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About me

Well, what can I say about me. I am a middle age Chinese grew up in England, later moved to Switzerland, Australia, and now back in England.

I have Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electronics. I am a Chartered Engineer, a full Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and a specialist in high speed/broadband optical networks & network synchronisation.

Electronics was my first love. However, when I graduated, I didn't want to "play" electronics at home as well as at work. So I bought a secondhand camera and started a new hobby - photography. My first Nikon was a brand new FA and I still have it. When I first picked up the F2, I put it down straight away because it was too heavy compared with the FA. However, fate eventually made me to buy my first F2, and it changed my entire life. The F2 is the most enjoyable camera I have ever used, and I took more photos with it than all my other cameras put together. It is over 30 years old, but using it is like driving a beautiful well machined vintage Rolls Royce. Also, because there's no auto-focus or auto-exposure, I have full control of everything. The F2 simply became an extension of my eyes and hands.

I began F2 repairs when I bought a damaged F2 by chance. I tried to fix it, but made a complete mess. So I bought many F2 repair manuals, more broken F2's, and went to the Nikon Repair Centre to learn how to repair and service the F2. I started my F2 repair business shortly after the burst of the IT bubble, and remained in business ever since. I now have a growing list of satisfied customers around the world, and my reputation is increasing too. People now call me Mr F2 or F2 Doctor as I know a lot about the F2 and I can repair F2's when other repair shops can't or won't fix.

I have collected almost every variant of the F2 including some adapted versions, and I have accummulated a lot of information on the history and evolution of the F2. I’d love to complete my F2 collection one day, but that's still a distant dream as I need to earn more money to buy the missing ones. I hope to write a definitive book on the F2 one day for the user, collector and repairer.