Unpaid customers

Most of my customers pay me promptly after I serviced their cameras, but a few (three so far) customers could not or would not pay me. I am just an one man business, and I depend on my income to support my family. To prevent non paying customers happening to me and other people in the future, I have decided to name these people. However, since two aforementioned unpaid customers had health problems, one probably had died, they are excluded here.

1) Andy Buchanan, Malaga Spain and Abu Dhabi. Executive Director at International Travel Week Abu Dhabi
I informed him the total service cost before I serviced his battered camera, because it was in very poor well used junk condition. I was reluctant to service it, but he insisted that he wanted it serviced. However, after my service and billing, he stop corresponding with me and then gave excuses (poor desert internet connection, his business clients were bankrupt etc) for not able to pay me. He repeatedly promised to pay me quickly, but still hasn’t paid me a penny since April 2017 to now. He shouldn’t have asked me to service his camera when he knew he could not pay. He had wasted two days of my time, and worst of all I could not resell his ugly camera anywhere near my service fees. Also I find it hard to believe that in spite of him being a director, of a seemingly thriving international company, he could not find the money to pay me.

2) TBA