Complete foam kits for the F2 body,
MF-1/11, F, F3 and Nikkormats

All the Nikon F2's bought from auctions and most camera shops require complete refoam. I offer a complete F2 foam kit, which the foam strips are pre-cut and self adhesive, for the DIY person. The foam strips have exactly the same texture & colour as the original, and they are used by the Official Nikon Repair Center. Also, the kit comes with full instructions, so almost anyone can refoam an F2 like a pro. My foam kit has been sold like hot cakes on eBay, but you can buy direct from me just by paying me via Paypal and I'll send the kit to you on the following day by first class UK, or international airmail.

I have foam kits for the MF-1/11, as well as the Nikon F, F3 and Nikkormats.

F foam kit = $4

F2 foam kit = $10

F3 foam kit = $8

Nikkormat foam kit = $8

Airmail = $3 for any number of foam kits
F2 foam kit
F3 foam kit Nikkormat foam kit