My first ten years in business

In August 2003, I commenced my one man F2 repair business. It was initially conceived as a short term bridging occupation for 1 or 2 years, but 10 years later itís still continuing and thriving, with an average profit growth of 17% per annum. More importantly, I still enjoy repairing F2s as I find it relaxing. In 2005 I even turned down a highly paid job with generous international company benefits, because I got more job satisfaction repairing F2s and corresponding with fellow F2 enthusiasts. Over this 10 year period, I serviced 700 F2s, sold 1000 foams kits and 300 DN-1 batteries. Moreover, I had some spare time to accomplish a number of unique personal projects. Below is a summary of my achievements and failures.

Achievements :

- Repair business start-up
- Learnt HTML and created my first web site
- Customer orders on the first week of launch

- Added mirror-up modification
- Added data imprint modification
- Number one in Google search for Nikon F2 repair

- Added vertical MB-1 trigger modifications
- Added finders night light modifications
- Added replacement MD-2 and MD-3 brass gears
- Added replacement DN-1 and MN-1 NiMH batteries

- Added zero damage pledge
- Made F2 Info, a personal project

- Made F2SA, a personal project

- Made F2 Recorder, a personal project

- Made Stereo viewfinder, a personal project

- Made F2N, a personal project

- Added super DP-3/12 ring resistors
- Added power on and voltage check modification
- Over 500 F2s serviced

- Highest annual profit growth (34%)
- European orders exceeded American orders

- Added new Cds cells for the DP-1 and DP-11
- 10th year in business
- Over 700 F2s serviced

Failures :

- Started my F2 book but it did not get very far. I was too busy with F2 repairs, personal projects, house and family. Also my F2 collection and knowledge are still not complete (after 20 years).

- Didnít have enough spare time to accomplish more personal projects after 2010

I am not sure if there will be a second ten year, but I will try. My target is to service 1000 F2s, and I'm sure I will achieve that.

Happy F2 shooting,