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AW-1, MD-2, MD-3 and MD-100

nylon gear replacement services

Most of the nylon gears in the AW-1, MD-2 & MD-100 rewind and MD-3 wind are split due to old age, see below, and original Nikon parts are now very scarce. I am now down to my last four new Nikon MD-3 gears, and previously I limited the re-gearing service to a few customers with mint MDs. However, I have commissioned a specialised gear company to manufacture the AW-1, MD-2 & MD-100 and MD-3 gears in brass for me. These brass gears are superior to the original nylon ones, as they are much stronger and will never split. Hence I can give a life time warranty on the replacement brass gear against any defects. Also, the re-geared MDs are actually quieter than when they were new, because of better gear couplings.

The re-gearing prices are :

MD-2, MD-100   |    MD-2, MD-100

rewind                |    wind and

gear only            |    rewind gears


GBP 90             |      GBP 130

EUR 100           |      EUR 145

USD 125           |      USD 180



GBP 80

EUR 90

USD 110



GBP 65

EUR 75

USD 90

The re-gearing services also include re-greasing of internal gears.

I can also sell you just the gears if you want to fit them yourself.

AW-1 wind, MD-2, MD-100 rewind or MD-3 wind gear = $25

MD-2, MD-100 wind gear = $30

MD-3 regearing instructions = $15

(11 pages with step-by-step instructions and 15 photos)

MD-2, MD-100 regearing instructions = $20

(19 pages with step-by-step instructions and 34 photos)

Airmail is $7 for the gears and instructions.

MD type           Motor gear     Coupling gear     Remaining gears to the F2 body


MD-1                    metal             nylon                 metal

MD-2 <44xxxx      metal             nylon                 metal

MD-2 >44xxxx      nylon             metal                 metal

MD-3                    nylon             metal                 metal

AW-1                    nylon             metal                 metal

MD-100                 nylon             metal                 metal

Regeared MDs      metal             metal                 metal

Split nylon gear on the MD-2 and MD-3 motor.

Very common, and almost 100% for MD-3s.

I have lots of brass replacement gears in stock

MD-100 and MD-2, serial number higher than 44xxxx, have nylon motor gear and metal coupling gear

MD-1 and MD-2, with serial number lower than 44xxxx, have metal motor gear and nylon coupling gear

Regeared MD-2 with metal motor gear and metal coupling gear. This version is the strongest