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From Dr David Craig, on 7 July 2021

Dear Sover,

I am so impressed by the service you provide and the way you communicate with your customers. Over the years, I have had professional and private dealings with hundreds of companies and organisations but I cannot remember any being better than yours. You exude knowledge and competence and this is confirmed by your technical skills and the high quality goods you supply. Quite remarkable.

When I first made contact, I didn't know what to expect. Websites promising the earth are commonplace - but true honesty and integrity are quite another - and rare. I was delighted when you responded to my initial enquiry so promptly and helpfully and this pattern has been sustained throughout all our emails. I'm sure I have asked some stupid questions and seemed a bit 'picky' but you never made me feel a nuisance.

Your website is an encyclopaedia of interesting and useful information which I am gradually working through. I'm even considering disassembling ('tearing down' as they say in the USA) an old F2 to better understand how these wonderful cameras work . Don't worry, I won't ask you to fix it afterwards!

I have been a Nikon F / F2 (and Leica M3/4/6) user for over 50 years but my original F2AS and lenses were stolen about a decade ago. I haven't had the heart to try to find replacements until very recently. You have made this possible and in such a pleasant way - thank you so much.

Best wishes


Dr David Craig MBE FDS RCSEd