I have always disliked the bump on the DP-2, and its dim top LEDs. Hence when the opportunity arose, I removed the top components on my DP-2A and replaced them with a digital spirit level. Also, I’ve added a level ready light next to the meter LEDs. (The flash ready neon lamp is still present to work with SB-2 and SB-7 flashes.) The DP-2A is now renamed to DP-2AN.

I won't be making another DP-2A, mainly because it's time consuming to make the front plate. However, for customers I can modify DP-2s into DP-2Ns, with top spirit level and level ready light instead of flash ready light on request.
DP-2AN with F2N Transparent window showing the
spirit level electronics
DP-2AN now has aperture night light as well