Jacobson Blimp for the F2
Nikon makes a generic soft leatherette blimp case, CS-13, to reduce the motor drive sound but it's hardly effective.

The Jacobson sound blimps, however, can reduce the sound level by 25dBs, and that's about 20 times quieter. They were not cheap, about $1000 new, but they could be hired for about $25 per day. They are perfect for weddings, on film sets etc, when any loud noise is prohibited.

The Jacobson company started in 1966 and ceased in 2018, due to advent of silent modern digital cameras. The DP-F Blimp Case below was made for the Nikon F2.
F2 Blimp case with different tubes for various lenses Blimp case with F2AS and MD-2 inside
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