The Nikon F2 is widely regarded as the best mechanical camera ever made. The best has just got better! Introducing the bestest F2N. (N stands for New.) The F2N has the following new features :

- Quick-load. Film loading is fast and positive. It can be done in total darkness or when the user is wearing thick gloves.

- Side film cassette pressure plate to hold the cassette still.

- Front shutter release button instead of the self-timer. It is as light as the lens release button. It can be used when the camera is held vertically or horizontally. It's excellent for waist level work.

- Master front shutter release lock for both front and top shutter release buttons.

- Raised lens release button.

- Double back door seals for superior dust protection.

- Beattie screen with 45 degrees split image as standard.

- F2AS finder with night-light and latched electronics as standard.

- F3 rubber eye piece as standard.

- Backward compatible with all standard accessories, including motor drives, except MF-3 and MF-10 backs.

Now the good news and bad news :

Good news - I will offer the front shutter release modification, and extra door seals as optional extras.

Bad news - I will not make any more F2Ns.
F2NAS front view Front shutter release button with lock lever
F2NAS back view Quick-load mechanisms