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Brand new Cds cells for DP-1 and DP-11

Cds photo cells age over time, so photomic meters have to be recalibrated from time to time. However, they can regrade beyond the adjustment limits, so they need to be replaced. Previously, I could only change them with old ones from parts finders, so I was not able to provide a long warranty period. I now have new 2013 made Cds cells that are direct replacement of the Nikon Cds cells, so I can guarantee them for 5 years (parts and labour) and free recalibration within that period.

The left one is the original Nikon Cds cell, and the right ones are my new ones. They are identical in size & construction, and hermetically sealed. 

Here is a DP-1 fitted with my Cds cells, and the meter was calibrated to within 0.3 stop accuracy

from EV5 (1s f8 200ASA)

to EV15 (1/1000s f8 200ASA)