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Modified DP-12 with spot metering by Tony O’Brien

Tony O’Brien is a professional photographer. He uses the D5 for work, but he uses the F2AS extensively for pleasure. He is currently on contract at Reuters/Action Images as a sports photographer, specialising in football and tennis worldwide since 1992. His coverage includes World Cup football since 1994 and the tennis Grand Slams since 1997. You can see his work at and on instagram tony_obrien_

I had in mind to offer the spot metering modification for some time, but it was Tony who prompted me to do it. Below is his report of the DP-12 modified to spot metering :

The F2’s metered heads all use centre weighted metering as standard. For general photography this works fairly well. As the F range progressed more metering modes became standard. With the advent of the F4 spot metering and matrix metering were added really opening up the options for photographers.

I use Nikon bodies for work and my preferred metering mode is spot. With spot metering you have total control of what you are metering for. This enables a total creative control.

I have probably been using F2’s for 5 years now mainly with reversal film. I wanted more control over what my DP12 c/w meter was telling me. To get the effect or exposure I wanted I always compensated on what the reading was. So.. my question to Sover was “how about a spot meter conversion?”

With development and I guess a lot of work Sover presented me with a converted DP12.

Wow… all of a sudden the door opens. Now you are able to meter for highlights or shadow areas to achieve any effect you want.

With this modification, it makes the meter more precise, the F2 has jumped 15 years for me and is a total pleasure to use knowing the images will look exactly how I want.

Images below are all taken using my F2AS Spot, using agfa precisa E-6 slide film.

Using a 500 f8 mirror lens the spot

reading was taken off the sky.

20mm lens. The reading was taken off the

highlighted floor sending the rest into shadow.

20mm lens and reading taken

from the paving slabs.

Metered to the left hand side of

the frame on the highlighted lake

Spot metered directly off the bird

aiming to expose mainly on the white area

Spot metered on the golden water

so that becomes the mid tone.

Spot metered off the water more

or less in the middle of the frame

Spot metered just above the sun.

That's the mid tone.