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Fake F2T exposed

The Nikon F2T is a highly prized camera and with only about 10000 made in 1979, it is rare and therefore expensive. There are two black versions, a titan named version with serial number 79xxxx, and a no name version with serial number 92xxxxx. Both versions are identical in every other respect. Since the F2T is expensive, there are many Fake F2Ts around, made from genuine Nikon parts and ordinary F2 bodies. This Fake F2T was purchased by my customer on eBay from a dealer in Hong Kong. The price was $3999 plus shipping. My customer was slightly suspicious when the camera appeared used, as the finder release button was worn to brass, and the film rewind button was stuck. In spite having seen all the evidence here, the seller refused to accept return or even give a partial refund to my customer. Paypal also refused to refund my customer, because they say it's not significantly not as described, even though the camera was stated as completely new and genuine.

This is the first Fake F2T I have seen, but I estimate there could be up to 1000 of such Fake F2Ts, because Nikon used to sell spare F2T parts up to at least 1990, ten years after the F2 was discontinued. Please beware. I hate to see another Nikon fan conned.

This fake F2T backs pressure plate has rounded corners

The real F2T backs pressure plate has straight cut corners, as latest F2s

This fake F2T back weights under 60g, because it's aluminium

The real F2T titanium back weights 80g

This fake F2T has slotted screws. Nikon discontinued them in 1973

The real 1979 F2T has Philips screws

This fake F2T mirror stopper is the 1973 version

The real F2T has the later mirror stopper