F2 Memorabilia
The Nikon F2 is perhaps the most loved mechanical camera ever made. Here are some F2 Memorabilia.
This F2 tie clip was worn at the launch of the F2 in September 1971 This sign was used when the F2 was first launched in 1971. Very rare indeed, as most of them were thrown away.
F2 place mat. This F2AS takeaway bag was given away with a new camera. Much better than the Harrods London bag.
This is a well made F2 clip, which can be clipped on a pocket or used as a paper clip. The back is a tape measure, in inches and mm's. This is a light bouncer made for the Nikon Club in the UK
The man with the golden F2.
The spy who loves F2.
This book by Herbert Keppler has became collectable. I think the cover has something to do with it.