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Buying F2's from on-line auctions

I have bought many F2's from on-line auctions over the years. However, all the F2's I bought needed my standard CLA, some needed my extended CLA services, and some just scrapped.

Most sellers don't know anything about the F2, so they don't know/state the problems. Some sellers would only claim the shutter speeds 'sound about right'. How they can tell if 1/4s to 1/2000s shutter speeds 'sound about right' is simply beyond me. Some sellers even claimed the cameras were serviced, but didn't say who serviced it. Most likely, they just gave them a quick clean and added a sloppy front bumper. I've only seen two sellers stated the shutter accuracy of their cameras, and one seller (me) offered truly serviced F2's, but no one met their reserves. It seems people prefer to buy cheaper, untested & unserviced 20+ year old F2's, and expect them to work perfectly.

On-line auctions are good, as the final prices are cheaper than camera shop and my prices. However, there is no warranty beyond a few days, and many F2s are sold as seen (as pictured by low resolution digital cameras). Some dishonest sellers even use black marker pens to cover up brassing, and a few sellers even use anti-wrinkle software to remove light scratches. I have found nearlly all sellers over rate the physical condition of the cameras by at least one grade. Needless to say, many people bought real lemons - myself included !!!

So, if you want to take a chance, then look out for great deals at the on-line auction sites. If the F2 you bought works well, then thank your lucky stars and you can just refoam it. Otherwise, send it back, or send it to me and I'll service/repair it. I get many customers like this, so I am not complaining. Alternatively, you can buy unserviced or serviced F2's from me, the latter comes with a full shutter speed report and 12 month warranty. My prices are not that high either. The choice is yours, and happy F2 shooting.