Specialist Nikon F2 Repair & Restore Services
My name is Sover Wong and you may have heard of me from various Nikon related web sites. (If you haven't, then please do a Yahoo or Google search on my name.) I am a regular contributor to the Yahoo NikonMF, NikonRepair, Flickr, Facebook F2 and MIR groups, as I am a serious Nikon F2 user, collector and repairer. I have repaired hundreds of F2 bodies, prisms and motors over the years, and I am now offering my personal service to you. I specialise only in F2 repairs and nothing else. I have a good stock of new and used spare parts, so I could still repair your F2 even if it is damaged or missing parts. Also, I have many F2 bodies, finders and motor drives for sale, from ugly to mint- condition. I am completely independent, and not associated with any organisation or shop. My work is totally honest, open and transparent.

I offer five levels of body repair/overhaul services :

Basic - clean, lubricate, calibrate, plus all external foams replaced (entire mirror housing, body and back door). Excludes removal of the front assembly/mirror housing. Please see F2 body service options for more details.
This service is suitable for recently (<10 years) serviced F2's.

Standard - clean, lubricate, calibrate, plus all external and internal foams replaced. Includes removal of the front assembly/mirror housing. Essential if the camera is jammed, 1/2s or 1s speeds are too slow/stuck open, power not getting to the prism, or the battery contact is loose because the battery chamber is broken. Please see F2 body service options for more details.
This service is recommended for most F2's.

Extended - clean, lubricate, calibrate and complete refoam. Includes removal of front assembly/mirror housing. Also, disassemble internal parts for cleaning. Please see F2 body service options for more details.
This service is only required for F2's with fungus or rust.

Maintenance - For F2s I serviced up to 7 years ago. Similar to the Basic service, but without refoam.

Check-up, clean and refoam only - Report on all shutter speeds, clean camera, and refoam the complete F2, without any calibration or repair. This is my lowest level of service, but it's probably the equivalent of other repairers standard service.

As a collector, I will treat your F2 like my own so your prized F2 will be in safe hands. Your F2 will be calibrated to factory specifications - all or most shutter speeds to within 1/4 stop accuracy. This is actually twice as good than other repair shops as they only calibrate to the official Nikon repair specification at 1/2 stop accuracy. I can do this, because I truly love the F2, and I am not under the same time and volume pressures as the repair shops. I spend about 3, 5 and 7 hours on the above services, respectively. Also, I'll send you photos of your F2 while it is being serviced.

Unprecedented zero damage/tool mark pledge

I have developed unique tools and techniques that guarantee your camera would not be damaged in anyway, including the advance lever cover cap, hot shoe cover plate and hot shoe plastic flash sync insulator. If I damage any part of your camera, then I will replace it with a better one. Actually, your camera will leave here looking better than when it arrived, guaranteed.

I don't just clean, lubricate, adjust (CLA) the F2's, I repair, rebuild, restore and enhance them.

My fees are very reasonable. They are regionally priced and not subject to currency conversion changes.

F2 body (without finder) service prices :

Basic = GBP180
Standard = GBP240
Extended = GBP345
Maintenance = GBP120
Check-up, clean & refoam = GBP100

Basic = EUR215
Standard = EUR290
Extended = EUR415
Maintenance = EUR150
Check-up, clean & refoam = EUR 120

Basic = USD250
Standard = USD335
Extended = USD485
Maintenance = USD175
Check-up, clean & refoam = USD140

The prices of my Standard and Extended services include :

- All internal parts (except the shutter curtains and the slow shutter speeds mechanism)

- A full shutter speeds "before and after service" report

- Detailed service report with photos

- A free CD containing service details, Nikon repair and instruction manuals

- A free aluminum 1 Yen Japanese coin (to turn the battery cover without damage)

- A free micro fibre cloth (to clean the mirror, lens and prism without scratching them)

- A free set of rubber strap protectors

Return shipping and insurance is extra, at USD 55 to the US with Royalmail, and EUR 50 to Europe with DHL, for airmail with web tracking and GBP 250 insurance. Since the UK is not in the EU, there will be tax by EU countries on return.

The current waiting time for F2 bodies and finders is 20 months, but I have booking system so that customers can be book their cameras in advance, and I would email them when they can send their cameras to me. However, there's no waiting time for lenses, MDs and DS units, as I can repair them between camera services. Also, there is no waiting time for maintenance service of F2 bodies and finders I've serviced before.

If you can't wait for your F2 to be serviced, then I can sell you a serviced F2 body and finder. My price is about ebay prices plus my standard body and finder prices. If you are interested, then please email me which version you are looking for, what condition, chrome or black, and most importantly your budget. I will try to match one in stock for you, but I am unable to sell you a serviced F2 body and finder at ebay unserviced prices.

F2 body service warranties :

Basic = 6 months, limited (excludes slow shutter speeds and battery connection problems, because the inside of the camera wasn't checked or serviced.)

Standard and Extended = 12 months.

Parts and labour inclusive. Also, my warranties are internationally transferable to different owners.

Finder service prices :

Please see DP-n service options for details.

DP-1/11 Standard = GBP105        Extended from GBP160
DP-1/11 Standard = EUR120        Extended from EUR190
DP-1/11 Standard = USD150        Extended from USD225
Extended prices above = new Cds cells

DP-2/3/12 Standard = GBP140    Extended from GBP205
DP-2/3/12 Standard = EUR170    Extended from EUR250
DP-2/3/12 Standard = USD195    Extended from USD290
Extended prices above = new DP-3/12 super ring resistor

DE-1 Preventative refoam service = GBP80
DE-1 Preventative refoam service = EUR95
DE-1 Preventative refoam service = USD110

Free optional semi-spot metering modification for all Photomic finders.

F2 foam kits :

If your F2 is working fine, then I can just sell you a complete F2 foam kit for USD15. Rubber or leather strap protectors are $2 per pair.

Worldwide airmail postage and packaging is USD3.5 for any number of foam kits.

I also repair MD-1/2/3 motor drives.

AW-1, MD-2, MD-3 & MD-100 re-gearing services

I can now repair DS-1/2/12 servo units.

If they can only turn the lens aperture ring one way to the open aperture position.
Price is USD 90, EUR 80 or GBP 70

I can also lubricate the focus ring of prime lenses

If they feel dry or loose.
Price is USD 70, EUR 60 or GBP 50 each

And I can enhance or customise your F2 :

1) Remove the push-to-turn action of the mirror-up lever, so that you only have to turn the lever for mirror-up. A ball bearing click stop is also added, so the lever won't slip that easily. This modification is available for the Standard and Extended services only, at USD80 extra. Otherwise it's USD110 extra.

2) Mill a slot on your F2 body and make up to 5 different masks, so that you can to imprint personalised data between frames. This modification is only available for the Standard and Extended services, at USD100 extra. Otherwise it's USD135 extra.

Data imprint modification service

3) Add integrated night lights to your DP-1, DP-11 or DP-12, from USD115 extra.

Integrated DP-1/11/12 night light modification services

4) Change the dim DP-3/12 top LED to a brighter one, so that the shutter speed readings are as bright as the meter readings, for USD20 extra. No charge with the DP-3/12 extended service.

5) Add a vertical trigger to your MD-1/2/3/100 or MB-1, from USD60 extra.

Vertical trigger modification services

More vertical trigger modification services

6) Replace the seldom used self-timer with a more useful shutter release button, for USD190

Front shutter release modification

7) Add extra back seals for superior dust protection, for USD50 extra

Double back seals

8) Replace the worn DP-3 & DP-12 ring resistor with a life time warranty one, with the DP-3/12 extended service

Super ring resistor

9) Replace the self-timer with a momentary finder power on button, and battery voltage check LED, for USD110

Power on button

10) Replace the 35+ years old DP-1 and DP-11 Cds cells with new 2013 made ones, with the DP-1/11 extended service

New Cds cells

11) Add a power switch to the shutter release mechanism, for USD165

Shutter release power on

12) Modify the Photomic finders from center weighted to spot or semi-spot metering

Spot or semi-spot metering

Appraisal service for collectors, sellers & buyers :

Having found the fake F2T and fake early F2s, a number of people asked me would I provide an expert appraisal service. I have finally decided to offer this service, because I can determine if the F2 body and its finder are 100% original or has been modified. From my extensive database, I can date the F2 body, finder and MD to within 3 months of manufacture. This is done by examining the correctness of their internal components, and not looking at their serial numbers. The fee is $80, which includes full shutter speed and meter accuracy reports. A valuation report is also included.

I accept the following forms of payment :

1) Bank transfer
2) Western Union
3) International bankers cheque
4) Cash in any currency
5) Personal cheque (UK only)
6) Postal Order (UK only)
7) Paypal

Payment is only due after completion of service. If payment is not received within 2 months after service, then the serviced camera would be confiscated as compensation and it would not be returned.

Please email me for more details, a quotation, or just any discussion on the F2.

[email protected]

I always reply within 24 hours. If you still haven't receive my reply, then please check your spam folder, as emails are sometimes automatically sent there by some mail servers.

Anyone who is an F2 user, collector or repairer is my friend.

Nikon F2 service workshops :

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UK 2018

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                            MY GOLD PLATED F2

NEW - UK Nikon F2 service workshops 2022

Review of the workshop by Patrick Galletti, 22/9/2019

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