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F2 Photomic Limited

My gold plated F2 was custom made by a Nikon Fan in Sweden, and other after market "special edition" F2's have also been made by private individuals. In 2004 a collector in China sent me these photos of a F2 Photomic Limited. He bought it from a merchant in Shanghai. The serial number is 7375599, but there is no paper work or details of its history. This F2 Photomic Limited is obviously not a Nikon made item, so it only has some novelty value. Still, it's an interesting piece. An identical F2 Limited was listed on ebay in 2013, located in Japan with serial number 7952789. I wonder how many more were made.

F2 Photomic Limited badge

Nikon F2 Photomic Limited

F2 Limited on ebay

F2 Limited Limited box