thing in the world these days. I appreciate it very much. 11 January 2007 (This camera was storm damaged by hurricane Katrina)”

Jonathan Bellg, Eugene, United States : "I'm absolutely astounded. I'm extremely happy. 4 January 2007”

Ginny Stanford (, Sebastopol, United States : "The level of your service is truly amazing. I couldn't be more pleased. My 29 year old camera is new again, thanks to you. 28 December 2006”

Nuno Souto, Warriewood NSW, Australia : "Thanks a lot once again, for a job superbly done. The camera feels like new and the annoying "ping" in the mirror return is completely gone. 9 December 2006 (Repeat customer)”

Paul Flood, Ohio, United States : "Another great job and I really appreciate your honesty and the fine work you did in restoring my F2 cameras. Thank you for everything. 8 December 2006 (Repeat customer)”

Phil Burton, Palo Alto, United States : "Now that the work is all done, I wish to thank you for your excellent work and superb customer service. I had two F2 outfits serviced, each with a motor drive and Photomic meter. You fixed multiple "small problems" with each outfit. Aside from the repairs, I noticed that the film advance is smoother and easier than before. I love the LED that you installed in my DP-1 meter. It's like a "poor man's DP11." And I was frankly astounded both the meticulous repairs themselves and at the level of detail that you provided on the repairs necessary for each item, complete with excellent photos. I have never experienced this level off customer service from anyone - not an auto repair shop, not an appliance repair. It reminds me of my visits to my dentist, who shows me the xrays of my teeth when he discusses treatments. I only wish I had more F2 outfits that needed service! I will be pleased to serve as a reference for your outstanding work. 7 December 2006”

Jim Ostrowski, New York, United States : "Once again, another expert servicing, resulting in dependable, silky-smooth, quiet body mechanisms, and the finder of course is right on the money! Thanks to your expertise (and availability), my 10-year-old son, already somewhat skillful with the F2, will someday pass my F2's on to his children. I wish you continued success. Thanks again!! 5 December 2006 (Repeat customer)”

Tom O'Shea, New York, United States : "Everything looks great. 4 November 2006 (Repeat Customer)"

Jim Nietopski, Williamsville, United States : "I can't thank you enough. 1 November 2006"

Paul Flood, Ohio, United States : "Beautiful job, this camera is better than new. 30 October 2006”

Tom O'Shea, New York, United States : "It’s great, I really like the DP-12. 29 October 2006"

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "Thank you for your usual speedy service. 24 October 2006 (repeat customer)”

David Carlisle, Nedlands, Australia : "Great job! 21 October 2006”

Kevin Saggers, Norfolk, United Kingdom : "Very many thanks for your kind and very speedy assistance. It is good to know that there are still a few specialists - indeed craftsmen - who are still able to repair the older mechanical items in life. 17 October 2006”

Cliff Fujii, Henderson, United States : "I received my F2AS today in great shape. It's nice to see the MD-3 work again with the F2. 12 October 2006”

Dustin Shawnego, New York, United States : "Thanks again for a really good job! 2 October 2006”

Matthew Jones, Romford, United Kingdom : "You've done a fabulous job on what was a pretty rough specimen. 30 September 2006”

Gray Levett (, London, United Kingdom : "Thank you for very much for your exceptionally fast service to the faulty Nikon MD-2/MB-1 motor drive unit I sent to you a few days ago. Within two days I received a detailed estimate of the work required as well as images of the various parts of the dissembled unit that needed attention. This is in my long experience in the photographic industry a unique service. Furthermore, there is a cause for celebration in that you specialise exclusively in Nikon F2 which means these cameras and the F2 system can be serviced and thus be used for many years to come. I wish you continued success and would not hesitate to recommend your service to others. 30 September 2006”

Jost-Ingo Eichberger, Glienicke, Germany : "Looks great like new and is working 100%. Thanks again for your beautiful repair work! 28 September 2006”

Jacques Brits, Glastonbury, United Kingdom : "Thanks a million and hope to deal with you again. 22 September 2006 (Repeat Customer)”

L.J. Victory, Lavonia, United States : "I am very happy with the camera and the work you did. 21 September 2006”

Chris Li, Hong Kong, China : "It works perfectly and there is no trace of being opened for repair. Your work is really impressive. 25 August 2006 (Repeat Customer)”

Jacques Brits, Glastonbury, United Kingdom : "It's absolutely fabulous how clear you got it. Thanks a million. It was worth every penny!!! 24 August 2006 (Repeat Customer)”

Ahmed Nasir, West Drayton, United Kingdom : "Service beyond what I expected. Really happy with the condition. You have done a fantastic job! 24 August 2006 “

Mrs Mason, Victoria, Canada : "No damage and looks like new. Thank you again for the great service. 15 August 2006 (Repeat customer)"

Larry Maxwell, Red Wing, United States : "The F2AS performed flawlessly giving me fantastic looking slides. Thanks for the great job. 2 August 2006”

Mrs Mason, Victoria, Canada : "Thank you again for such loving care to my Nikon treasure. 27 July 2006”

Tom Harman, Rochester, United States : "Wow, cosmetically beautiful! Takes me back to 1972 when I bought it. I am totally impressed and pleased. Thank you so much. Excellent work!!!! 21 July 2006”

Jacques Brits, Glastonbury, United Kingdom : "Thank you for the great job you did on my prism. 14 July 2006”

Mark Wurfl, Santa Clara, United States : "The camera looks great, and it sure is nice to have the shutter respond so much better! I thank you again for your dedication to us F2 fanatics, and for the caring work you have done. 14 July 2006”

Tom O'Shea, New York, United States : "I received the drive and it works wonderfully. After this experience no one but you will touch my Nikon equipment. 13 July 2006”

Bill Tata, Baltimore, United States : "The repaired MD-2 Drive sounds better than my 2 mint condition (newer) MD-2s! Thanks again, for the great and quick service! I continue to spread the good word about your F2 business! 11 July 2006”

Kevin Bishop, Fairbanks, United States : "It felt silky smooth and wonderful back in my hands. Thanks again for the good service. I will continue to recommend you highly. 29 June 2006”

Helmut Knecht, Teningen, Germany : "Very good job! 31 May 2006”

Francisco Guerrero, Malaga, Spain : "Many, many thanks for your meticulous work. The camera looks fine, nice and pretty. I’ve taken a lot of pictures and I’m very happy with my first F2, not my first Nikon, of course. You are a real professional. I’m very content. 31 May 2006”

Jim Ostrowski, New York, United States : "The camera feels terrific, smooth, fine-tuned like brand new. Positively euphoric, once picked up, it is very difficult to put it away. Thanks again, and I wish you continued success. 16 May 2006”

Michael Baltasar, Yukon, United Kingdom : "I received the camera and I am pleased. 4 May 2006”

David Tolcher, Southampton, United Kingdom : "Sounds very sweet and nicely serviced. Many thanks for your excellent service, communications etc. It's so nice to deal with someone who clearly loves the product and wraps an above expected package around it. 1 May 2006”

Harold Burchards, Lacey, United States : "The F2A arrived today in beautiful shape. 29 April 2006”

Denis Popochock, Gig Harbor, United States : "My F2 arrived in perfect shape. Thank you for the great service job and fast turn around time. 25 April 2006”

Karolos Karnikis, Washington, United States : "If you ever need a reference, please let me know. Feel free to give prospective customers my email address if they have questions about the terrific service you provide. 20 April 2006 (Repeat customer)”

Lawrence Wacek, Seattle, United States : "I am very pleased with your service repair of the F2 body and DP-12 finder. Your workmanship and integrity were outstanding! I will not hesitate to recommend you to other F2 aficionados. 15 April 2006”

Karolos Karnikis, Washington, United States : "I am an avid Nikon user and collector, and there is exactly one person on this planet I trust with my F2s: Sover Wong. His expertise is quite simply unsurpassed. 13 April 2006 (Repeat customer)”

John Young, Oxford, United Kingdom : "It's great to have them back & working so well. 8 April 2006 (Repeat customer)”

Karolos Karnikis, Seattle, United States : "As always, many, many thanks for the wonderful work that you do! 3 April 2006 (Repeat customer)”

John Young, Oxford, United Kingdom : "The camera arrived & is great. 1 April 2006 “

Jimi Axelsson, Linkoping, Sweden : "So this is how a well-calibrated camera feels! Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you - if I ever need an F2 serviced again, I know where to send it! 24 March 2006”

Karolos Karnikis, Seattle, United States : "Many thanks--I will now shoot with confidence! 20 March 2006”

Sharon Redfern, Mariposa, United States : "It worked just like new. I also spot checked with an external meter and it was right on. Thank you so much for expertly fixing this sentimentally valuable item for me. I really appreciate your professional work. 11 March 2006”

Robert Sherman, Glenwood, United States : "Thanks so much for your excellent service. You can be certain that if the camera should ever need any further work, it will be returning to your workbench! A very satisfied client! 8 March 2006”

Kevin Jacques, Smyrna, United States : "It looks fantastic. You did a great job and it feels like a new camera. Very smooth and slick. You helped me to understand what this really is, not a collector's relic, but a thoroughly usable, superbly engineered camera. You didn't just fix my camera, you rekindled an appreciation for what I'm lucky to have once again. 3 March 2006”

Bryan Chadwick, Stalybridge, United Kingdom : "I think that your level of service, attention to detail, communication to your customers and VERY reasonable rates for such a skilled and specialised service are like a breath of fresh air nowadays. Once again, thanks a million. 26 February 2006”

Kenneth Shipman, Clayton, United States : "Both cameras surpassed my expectations. The mirror-up and night-light modifications are worth every penny and more. Both cameras operate as smoothly as the day they were born. You obviously love what you're doing - it shows in the results. Wonderful job, Sover. 14 February 2006”

Martin Grosweiner, New Brunswick, Canada : "Everything was perfect! Thank you for a job well done. 4 February 2006 (Repeat customer)”

Joe Walc, New York, United States : "Excellent modified night light DP-11. It's a gem and will make things easier in low light conditions with the ease of Aperature Indexing. Your projects make me appreciate my equipment more. Again thank you for all you've done and keep up the great work. 31 January 2006”

Jake Huxley, Isle of Man, United Kingdom : "Can't believe how good it feels now: heck it even smells new! 26 January 2006”

Joe Rector, Plattsburgh, United States : "They feel terrific--very smooth and positive and the meters match the F3 perfectly. Thank you. I bet they are as healthy as if I purchased them off the shelf in 1977. Thank you also for the CD and coins. I now have only one place to go with all my F2 questions, repairs and advice. 18 January 2006”

Nuno Souto, Warriewood NSW, Australia : "I'm searching for words to express how good it looks and feels! Looks absolutely amazing. And that leather cover for the two buttons really sets it apart. Great idea! 16 January 2006”

Martin Grosweiner, New Brunswick, Canada : "As a professional photographer since the early 70's I have had both of my Nikons and several other cameras repaired over the years. Sover, the quick service, care, and professionalism that you have shown is the best I have had in my career! 9 January 2006”

Jiang Shen, Ontario, Canada : "I fixed the MD-3 problem following your wonderful instructions. My MD-3 now functions well. Thanks a lot. I would recommend you and your great services to any F2 fan. 5 January 2006”

Erasmus Dong, Vancouver, Canada : "You are not a technician, but a master artist of the F2. The camera is beautiful. Everything seems that much smoother and the filmback doesn't get stuck at all. And the meter is nice and accurate now (benched it with my D70 meter). Thanks again! 3 January 2006”

Clayton Philbrook, Matinicus, United States : "Thanks for the fast service, will certainly highly recommend you to any other F2 owners I meet. 22 December 2005”

Frank Van De Bruaene, Couthuin, Belgium : "The camera does feel quite smooth ... Pretty multi-functional that LED (DP-12 integrated night light) thing! 20 December 2005”

Roberto Peveraro, West Lothian, Scotland : "Great piece of work, as always! 5 December 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Arve Folleso, Bergen, Norway : "The Camera and MDs are working Soft and nice. 2 December 2005”

Tim Otway, Kent, United Kingdom : "Thanks ever so much for the work you have done to my F2, it's like new again. I am very impressed with your attention to detail and professionalism, it's always been a bit of a worry getting things serviced in the past. I have no hesitation in recommending your service to any F2 owner and user. 27 November 2005”

Jeffrey Hollie, Ramona, United States : "The camera and motor drive Works GREAT! 18 November 2005”

Chris Durrant, Suffolk, United Kingdom : "It looks truly wonderful and handles as it looks. 25 October 2005”

Mike Johnson, Lancaster, United States : "Thank you for such a beautiful item. So far I have run six rolls of color with excellent results. Also I see the wisdom of your aperture L.E.D this works so well and is such a useful addition. Actually I now prefer using the F-2 over my F-3 models. If there is a downside to this camera it is that I will probably have to buy another, I enjoy it so much. 24 October 2005”

Paul Maenhout, Wingene, Belgium : "It looks, feels and sounds wonderful. 12 October 2005”

Konstantin Tsakonas, Strasbourg, France : "I am very happy with my F2A after you inundated it with TLC. It sounds and feels new! 10 October 2005”

Per-Anders Johansson, Spanga, Sweden : "I just opened the box with the camera. It's looks brand new. I must again commend you for an excellent service. 4 October 2005”

Chris Williams, Denver, United States : "I received my DP-3 Meter today and it works flawlessly. I came in with high expectations and I find myself being even more amazed! You sir, are a true gentleman and a master of your craft. 19 September 2005”

Gerard Mittaux, Castanet Tolosan, France : "You're right, I barely recognised it, cosmetically of course, but also in manipulating it. I wish I had someone as competent for my Nikon-FM. 17 September 2005”

David Shrimpton, Cornwall, United Kingdom : "Looks really good. 10 September 2005”

Craig Shearman, Ellicott City, United States : "Looks great, feels great. 3 September 2005”

Matt Fullick, Gutersloh, Germany : " When I opened up the back, it looks like it has never had a roll of film in it!!!! I am a very, very happy customer. Thank you very much for the outstanding service that you offer. 27 August 2005”

Gordon Pritchard, British Columbia, Canada : " I am elated with your MD-3 brass gear replacement! It "felt" right going on, it "feels" right shooting. 19 August 2005”

Johannes Bonse, Brussels, Belgium : "I thank you very much and appreciate your attention to details. Your service is really amazing! 19 August 2005”

James Shoemaker, Orlando, FL United States : "I must say that it looks, sounds and feels nearly new. 19 August 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Stefaan Kiebooms, San Diego, United States : "Thanks again for the overhaul on my father's F2. The camera now even works better than the camera I remember from my childhood. I was impressed with the professionalism of your service, and was totally blown away by the fact you were sending pictures of the repairs as you made progress. 8 August 2005”

Darrell Buirge, Burnsville, United States : "The MD-2 arrived today in fine shape, thanks again for the overhaul. I really appreciate the fast service and the care that you obviously take. The pictures are cool too! 2 August 2005”

Kenneth Waters, Cardiff, United Kingdom : "Firstly, I would like to endorse all the comments in Sover's customer references thread; this has also been my experience of his expertise, skill, dedication and integrity. I thought my F2 just needed a little fettling but Sover found several potentially damaging faults with my camera. Even if you think your F2 is performing well, I would still recommend Sover's service for the peace of mind it brings. 31 July 2005”

Dave Radnick, Washington, United States : "It feels and sounds better than any time since I have owned it. 29 July 2005”

Roberto Peveraro, West Lothian, Scotland : "Many thanks for your excellent work on the camera - again! It is really a very seldom thing these days to find someone who understands his craft so well and executes is exactly. The people at Nikon spent much time and ingenuity in designing and manufacturing wonderful cameras and it is thanks to people like you that they can be kept operating as well as when they left the factory. Many thanks again, and I'll let you know when the next camera is under way! 13 July 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Paul Pettitt, Shirley, United Kingdom : " I am most impressed with what you have done. Had I not have seen the pictures I would not have believed that it had been stripped down. I will return if I need service and will gladly recommend your services. 8 July 2005”

Victorico Perez Lugo, Madrid, Spain : "I can't thank you enough for all the good job you have done. The camera looks great and the cd is very useful. 7 July 2005”

Robert Orofino, Pasadena, United States : "I received my F2 today. It looks and feels great. DP1 gave me the same readings as my Gossen Digisix. Camera felt superb, the shutter & film advance are noticeably quieter. 10 June 2005”

Brent Cross, Bangor, United States : "The camera arrived today, it looks beautiful and I am very excited to give it a try. Thank you for your hard work. 8 June 2005”

Graham Saunders, Kent, United Kingdom : "It was a pleasure dealing with someone so honest and knowledgeable on all aspects of the F2. You kept me informed by email and phone of all stages of the service/restoration and returned to me my F2 working as good as new. Hopefully, the camera that was outwardly good looking but inwardly rather rusty until you took it apart, will now enjoy it's second lease of life and take pictures for another thirty years now that you have worked your magic on it. For anyone with an F2 then you are the only man to deal with. You are a real gentleman and the King of the F2! 3 June 2005”

Greg Hodge, Hong Kong, China : "I must say you do marvelous work and I appreciate your willingness to contribute your expertise to our F2 community. I am enjoying my 'new' old camera very much. 25 May 2005”

Robert Sadoff (NHS member), Ontario, Canada : "I just received my order for brass replacement wind and re-wind gears for my MD-2s from Sover Wong. In addition to the beautifully machined gears, I received a set of extremely detailed instructions, with high-quality photos showing how to dismantle the motor, replace the gears, and re-assemble the unit. Wow! With detailed instructions like these, a person could take out their own appendix! Smartly done Sover, and thank you. 19 May 2005”

Kiumars Kaffi (NHS member), Gaithersburg, United States : "I had sover redo mine MD-3 and overhaul my chrome F2. It was worth the extra shipping from US to UK, and it's wonderfull. 18 May 2005”

Ben Tan, Port Washington, United States : "I received gear, gave it to a friend to install, it works perfect. Should get another 20+ years out of the MD-3. If it weren't for ebay and people like you, I would have sent motor drive to camera repair who would have overcharged me and used a gear that eventually would have split again. 16 May 2005”

Peter Gregor, Newport-on-Tay, Scotland : "I have been absolutely delighted with the whole process. It's really good to know what is going on as the camera is renovated. I can fully understand why you concentrate solely on the F2. 11 May 2005”

Roberto Peveraro, West Lothian, Scotland : "The camera arrived this morning without problems: almost as good as new outside and probably better than new inside... Very many thanks for your excellent work! I appreciate also the CD with the manuals and the documentation on the work you did. 10 May 2005”

Deirdre Caffrey, Belfast, Northern Ireland : "Gear arrived & fitted. AW-1 running again & not overly noisy either considering it's brass. (meshes nicely) right clearance. Great job. 5 May 2005”

Claudio Boyks, Chicago, United States : "Nice work on the first. Second F2 came back fine! You are very talented. 2 May 2005”

Marian Ebrey, Bromsgrove, United Kingdom : "It really is lovely to see it all working again. Many thanks for such a prompt service, it is really appreciated. 26 April 2005”

Douglas Jakobsen, Royken, Norway : "The F2AS is beyond my expectations. It is much more smoother in handling, quieter, and snappy. The mirror has lost it's bounce, and the finder is great. Thank you. You've done a fantastic job! 18 April 2005”

Christiaan Phleger, Honolulu, United States : "I have returned to find the Most Excellent F2. It handles very well, nicely decisive shutter activation. 17 April 2005”

Andrew Kalman,, San Francisco, CA United States : "I got the MD-3 and it looks and works very nicely. 11 April 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Mark Allessi, Elgin, IL United States : "My beloved F2 Camera just arrived back from you servicing it. I wish to extend my appreciation for your professional craftsman like work and excellent communications showing me pictures of what you did. Your explanation of each issue and how you resolved it meant alot to me because I realize my camera was given the best service available. You come highly recommended and I can see why! 9 April 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Michal Hanuscak (Journalist), Bratislava, Slovakia: "Thank you for recent service of my titanium F2. 1 April 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Fons Rademakers, Thoiry, France: "I am a happy customer. The camera works like a charm. Many thanks. 10 March 2005”

Dale Sartain, Mountain View, CA United States: "I just got back the F2 that you repaired. Wow what a difference. Quiet and smooth. The way Nikon intended for it to work. Many thanks. 10 March 2005”

Nick Harman, London, United Kingdom: "I was lucky to find Sover on the web as I trawled for info on my beloved F2. He identified and rectified a major problem on my motor drive that was otherwise unfixable. All the repairers I had wasted my time on simply didn't want to be bothered with an 'old' camera. Sover also at the same time future proofed my motor drive by replacing the doomed nylon gears with his self-sourced brass ones. His foam kit has also made my F2 much quieter and smoother and I shall be sending the camera in to him for a full service as soon as I can spare it. His prices are more than fair for the attention to detail and quality of work. 9 March 2005”

Michal Hanuscak (Journalist), Bratislava, Slovakia: "I ran almost 50 films through the silver F2 you serviced (with motor attached) without problem. 25 February 2005 (Repeat customer)”

John Hunt, London, United Kingdom: "Many thanks again for a thoroughly professional transaction - restores my faith in human nature. 21 February 2005”

James Shoemaker, Orlando, FL United States : "The camera came today and looks and feels great. 19 February 2005 (Repeat customer)”

Mark Allessi, Elgin, IL United States : "My finder arrived today and it is very nice! I am very happy with it. 18 February 2005”

Pieter van Slooten, Urk, Holland : "I want to thank you very much for your work. I almost forgot how beautiful it was. 13 February 2005”

David Brown, Livingston, United Kingdom : "I'm (just) too young to have ever handled a "fresh from the factory" F2 - but I suspect it must have felt a bit like this! Many thanks for all your hard work. F2's being F2's it is unlikey that this one will ever need any more attention but if it ever does then I won't hesitate to trust it to your care. 11 February 2005”

Giovanni Santangelo, Airola, Italy : "I've no words, simply perfect. Thank for your courtesy. Thank for you professionality. Thank for your fastness. 11 February 2005”

Jurgen Kreckel, Saylorsburg, PA United States, Folding cameras repairer : "Mr. Wong's service on my Nikon F2 was simply beyond what could possibly be expected. Thoroughness of his concern and dedication to superior service is something that deserves admiration...and patronage. Super fast service... I got my camera back, complete with a CD documenting the work in less that 2 weeks!! 4 February 2005”

James Shoemaker, Orlando, FL United States : "It looks and sounds great. 18 January 2005”

Hugh Spence, Potton, United Kingdom : "The turn-around time was excellent and the communication was too. 13 January 2005”

Donivan Earhart, Clarksville, TN United States : "I have to say that it certainly looked like a new camera. 10 January 2005”

Alan Hurst, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom : "Brilliant service, fast and complete. 24 December 2004”

Ronaldo Aurelio, Hawaii, United States : "Just got the package, opened up, examined and is exactly as you promised. I'm really glad that I found you. I will take good care of this baby from now on. I'm sure I can enjoy this camera for many more years. Thanks again. 23 December 2004”

Tim Scott (, London, United Kingdom : "Thank you so much for your outstanding work & service - I'll spread the word! 22 December 2004”

Clive Lawrence, Colchester, United Kingdom : "You have done a really professional job. It is a real pleasure to deal with someone who not only is obviously expert at what he does but also clearly loves doing it. The manuals and the 1 yen piece are an added bonus! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I meet in future who wants help or advice with their F2. 22 December 2004”

Jean-Marc Quach, Clayton, MO United States : "The F2T back arrived safely, and you did a wonderful job of replacing the plate. Thank you. 8 December 2004”

Jan Vandenbergh, Heverlee, Belgium : "Very nice! 6 December 2004 (Repeat customer)”

Brett Wilson, The Colony, TX United States : "Another great job by you, the camera looks and feels great. Thanks again for a job well done! 21 November 2004 (Repeat customer)”

David Balcon, Desborough, United Kingdom: "Received the camera today and having had a quick play with all the controls it feels like a new camera. Smooth focus action on the lens, dust free Photomic head, a fully functioning meter and battery check, and all the controls are smooth as silk. Great job Sover, I'd recommend your service to anyone with a tired F2, it feels ready for another 30 years now. 20 November 2004”

Glenn Brady, Mill Spring, NC United States: "I've just received the F2AS and MB-1 and wanted to let you know that I'm happy to have them back safely and very pleased with your workmanship. 13 November 2004”

Lars Aamodt, Oslo, Norway: "Just picked up my Nikon F2AS and MD-2 which have had an extended service. It's like new! I would not trust my F2 to anybody else than Sover Wong. We had excellent communication during the overhaul (he mailed me pictures etc) and his service is most professional. Later I will send him my F2 Photomic as well. 26 October 2004”

Tony Lloyd, Nelson, United Kingdom : "You have made a superb job of the overhaul. The service that you offer is first class. I Iike the Japanese coin and CD. Communication has been excellent. The pictures of the repair work going on is a brilliant idea. 16 October 2004”

Elias Politis, Athens, Greece : "Everything is fine. Once again, thank you very much. This camera means a lot to me. 6 October 2004”

Serge Poliquin, St Bruno, Quebec Canada : "I'm very impressed, quick turn-around for an oversea's shipement. I haven't had the time to test it fully, at first glance, it's right on the money, comparing it to my F4 and my old faithfull Gossen SBC lightmeter. I'm also impressed with the quality of your service, it's not your common repair facilitiy that gives detailed photographs and explanations of their work and sends you a cd containing repair manuals for 5 or 6 different bodies too top it all off. Let's just say that I can't find the word to thank you and for you to keep-up the good work. 28 September 2004”

Andrew Kalman,, San Francisco, CA United States : "Received my #2 F2 today -- looks great. 1 October 2004 (Repeat customer)”

Jean-Luc Pepin, Reading, United Kingdom : "I just received the cameras this morning just in time for the week-end. They look great. Thanks for your work and the wealth of information. 17 September 2004”

Andrew Kalman,, San Francisco, CA United States : "I sent Sover a pre-AI F2 for his Standard Service on the F2 body and an Extended Service on the early DP-1 Photomic Finder. Sover kept me apprised of what he found, even emailing pics as he disassembled and service the units, emailed me calibration results, and rectified a mechanical problem in the DP-1 finder, as well as replaced its early carbon ring resistor with a later wire-cladded one, and replacing a faulty Cds cell. A Sover overhaul like this may exceed the eBay value of some F2's. However, this camera may well outlive me, and so I have no hesitation recommending his service to all. 13 September 2004”

John and Robert Schoneman, Appleton, WI United States : "I WAS impressed. It has the spit, polish and feel of a new camera. I congratulate and thank you. Sover, to have this F2 restored as well as it has is a tribute to your skill and service. I looked around at other services, here in the states and overseas, but there was simply no other choice. For those of you novice or veterans who have this F2 and are looking to restore it, Sover is clearly your man. Period. The photos and communications between owner make a facinating link on a piece of equipment that we were to give up for dead. Don't waste time or money, give him a holler, first. This camera, though a dinosaur, can compete against the finest SLR's, digitals when used properly. Especially in professional uses. More cost effective to do this route in many cases than to buy a cheaper, newer SLR. Think hard and long before you decide to write it off...your answer most likely might be above. EBAY acquired units-take heed! 23 August 2004”

Sven Felsby, Brabrand, Denmark : "Sover Wong has made a professional job on my two F2 bodies and dp-11 finder. I am sure that no other repair shop can offer this level of service, with the courtesy, speed, large spare parts inventory and modest prices I have encountered. Highly recommended. 18 August 2004”

Joel Tomlinson, Hove, United Kingdom : "4 years ago my camera was declared "dead" by Nikon. They said it was unfixable and there was nothing they could do. Then, a couple of weeks ago I came across Sover. I sent him my camera but didn't hold out much hope. However Sover worked diligently and kept me updated daily with descriptions of what he was doing to the camera and photos of his work (through which I now know the camera better than ever before!) Sover has not only mended the faults that were pronounced "unmendable" by Nikon, but it now works, looks and feels as good a new. He's marvellous and I am eternally thankful. 5 August 2004”

Chris Li, Hong Kong, China : "The repair service by Sover is second to none - excellent work and quick turnaround time. He also kept me posted of the repair progress with photos and detailed explanations. I am really impressed by the care to my equipment for there was not even a scratch on the MD-2 even though it had been disassembled. Now I have a fully functional MD-2 again. What else can I say except a BIG thanks! 21 July 2004”

Ali Alizadeh, East Lansing, MI United States : "The restoration done on my F2 by Sover Wong is in every way perfect. There is no amount of money that can be surmised for the quality of work done. For his commitment to craftsmanship I can only offer my most humble gestures of gratitude. Thank you for everything you've done. My father is very impressed as well. I'm very pleased with the camera, I do really appreciate the work you've done on it. Thank you so much once agian. 18 July 2004 (This camera came to me damaged and in bits.)”

January Vandenbergh, Heverlee, Belgium : "The camera looks really nice! I'm just happy with the service and results. 12 July 2004”

Gary Nalavany, Hanover, PA United States : "It looks and sounds good! I'm happy to have the camera back thank you for fixing it! 9 July 2004 (This F2 had a shattered front plate/lens mount.) “

Tim Hayward, London, United Kingdom : "The camera arrived yesterday and feels just beautiful. I can't believe how good that old lens feels now too. I'm naturally going to recommend you to anyone I know with enough class to own a Nikon and I'll certainly be back with any other equipment I acquire. I've stopped calling it a Nikon now, I'm going to call it a 'Sover Wong F2'. Hey, if Oscar Barnack can do it... why not you? 7 July 2004”

Graham Dawson, Derby, United Kingdom: "I sent an ebay acquired F2AS to Sover for an extended service as it apparently hadn't been used for over 10 years and had electrical problems. To my eyes, it was a bit scruffy but o.k. - when Sover opened it up, he found water damage, rust and sand! (and sent me the pictures that prove it!). He serviced both the body and prism and it now all works perfectly (all shutter speeds within 1/4 stop!). Sover also provided several replacement parts either free or for a very small charge so the camera now also looks in better shape. Despite taking more work than anticipated, Sover finished the service quickly and his charges were so reasonable that I still think my F2AS was a bargain - if you don't know the history of your F2 or it hasn't been CLA'd recently, trust Sover to 'sort it out'! 24 June 2004”

Geoff Hopkinson, Brisbane, Australia: "After initial prompt, friendly and helpful e-mail communication, I sent my eBay acquired F2SB to Sover for a complete CLA. On the same day that it arrived, I received a series of diagnostic and informative photos, accompanied by complete detail of work required. The servicing was completed on the same day and even included additional work beyond that agreed, with no extra charges to me. I am thrilled with the transformation to this wonderful old camera. Sover's workmanship and professionalism are exemplary. I recommend his work without reservation. 22 March 2004”

Michal Hanuscak (Journalist), Bratislava, Slovakia: "If your F2 is starting to die and long shutter speeds are working more like infinity than 1 second, then Sover is the right person you can trust your camera to: not only it returned cleaned, it now sounds better and the shutter and mirror jump inside as silky as it was once new. Highly recommended! 20 March 2004”

Peter Hjortzberg-Nordlund, Solna, Sweden : "After having problems with the quality and high prices of the Nikon F2 service in Sweden, I read about Sover Wong in the Nikon forum on After some friendly e-mails four F2's from me and a friend were on a trip half around the world to Sover for service. The service was on a level and quality that I am not used to here in Scandinavia, and even if you include the cost of postage from Sweden-Australia-Sweden the prices were very reasonable. Four more F2's were sent to Sover for service, and after having 8 cameras serviced by Sover I can say that Mr Wong is a very professional and friendly person to do business with. I highly recommend Sover's services. 26 February 2004”

Garry Silk, Westerly, United States : "Thanks for the great job and quick turnaround. It's amazing that shipping to Australia and back and having the camera repaired took less than 3 weeks. 25 February 2004”

Ingmar Hindenes, Norway : "I've had my DP-1 finder CLA'ed with Sover and the service was exceptional. Good communicaiton with e-mailed pictures of the work done, and very quick service too. Just a little over two weeks from I sent it until I got it back (Norway-Australia-Norway). To be recommended for anyone needing service to a F2. 25 January 2004”

Eric Maquiling, Irvine, CA United States : "I just got my F2 back - not only does it look, feel, smell great, it is so much more smoother than I ever, ever remember it since the early 80's. I now know what if must've felt like when it came out of a box. I highly recommend your F2 to send to him. If you haven't done so in the last 10 years, now is the time. 20 January 2004”

Mal Davies, West Wyalong, NSW Australia : "Great job. I'd rate you 10 out of 10. 24 December 2003”

Jorge Dopazo, New York, United States : "It is remarkable how Sover performs his craft. He has a thorough technical knowledge of the Nikon F2 and it's history, and most important he maintains an extensive inventory of parts to keep the legacy going forever. Sover's approach to his specialty is unique. Soon after your camera is in his hands, he e-mails you an evaluation and his recommended service. He then proceeds to do his magic, sending you detailed progress reports every step of the way, even pictures. It's as if you were by his side watching him work. The results are amazing. His prices are in line with other repair shops and yet his quality of workmanship is unequaled. I would highly recommend him to the serious collector or user of the F2. Sover is a master craftsman. No wonder he is gaining a reputation as the world's foremost expert on F2 repairs and restoration. 19 December 2003”

Wayne Wissner (eBay ID - prestidigitator), Nashville, TN United States: "You did great .... that's fantastic! I am very impressed! 5 December 2003 “

Brett Wilson, Boston, MA United States : "Thank you for a very thorough, professional, and speedy job on my F2. It looks and feels better than ever. I will definitely keep you in mind for future service. Also, thanks for the CD, very interesting. 01 December 2003”

Todd Peach, Yahoo NikonMF moderator, Seattle, United States : "Sover's prices are very reasonable, and he really knows the F2 inside and out. Shipping from and to outside the US adds to the cost, but even factoring that in, Sover's prices are substantially less than any other Nikon repair place I know for the level of service he offers. Quality F2 service is getting hard to come by; the mailing is the easy part. 16 November 2003"

John Metcalf, Lebanon, United States : "Thank you so much for your excellent work on my father's F2. I received it in perfect working order and am looking forward to seeing things as my dad did through the viewfinder. 16 October 2003”

Laurent Coignet, Toulouse, France : "I am an old user of the F2, since 1980, and Sover helped me replacing some pieces on my F2AS, with superb new pieces, which are difficult to find. He had been kindly and I am really happy to have contacted him. Thanks. 13 September 2003”

Jack van Mulken, Nuenen, The Netherlands : "Sover helped me repairing my Nikon MD-2. He happily supplied the very hard to find parts at a very resonable price. Further he supported me in the very best way possible. He made the repair actually quite easy! Sover is a super asset for Nikon F2 enthusiasts and I am most happy to do business with him again! 3 September 2003”

Henry Fisher, Atlanta, United States : "My DP-1 arrived in today's mail, right on schedule. I put a fresh 3.0V battery in the F2, seated the metering head, and the meter is now working just like it did when it was new. The needle's jumpiness is completely gone, as you said. I am very happy with your service, the speedy response, and the special care you gave the equipment. 29 August 2003”

Shin Sugiyama, Nagoya, Japan : "The Nikon F2 is probably the ultimate mechanical SLR and with proper servicing will last a lifetime. Sover is a great person to have working on your F2 because he loves it and specializes on this one camera. He is willing to do repair work that most shops will no longer do because of lack of parts or lack of adequate experience with the classic Nikons. 8 August 2003”